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Badho Bahu 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Vardaan walks with his sister till the car. Everyone is teary eyed. Lucky is already sitting in the car. Komal and Lucky look at each other but he looks away. Komal sits in the car too. She looks at her mother who waves at her with tears in her eyes. Payal cries too. car drives away.


Pragya is readying puja thaal. She thinks of Komal’s reaction when Vardaan was blamed and she had to apologize to Vardaan. Her mother’s words of taking revenge from Komal echoes in her head too. This fattie is finally coming to my house. Her welcome should be interesting so she remembers it. I couldn’t take revenge of my insult till now because of my Ma. What should I do though? Malti ji asks Pragya where she is lost. Tell me if there is any problem. Pragya denies. I was making preps to welcome both Bhabhi’s.

It should be grand. Why do you look tensed? Malti ji dismisses it. I will ready kalash. Pragya nods.

Both couples get down from the car to do a ritual. Pinki asks Kamla ji about the ritual. Kamla ji calls her innocent like a kid. You don’t hesitate to ask anything. Don’t worry. I will tell you everything and turn you into me. She explains the ritual. The kalawa you wore during pheras is called Kangana. You will leave it on the entrance of our town. Pinki is irked. I was mad to ask this oldie this question. It is so hot here. I am tired already. Kamla ji asks Rana to follow the ritual. Rana does it happily.

Malti ji is lost while readying kalash. Tears stream down her cheeks as she thinks of Lucky’s marriage with Komal. She fills it too much. Pragya points out that it is already full. Malti ji tells her to keep them safe. I will make preps to welcome guests. Pragya nods. I have understood the matter. She holds a kalash. See how I welcome that fattie now.

Kamla ji next tells Komal to make Lucky open her Kangana. Lucky and Komal do the ritual. Kamla ji ties it on the pillar. Vardaan turns to Komal. Your relation with Bakriawal might have broken after this ritual but no ritual can break your relation with me ever. She holds his hands in assurance. Raghubir ji tells the brides Bakriawal is long gone for them now. You will become the daughter of Sirsa and our DIL’s as soon as you cross this border.

Pragya empties one kalash and covers it. We will see how grahpravesh happens with this empty kalash!

Jamuna ji and family return home. Payal gives water to Jamuna ji. Lattu asks his mother for her phone. I am missing Bua. I want to know if she has reached or not. Payal hides her tears. Jamuna ji tells Lattu to wait a little. They just left. He nods. don’t be upset. I will take you to meet Bua right away. Just say it. payal breaks down. Jamuna ji asks her why she is so upset. You should be happy today as your wish has been fulfilled today. Lattu replies that it is tears of happiness. Payal chases him. Jamuna ji sits there teary eyed.

Pragya keeps the plate of kalash on table. guests begin to come. Malti ji says we will make preps for the next ritual. Everyone must be coming.

Raghubir ji reaches home. lucky begins to head inside but Raghubir ji and Kamla ji ask him to stop. Fulfil one of the vows you took just now. Lucky stands with Komal. Kamla ji asks Malti ji to ward off evil eyes off both couples. You have made preps for grahpravesh right? Malti ji nods. She wards off evil eyes off both couples one by one. Kamla ji taunts Malti ji for not focusing on her DIL. I know you don’t enjoy it but you have to do it too. Malti ji thinks what the use of doing it is. She has herself cast evil eyes on my son. Why should I do it then? She does it reluctantly. Let’s go inside.

Both couples stand at the door. Pragya smirks. Kamla ji notices Malti ji standing in a corner sadly. Should I give you invite separately to get thaal and kalash? My beautiful DIL is waiting at the door for grahpravesh. Pragya offers to do it instead. Kamla ji asks her if her name is Malti. Pragya shakes her head. Kamla ji tells her not to intervene then. This work is to be done by Malti. Let her do it. Pragya worries. She goes after Malti ji quietly.

Malti ji feels bad for her son. He looks so dull. I wonder when this fattie will leave her and he will smile once again! Pragya sees her taking the plate of kalash. Malti ji and Lucky look at each other sadly. Kamla ji tells her to hurry up a little. Will you make these kids stand at the door all day? We have to get them inside too. Plate shakes a little. Kamla ji says it would have been inauspicious if this plate would have fallen. Raghubir ji says I don’t believe in it but what’s the point of making preps if brides aren’t welcomed nicely. Ahlawat ji say she must have stumbled in her step. Everyone is tired. Don’t worry. Let’s complete the ritual. Kamla ji says it is ok. Take care of this in future Malti. Pragya stops Malti ji. Let me welcome my beloved Bhabhi’s. She keeps one kalash each before Pinki and Komal. It will be inauspicious now when this fattie will enter in this house with this empty kalash.

Precap: Pinki’s grahpravesh happens. It is Komal’s turn now. Pragya waits to see the drama. Komal lifts her feet to hit the kalash.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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