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Asvi: Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai (Kalinga war) epi 3


The epi starts with Devi shouting AASSHHOOKKAA…!!!! The man laughs n says u r left alone young lady gt ready 2 die.. Devi says my Ashok can’t die lyk this he knows how to protect motherland you better understand this otherwise get ready to die by my hands.. The man says how’ll u kill me ur hands r tied.. He throws Ashoka in Devi’s lap n says see him fr d last tym cos then u’ll meet him in SwargLok only. Devi says it’s ur biggest mistake. She cries n asks Ashoka to get up. The man says try as much as u want he wont get up now. Devi says you’ll see the power of love now.. Jus open my hands, I’ll show u d power of a lady. The men laugh and say u’ll fyt with all of us. Devi says yes, and that too singlehandedly. The man opens Devi’s hands and feet and sys now show ur power. Six men surround Devi and Ashok is still lying down Unconscious. One of the men attacks Devi. She holds the sword with bare hands and pushes him away. Blood drips from her hands falling on Ashok’s face who opens his eyes without any1 noticing him. Devi takes the sword of the fallen man and slices away the heads of two men. She’s abt to kill d fourth man. The chief of d men throws his sword at Devi only to b held b Ashoka.


Ashok stabs the chief in a split second by d same sword. The other two men run away in fear 😱. Devi hugs Ashok n says r u alright?? Ashok nods. Devi says you’ve lost so much blood how’ll u reach d palace?? Ashoka says don’t u believe me? Devi nods. Bt I cant let u go in this state. Ill cum In a minute can u plz wait here.?

Devi goes out n picks sum herbs from d dense forest. She grinds them into a paste n returns to the cave only to find Ashok asleep. She sighs n applies the lep/herb paste on Ashok’s wound.ashok wakes up in a whack shouting wile Devi is puzzled. Ashok says what’s happening here? Devi says I was jus applying medicine…… Ashok says thank god 😊 I thought…. Devi laughs n says samrat Ashok the conqueror of enemies is afraid.. Haha ashoka unbelievable. Ashoka says look behind u there’s a big fat rat. Devi says I’m nt scared of rats.. Ashoka says yeah, this is d thing of the queen of samrat Ashok. They laugh 😄😄. Devi says will u fyt d war in this way, in this condition..? Ashoka says yes, thank god u told me I forgot abt the war and we’ve to go asap. He runs away towards the palace. Devi runs behind him thinking-can’t u always stay lyk that Ashok..? Why do you’ve to do this bloodshed.?

Ashoka is practicing fighting with the rest of the army. He teaches them several formations and tells them not to think of their enemy as a small one. Devi looks on worried..
Kaurwaki says whatever Ashok may think of himself he shouldn’t forget that he’ll never get kalinga. The king says nooooo, we shouldn’t forget that he has support army of alll Kingdoms he had attacked till date and in this case we’re not getting any support. Kaurwaki says we’ve support of Kalinga ppl n they know very well how to fyt wid Ashoka, even if he’s the greatest emperor he should NT at any cost forget that he’s being more den cruel and I’m not wid him this tym, I’m wid kalinga dis tym n I wont any more attempt to stop the war, I’ll do evry single possibl attembt to show him his position and the power of Kalinga…

Devi asks ashoka if he has told kalinga dat he’s going 2 attack the next day.. Ashoka laughs and says r u mad Devi, if I tell dem they’ll Mk evry possible attempts to defeat us. Devi sys attacking from back is cheating not a marvellous step which is expected from sum1 lyk u.. Ashoka says even if I tell them victory will b ours and not theirs at any cost. He calls the army chief and asks him to send msg to kalinga dat he’s going to attack them. Devi asks him if its his final decision? Ashok nods yes n goes away. Devi says u’ll get sense only after seeing destruction Ashok……

Precap- Ashoka beheads every soldier coming in his way. Devi is praying fr the welfare of ashoka n Kaurwaki is praying fr Kalinga’s victory….!!!

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