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Asvi: Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai (Kalinga war) epi 2

The epi starts with Ashoka waking up. Devi isn’t there. He, tensed, looks around all the rooms but nothing to be found…. Devi is shown walking in a forest, shivering by the cold, her mouth covered by a dupatta, her mind thinking will her decision to leave the palace.. Really change Ashok’s mind?? She rubbed her forehead.. That was impossible.. She understood that she has taken a wrng decision.. She was thinking should she go back, to the same Ashok who no longer loves her..? Bt.. I’ve seen love for me in his eyes 👀. What kinda love wen he cant listen to me? When he cant understand me, I’ve no love for him… But I know I love him.. Oh my lord! What a situation I’m trapped into. Her tearful eyes signalized her love, bt her mind knew she cant return. In the thinking, she didn’t realise that she was being followed…! A person with his face covered was following her as she was going deeper and deeper in the dense forest.

Ashoka is tensed. He knows he has hurt his beloved wife. He wants to do something quick. He had called the army chief and asked him to go to find Devi, but in vain! He calls a soldier and says- Tell the army chief I’m going to find my wife. The soldier asks will the war b postponed??? Ashoka says no……. Not at all…. Never…. U practice. Keep on practicing ur fighting skills, I’ll b back in a moment.
He takes his sword, the great Chandragupta’s sword. He runs towards the forest with his mind set to find Devi.

Devi is shown in a dense cave, her hands n feet tied. The man who was following her laughs. Devi asks what do u want..? The man says I want Ashok.. I want him. I’ll kill him and then Kalinga will b safe. Devi says nooooo…! Not at all. You won’t kill Ashok. I also want to stop him. The man says u wont b able to. Devi asks who’re you? The man says I’m Kalinga’s well wisher. Devi says you’re Kalinga’s well wisher, that I can also see. Tell me what is your identity. The man says why should I, I’m Magadha’s old enemy, this is imp fr u now.. The man keeps his sword on Devi’s neck. You’re very smart young lady, but I will kill u only after Ashok..
Ashok is on the way and founds an ear ring, which he knew clearly. I had gifted it to Devi, bt y is it lying abandoned like this? My Devi is in danger.. He increases his pace and in five minutes he was in front of the cave.
He kills all the men guarding the cave with such speed that none could get to defend themselves, and enters the cave..
The man welcomes him… Come Ashok, come towards ur end. Ashok gasps..
A-“Shirayu, you…”
S-“Yes ashoka me”
A-“don’t worry its ur end today, you escaped years ago, bt not today..”
D-“you know him ashoka?”
A-“Yes Devi, he was an old enemy, who has done great harm to my motherland, today he wont escape anyhow”
Ashoka unsheathes his sword and attacks the man, bt in seconds Shirayu overpowered him. Ashoka and Devi r in shock. But Ashok has to act quickly. He moved his sword cut cut cut.. And shirayu got three big cuts on his hand… A soldier of Shirayu cowardly act and put his sword on Devi’s neck.. Ashok got shocked while shirayu stabs him and he falls down.. Devi shouts AASSHHOOKKAA….!!

Precap:-. Kalinga army and Magadha’s army r gathered in the battlefield.

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