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Asvi: Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai (Kalinga war) epi 1

Recap:) Ashoka sends treaty to Kalinga to surrender,. The epi starts with Devi crying in her room while Mahendra comes there..
“Mata, y r u crying”
“nothing son”
“Whenever I cry you say that we shouldn’t cry. Crying is a bad habit. We should face problems with strength. Bt nw u r crying 😢”
Devi wipes her tears n hugs Mahendra.
“Which Mata will b weak, wen she has such a strong son..?”

A voice comes..
“Mata he’s not strong”
“no Mata she’s jealous as I defeated her in the morning”
“Mata he’s lying, he was torturing his sweet sister”
Devi holds their ears..
“Mahendra..! Sanghamitra! From today you’ll never ever fight again”
“Bt Mata, pitaji keeps fighting”, Mahendra speaks innocently leaving Devi speechless…. Her heart was set to somehow stop Ashoka from making d most ruthless war, bt her mind didn’t know how. There was only one thing flicking in her mind. She handovered her kids to her most trustworthy friend, and went out of her room..she thought there was someone who can help her.
“Acharya RadhaGupta”
“Maharani Devi, you here, that too at this tym? Can I know d reason? If there was some work you should’ve summoned me”
“No Acharya.. Plz stop Ashoka”
“stop Ashoka,? But from what”
“He’s upto invade the most peace loving Nation, Kalinga”
“Sorry Maharani”
“You call me maharani, you call me Devi, bt you can’t listen to a small request of mine 😭”
She goes sadly, one of her last hope broken. Would she never get her old Ashoka back?
The messenger brings message to king.
“Maharaj, Magadha samrat Ashoka is hell bent on invading us”
“You know that can never happen, b ready to wage war”


Kaurwaki gets this news and information and thinks Ashok won’t leave this empire as well. I’ve to do something about it otherwise no one could save Kalinga from destruction.. No kaurwaki, you can’t break down, you know you’ve the power to destroy Ashok in a second, bt how…
Ashoka gets msg.

“So kailnga wants to see it’s destruction”
“Plz don’t do this Ashoka”
“Devi, do u think ur husband isn’t capable of saving you from Kalinga”
“I think my husband, the one who’s called Devanampriya, Priyadarshini, is hell bent on being known as a coward. You can’t do this Ashoka”
“I’ll and I’m. You think you’re brave if you are invading any weak city…..”
“there’s no point in arguing with u”
Devi goes out. Wind blows and the earthen lamps / diyas get blown off.. Devi lights the diyas while hot oil from the Diya falls on her foot and she shouts..
Ashoka alarmed,.
He rushes to her rescue and picks her up in his arms and leaves her to their room. O priyaatam… Plays.. He calls the Vaid and asks him to make the medicine.
Vaid gives him the medicine and then goes. Ashoka is about to apply the medicine while…
“No need to do that Ashoka, wen u cant listen to me then you’ve lost d right to do this”
Ashoka keeps d medicine and Devi tries to apply it in pain.
“Wen u cant do it then y r u doin Devi, u know i..”
“No need to melt seeing ur wife’s pain Ashok, wen u cnt melt seeing the pain of thousands and lakhs of ppl”

Precap:-Devi is nowhere to b found in d palace…

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