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Asvi: Kalinga war (Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai) INTRODUCTION

Hi guys, Vanshika here.. I know I’m very late in posting season 2 of my fanfic so u must have forgot me, bt better late than never, so I’ve posted intro today. Hope u lyk it, n if u do, plz leave a comment.

NOTE:- Its based on history bt some necessary changes have been made.. You’ll get to see kaurwaki also cos she’s Kalinga princess n she’s important role in Kalinga war (sry asvi fans)

Here it goesss…
10 years have passed since ashoka is ruling the empire of Magadha.
Ashoka is sitting on his throne while a messenger comes there.
“Samrat, as instructed by you, we’ve sent peace treaty to Kalinga, if Kalinga is afraid of u, they’ll b surrendering any moment”

“Good job…. Now Acharya’s dream of united India will b fulfilled”
Devi comes there.
“Ashoka, ur cruelty with never fulfil ur dream of united India, think again, you’ve ruined several empires….”
“Let that happen, for I don’t…”
“Ashok Don’t get mad, you should think once again.. Over these years you’ve turned as hard as a rock, stiff as a mountain and cruel as a lion”
“no Devi no”
“Ashok forgive me for once I start speaking I’ll not stop bt at least have sum mercy on the kingdoms n their faultless ppl, what impact r u putting on our kids?”
“I’m sorry Devi bt if Kalinga doesn’t surrender I’ll have to invade Kalinga”
“there’s no point in arguing with a senseless,,…..”
“Who senseless, u call Magadha’s samrat senseless”
“Truth won’t change Ashok if u bcm Magadha’s samrat or universe’s conqueror”
Devi leaves from there n goes to her room, looking at a potrait of Rani Dharma..
“Forgive me ma.. I couldn’t do what u had given Ashok me to, I couldn’t control his anger, I couldn’t stop him ma…u gave me a mother and I failed to give ur son a wife”

Ashok comes there..
“I’m sorry, Devi, you’ve not yet failed”
“REALLY,. Will u stop invading Kalinga”
“No, but I am only apologizing for hurting u”
N Ashoka leaves with the soldiers. Devi cries 😭..

Precap:- The king of Kalinga says we’ll fyt with ashoka.. Devi is lighting a Diya while the oil spills on her foot. Ashok carries her to her room..

Plzzzz leave a comment. Criticisms r welcome. N next part will b long, this is intro so is small…

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