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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 10!

the episode starts with avni getting ready. karthik enters.

karthik: avni..
avni: why?
karthik: come soon, i can drop you…
avni: uh.. are you sure?
karthik: why wouldn’t i? i am your brother


avni laughs.

avni: okay.. okay.. let’s go.

they leave.

the scene shift to naira’s house. she is checking the files.

akshara: naira.. come.. the car has arrived.
naira: coming..

she runs towards akshara.

naira: bless me mama…

akshara cries.

akshara: my blessing is always with you naira.

naira hugs akshara and leaves.

in ranveer’s house.

ranveer: papa.. i need to go to the company.
papa: go soon then, it’s nearly 8.
ranveer: ok, bye mama, bye papa.

ranveer gets to the car. he recalls ishaani and cries.

ranveer: i’m not hating you ishaani, but you could have said it early..

he drives the car. ishaani calls him. ranveer sees the phone and switch it off.

ranveer: just answering will make my day worse.

he cries and drives. he doesn’t know where he’s going.

suddenly a man cross the road. ranveer brakes hard. he hits his head on the steering wheel

ranveer: ouch.

he feels his head with his hand. he sees blood on his finger.

ranveer: argh!!!

the scene shift to ishaani’s house.

chakor is looking out of the window. she is calling imli.

imli: hey didi
chakor: how are you?
imli: well fine..
chakor: is mama, papa fine?
imli: all is fine. how are-
chakor: i’m fine.
imli: no i mean the baby.
chakor: oh

imli laughs.

chakor: everyone loves the baby more..
imli: but i will love you.
chakor: ah really?

they laugh.

imli: when are you coming back di?
chakor: i don’t know vivaan loves being here, i mean his old friends are here and his family is here.
imli: but you?
chakor: everyone cares for me
imli: but come back soon, i miss you.
chakor: me too.

they smile and ends the call.

in ranveer’s car…

ranveer: oh i will have to go to the pharmacy now..

he enters the pharmacy. ishaani is there too, getting some medicines for mishti. ishaani and ranveer do not see each other.

ranveer (shouts angrily): give me some plasters..
shop owner: excuse me sir.. please hold on.. there are more customers.
ranveer (shouts) : i dont care about those customers.. i’m getting late.

ishaani get angry and turns to look who he is and gets shocked.

ishaani: ranveer.

she runs to him. ranveer sees her and gets lost in his dreams.

ishaani: what happened? why is there blood?

she cries and wipes his tears. tum hi ho plays…

suddenly ranveer throws her hand away.

ranveer: what’s there to care in me? tell me..
ishaani: but..

she cries.

ranveer: stop those tears will you.. just leave me alone okay?
shop owner: here sir.. the plasters.

ranveer pays the money and leave. ishaani looks on and cries.

ishaani: ranveer.. i’m sorry.. but i love you

ranveer outside the shop:

ranveer: i love you ishaani, but please give me some time..

he leaves

precap: ranveer checks naira’s files and praises her. karthik smiles.
aisha calls adarsh.

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