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Anshi- takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 11) by shama

Hello readers … I am back and sorry for the delay.. And thanks for commenting ,reading and voting especially friends gang … Thanks for 42 comments you all made me happy…
Precap of previous episode in brief
Somya apologized to Rudra for hiding the love angel truth and hurting him by dancing with rehaan … Omkara was confused as many strange things were happening around him he found Ishana fainted on ground and takes her to room where he gets a note… Shivaay was confused regarding what is happening in his life .. Who is preksha rathore ? What is the connection between oberois and rathore and anika mehandi…
Present Episode : { Part 11}
Scene 1
@ Rathore Mansion..
A girl is shown in a corner of the garden if seems that she was waiting for someone and a guy entered with silent steps in his hand a brown packet was there he said I guess you’re waiting for me …
The girl turned to the guy and her face is shown…
( it was the same girl who jumped from balcony to scare omkara)… The guy says are you fine??
The girl said I am fine ACP ranjhawa..
Ranveer gives her the packet… She opened it and said wow… You are a man with concrete words … Double payment as promised huh … Ranveer says count it she says Arrey no need that much trust I have on you …
He says OK but listen you got your money and my work finished so better leave Mumbai as soon as possible because I don’t want to spoil my plan OK…
She says hmm.. I don’t my money so now if anyone asked about you so I will say who is he I don’t know this stranger!!!
Ranveer { smiles} and said good job … They both did a handshake she said it was fun working with you …
Ranveer said OK but he should leave this place as soon as possible because there are chances that anyone can see us together …
They both looked here and there and went..

Inside the mansion…
The mehandi function was going on some girls formed a circle and started dancing on mehandi hai rachne wali haatho me gehari laali ….
And shivin gets a call he goes out of the mansion as there was no coverage informing his mom … As he goes the very moment shivaay enters they cross each other shivin goes to parking area and shivaay goes in by entrance .. Guards were confused that shivin sir was wearing some other attire and now some other attire..
Shivaay enters and scoped the whole hall he saw preksha talking to pandit regarding marriage dates girls dancing and behind them his ladylove enhancing her beauty by the mehandi..
Shivaay were struck on anika … And anika lifted her head as she was looking at the mehandi.. As they both saw each other even in crowd their heartbeats 💘💗💖 raised to peak they both were not able to take off their eyes from each other..
Anika { looking @shivaay thought}

Anika look at him and his eyes which is filled with love for only you.. How can you hurt a good soul by loving shivaay the one who didn’t even care that she exists in his life or not… Be loyal with shivin please control your emotions as far as shivaay will never re enter in your life… Don’t expect

Shivaay thinks… Why you’re so gorgeous anika thanks my kanchi aakhe has fixed on you..How can you hurt anika shivaay which was and is always a takkar ki challenge for you whom you cared for to the core but was unable to express it … Anika how can I explain you that you’re my life and you were existing in it for the beginning in my thoughts ,dreams , and in life like air which I can feel from far itself and why today my air ( anika) is snatching my breathes which I took with her .. By naming shivin on her hand can’t you be loyal only with me panika… shivaay stop this flourishing emotions in your now …. His 💖 heart becomes silent and his mind said good job shivaay!! You have to accept the fact that anika will never reenter in your life again.. Shivaay closed fist in anger … His heart and mind was conflicting .. Like anika will come / anika will come anika will not come….. So on and shivaay soul shouted shut up you both..

Here anika was facing the same condition.. As her mind said don’t expect her heart started conflicting no shivaay will come / shivaay will not come… So on … Her soul said stop it..

Shivaay thought I will not let her join shivin name to her life … Anika took a deep breathe and said today my destiny will write his name on my hand
{ looking @ shivaay assuming him as shivin} … Preksha comes to shivaay and holded his hand and asked shivin if you remember this is your house
( shivaay gives a confused look)… Preksha says so why are you witnessing your anika from far come…
Shivaay was fuming as he heard your anika… But his heart said she said right she is only yours…. And an unknown smile arrived on her face…
Preksha comes to shivaay and holded his hand and asked shivin call finished na and why are you at entrance if you remember this is your house
( shivaay gives a confused look)… Preksha says so why are you witnessing your anika from far come…
Shivaay was fuming as he heard your anika… But his heart said she said right she is only yours…. And an unknown smile arrived on her face… They walked to anika and went she saw that killing smile she always unknowingly started smiling and preksha made shivaay sit beside anika…
Scene 2 : At oberoi mansion
Tejanvi Room
Janvi was upset as she can’t attend the function and meet her sister Preksha but somewhere she was relieved that her sister was still alive and not dead she thought ..
That someone the life makes us helpless this many years I was thinking that in that accident preksha was no more .. As her elder sister I have the right to slap her for leaving oberois so easily.. She opened the cupboard opened a drawer it was contains a golden key and silently walked out like with thief steps .. And went to the deadend of oberoi mansion they was wall containing their family photo She looked here and there and slowly keep the huge photo down and it makes sound
( knock knock) dadi was walking towards her room and heard this knock knock and was shocked she thought oberoi mansion ke us corner me itne saalo se koi Nahi gaya toh yeh awaaj…. She rushed to the deadend
And janvi squatters down and sees a handle … And she holds it tightly and opened the wall like a shutter actually that wall was a secret door… And closed it in hurry but not fully…
She saw another door she touched it and tears falls… And she opened the door with the golden key she was having…. It was somebody’s room….
Scene 3
@ Rathore Mansion : Rumya..
They broke their airtight fevicol type hug and both started compositing themselves ..
Somya setting her hair thinks its OK somya Rudra will surely accept your apology don’t worry but what if he didn’t then what I will do …. No somya think positive … And only positive trust yourself that you can make him understand that he matters in my life..
But how will I … OK let’s practice..
Duffer oberoi… No somya .. Only Rudra OK yaa yaa Rudra look I know I have done mistake but you have to forgive me …
Her heart said somya you’re requesting or ordering huh? She keeps a deep breathe and thinks.. OK .. Rudra I know that now you’re angry but I know that your good at heart and you will try to forgive me as you can’t see tears in any girl eyes…and you straightly go and wipe it off….
Her heart said tum na ho paayega .. Quit trying OK.. I don’t understand somya that you want to make him more angry on you but saying him as a Casanova..
Somya replied I didn’t mean that…
Her heart said please you zip you mouth when he ask something for heavens seek and she agreed….

Rudra thought ki suddenly what happened to somya she is still at one place in thoughts … As if I am taking her parade ..
He thinks its OK Rudra don’t think much think how you’re going to propose her … OK let’s practice …
Somya … And he paused in thinking also and cries that how to say I love you… 😭
How she is going to feel if she selected me so heart fail is fixed and if not 😱😨😰 then also heartfail… No Rudra… Don’t think so bad .. Why are you willing to kill yourself his heart asked Rudra said offo … A person who falls in love is always killed OK… And the ice breaks…. Rudra says WO…WO…
Somya : said WO…. Kya??
Rudra said umm…ummm…aa..I
Somya in curiosity said… I what Rudra??
Rudra looked at her and again said I ….
Somya was angry and said I ke aage bhi toh bado…
Rudra said : somya first stop it from this much time I am trying to say something and you are behaving like a school teacher whenever I try you interrupt what ?? Bole like this… Go I am not going to talk you..
Somya thought phel gaya raita … Rudra I…
Rudra said : I what ??
Instead of love you she says I am sorry ..and he was like aacha so OK he says I forgive you … Both faced to different directions in anger because both of them didn’t say what they felt…
Scene 4
Omkara made Ishana lie on bed and caresses her hair she coughs and he gets up to bring water he goes near the coffee table which was in room and lifted the jug and poured a glass of water for Ishana and while keeping the jug as its place he finds a note he picked it up and said yeh kya hai? And goes near Ishana keeps the glass and the note on bedside table and slowly lifted Ishana head and from the other hand he made her drink water and slowly keeps the glass and again started stroking Ishana hair with the other hand he opened the note and saw it …. It was a sketch of omkara painting a portrait of an unknown girl when he saw this sketch he was shocked… He looked at the sketch and then Ishana… He thinks om this sketch reflects you your past and Ishana face reflects you your future will her so its better to move on… And he crumbled note…. And on the other hand Ishana gains her consciousness and opened her eyes went she felt om touch… As she opened her eyes and looked at omkara she saw him crumbling something and touched his hand which was stroking her head and as she touched omkara in shock the sketch falls on ground… And he looked at Ishana..
He asked whether you’re fine now what happening to you suddenly ??
Ishana in a slow voice says om … I am fine now.. And she remembers the incident that ranjhawa injected something on her neck and said om I guess due to stress…
Om shouted ishu why you take so much stress huh ??
Ishana gives him an 🙎angry glance and he apologized with an airtight hug in anika language dum ghoto hug aashiqui2 types…
Ishana reciprocals but her eyes were glued on crumbled note she wanted to know that why om crumbled it… What was it??
She breaks the hug and trys to walk to pick that page …. But falls in between and omkara holded her… And slowly she picked the note and went to washroom with the help of omkara…
She closed the door took support of the wall and opened the crumbled note and was shocked to see omkara and his ex…
She uttered in shock I have seen her some where in some photo….
Ranveer was happy for his first success he took his wallet it was containing the same girl photo.. And ranveer was teared eyes he said.. I miss you ishika my sister .. He touched her photo and said today your very far from me and the reasons are oberois … I will never forgive om for your death dear.. He and his family has to loose everything…
Scene 5
At Anshi.
The girl who was designing asked whom name should be written on her hand … Preksha was about to say but her phone rings… And she said wait… The girl again asked the same to anika and shivaay and her shoulders and hands touched and anika sensed shivaay and in shock she said shivaay and he was shocked… The girl writes his name on her mehandi while they were looking at each other in shock ….
Anika thought what billu ji is doing here?
Shivaay thinks phel gaya raita… Now if she asked what I am doing here so what are you going to say shivaay huh … He asked himself that why I came here ?? His heart says your a stupid…
Anika asked shivaay… Tum
Shivaay says main…WO ..main main
He thought why are you sounding like a sheep main main … Come on say it you’re an oberoi…
Anika red his thought 😣 offo thinking me bhi taadi marte hai …uff kya kru ..
Preksha was on call and she was facing a problem With network she was like hello hello hello…. Uff and breaks her phone in anger which makes shivaay shocked…
Reporters and camera man asked for a family photo … And shivin was driving to hospital….
Anika asked him in thoughts that Mr shivaay what are you going here ?? Shivaay says in thoughts that WO.. For clarification
Anika thinks clarification of what??
WO humare…. Humare ..
She finished his sentence by saying phirse aapko aasa lagta hai ke humare beach kuch hai…
He thinks hmm … Yes you love me na
And she thinks kam se kam meri taraph se toh Nahi…
And he was like accha then meri taraph se bhi Nahi….
Anshi thinks tadibaaz/ panibaaz panika…
And give each other attitude…
Ranveer gets a call he scolds someone he said what you are useless I said you not to make mistake but you made now listen me at any cost I want my work finished…
At oberoi mansion…
Dadi goes to the deadend and sees the family photo down and door which looks like wall is half opened she opened it and went in and closed it back … She turned and saw the door open with golden key on it and this key was with janvi … And sees janvi in the room and said janvi… And she was shocked…
Episode ends…
Shivin was about to slap shivaay… Omru anika preksha somya Ishana ranveer was present someone stopped his raised hand in between… { guess who}
Ishana confronts ranveer…. Rudra shocked and somya consoles him …
Shivaay gets a clue …


Author note : Hope you all liked it or not in both conditions I will ask your good self to drop your views on it …. and do make me happy with at least 30+ comments ….

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