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Anshi OS Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana Mushkil hai yaar ( MAHA EPISODE) by shama

Author’s note 💖
Thank you my dear readers for giving such a great support to my ff I am sorry for my bakbak and repeat telecast of my thank you speech 😁 but really from core I am touched with comments first I thought how can you all like that episode which I personally didn’t like as a surprise🎁 to my dear friends gang and all readers from my side instead of thanks I will pen down my thoughts today in “MAHA EPISODE” hope you all like it … I would try to give my best for all best audience…
@ tulsi naina priyanka samm etc… Sorry for not replying as I am sick and the other reason is I wanted to know the comment rate…
Maha Episode Begins :- { part 17 and 18}
Scene : 1
@ Road
Someone’s POV :-
Uff bhagwaan ne elder sister kyu banai (why god has created elder sister?) Somewhere in books I red they the great Hitler is no more… Chal hut jhut ( lie) who said that !! Hitler is still alive in my home and that too in female version my sister shreya arora the whole world thinks that she is a great author who cook words shayaris and what not !! But no one can guess that the girl who is rocket in writing in kitchen world she is a puski bomb which can never cook delicious dishes more than that shayaris and fictions [ naina walks with the luggage she was dragging it and was murmuring about shreya didu ]… 🔪🔫 naina was like let me finish this trip then I am going to finish didu itself 😤😣 what mom and didu said yaa you go .. She was on bus stand and was waiting for the college bus.
Scene :2
@ airport in a coffee café
Two girls were sitting face to face sipping their coffee and eating almond cookie the atmosphere was very silent I mean pin drop slience and both were looking each other and then scoping the cafe they had no topic to begin their convo and the ice breaks…
Tulsi was not able to zip her mouth and says your sister naina is so shant ( calm) non – fighter … Shreya said shant aur woh hahaha… Non fighter haha ( shreya keeps her hand and said ) tulsi your thinking wrong woh non fighter Nahi hai if she gets chance to rewind the time she would chose haldigthi war and support any one team ..
Tulsi says this is bad shreya don’t forget that at the end of the day you both are sisters… And one thing you have to admit shreya that at last sweet home is sweet home…
Shreya said yes mam ( like a student and tulsi as teacher)… Holding her forehead in my shreya thought that thank god ki tulsi author ha aur teacher Nahi otherwise the highlights will come in media ki ek teacher ke lecture se huye puncher 😜)…. After awhile she resumed with her coffee…
And tulsi gets up and shreya signs what why you got up tulsi said Bill payment… Shreya too quickly finished her coffee and they both opened the door and walked out
{ Megha naina and shreya mom entered in haste thinks meri shreya must be waiting for me and Megha collided with a girl and the girl falls down on the ground her documents like passport IDs papers etc scattered and tulsi and shreya ran towards the girl the girl face was covered with hair shreya and tulsi offered help shreya picked all the documents and tulsi made that girl stand she sides her hair holds her back and says aagobai …aai baba .. She screams out of pain shreya Megha tulsi apologized and she said OK I am fine .. Shreya and tulsi while giving her the documents stretched hands for handshake tulsi and shreya introduced themselves and she was about to introduce but the airport management came in between and said mam your vehicle is ready and the girl leaves without finishing the sentence I am sa….
Scene changes and shows bus arriving and naina was like finally!!! She saw prinku waving out hi to naina she 🙋prinku baged the door as a signal to stop the bus and the driver also understood and forcefully hits his leg on brake first attempt was like OK hota hai second attempt these why the brakes are not working let me try again third attempt and he was sure this time and the bus just crossed naina and she was like what is this prinku shouted bhaiyya bus stop kijiye..driver shouts breaks fail hai naina ran towards the bus and with help of prinku she finally boarded and everyone panicked breaks fail how ? Everyone shouted screamed help help please help
At oberoi mansion
Pinky was crying and roaming here and there saying oh my mata that lady Preksha was your was your first bahu for shakti ji and no one in this homes told me this not shakti ji nor you mummy ji aur jethani ji why’s ?
Dadi: oho pinky rukh (stop) she says this is the reason for which we hided this from you…
Janvi also nodes her head in yes and pinky asked what reason ? Janvi sayssince you came home with this shock you are roaming here and there weeping like an unsatisfied soul and pinky 😭😭😭I am not aatam ( ghost)
Dadi : in irritation chup ho jaa pinky …
And janvi and pinky was mum… Pinky says here no one listen me I will talk to only my billu I am sure he will today understands me… You both see she was heading towards SHIVIKA … And in haste and servant was also coming from the kitchen and was going to omkara room will trolley to collect the utensils and pinky and servant collided and pinky was thrown back with force to wall and on wall a photo frame of omkara priyanka breaks…
Scene : 4
At college bus the bus was in such a hilly area that there were no network to call someone more over the roads were zigzag curved…. If the bus looses control so it will direct reach 😇 heavens by the cliff…
Everyone panicked shouted prayed to lord scared [ mixed emotions]


Prinku POV: I wish I could see my brothers once and hug them tight I wish dadi would be me courage and ashirwaad wish I could do something for shivaay bhaiyya and anika mumma relationship I guess this is the end of my life but I will Miss you all badly …😢 I wish I could make my family proud but I guess this all wishes are only dreams now… She took a deep breathe closed her eyes and prayed for her brothers bhagwaan ji shivaay bhaiyya ka gussa kam kardena… Om bhaiyya ko mental strength dena… Rudra bhaiyya ko pass kar dena …
Sabko khush rakhna …
Naina was like meri toh kismat hi kharab hai 😩 please god ji shreya didu ko strength dena taki woh mumma ko sambhale and please pinku ya meri family me se kisiko Rone mat dena because I hate tears…
Gonna miss all ..
Everyone over there in the bus losses hopes seeing the deadend of the cliff and death in front of their sights everyone shouted aaaaaaaa.. And the bus falls…
Omkara gets up from sleep and was sweating he repeatedly shouted prinku….
Prinku…. ( he gets up from bed) and searches…
Scene 5
At some road : Rumya….
They were running and somya was irritated with lehanga she said for bride’s why this designers makes such heavy attire..
Rudra said wow aaj Somo ko usse bhi bhari ( heavy ) lag raha hai 😏
Somya in an irritated tone Rudra please stop your PJs or else I am gonna scream devi ji ….dev… . . Rudra cupped somya mouth and pointed shhh…
Rehmi comes and shouted we know Rumya that you’re here somewhere romi said Rudra mujhe krotha mat delao ( don’t make me angry ) ….
Rudra was about to scream but somya cupped his mouth …

Scene changes…..

The bus was stopped ranveer was following prinku and saw her in danger and nearby was a basecamp of Indian soldiers he quickly turned his car and when to basecamp for help and in no time our Indian soldiers arrived for saving our lives…. They took ropes tired it to tree trunks and thrown the ropes down ranveer shouted priyanka ji catch the rope and tire it to an end of bus …
She tired and all others too so the bus was hanging in the air with the help of 15 ropes and slowly all soldiers forming a fist pulled the ropes and the bus shakes……
All shouted aaaaaaaaa
Ranveer said don’t be scared just be away from the bus door so that nobody falls…. And you all girls form a line to be balanced.. All does the same and the bus was now straight and slowly started pulling bar bar ha…. Plays
At last the bus landed safely on ground and all hugged each other and then all girls gave a salute to the brave soldiers…
Janvi was like thank god this photo is OK..I mean not much damage…
Rumya takes lift from a track giving gold bangles and was on the way..


Pinky saw through window in SHIVIKA room and was like should I see ( she closed her eyes ) then thought to cover her mouth ( she keeps hand on mouth and cupped it ) and then ears and said 😭😭 oh my mata billu sleeping with anika…
She banged the door and opened it and entered oh billu utth anika utto billu anika she screams out but no use and she was like aaj mere billu ke ears strike per hai she tried to separate them and dadi asked pinky yeh kya kar rahi ho ( what are you doing) mummy ji dekhiye na in dono ka fevicol bond toodhne ki khoshish…. She holds anika hand which was on shivaay chest and pulled with all strength dum lagake haisa..
After 10 minutes pinky breathe heavily and was anger on shivika she finally takes a jug of water and splashed it ( chepek) and SHIVIKA with shocked faces flood aa gaya
And they were looking at pinky janvi and dadi and then themselves and both got up in haste they were stammering WO main WO… And as they looking each other they pretended EU yuck what the wack … Phel gaya raita like such words….
But they were thinking wow anika/ shivaay in my arms I wish I could freeze that moment but seeing family reaction we have to be silent 😍💑💑💑💑❤💙their heart beats was at peak …
Pinky was about shoots many questions but SHIVIKA was lucky as destiny stopped pinky in a way of new guest ( guess who) she was the same girl who collided with shreya tulsi Megha … She shouted taai ( did)Somya didi
And as sh shouted the very moment Rumya entered the mansion and somya excitedly hugged her cousin sister sahana she was sent oberoi mansion by Somo aai and for her exams
Somo: keshi haish sahana ( how are you)
Sahana : me tu she paused and looked at somya Rudra attire and laughs…
And says main toh thik hu per somya di yeh kya kuch din aapko akela chada toh …
Shut up sahana Somo said…
Afterwards a hour
Everyone’s introduction section was going on :
Somo says this is tej uncle janvi aunty dadi shakti uncle pinky aunty bade bhaiyya shivaay anika di …
Sahana asked who is anika to them ?
Shivaay replied family… And omru dadi all smiled except pinky…
Sahana SMS came on Somo phone
Di shivaay aur anika ka rishta ? I mean I feel they are cute couple… Somo replies touch wood.
Bade bal wale bhaiyya !! Sahana hi she too said hello…. Shayaris ke betaj king …
When it came to Rudra Somo ignored and he was like aacha…
He introduced himself and tries to flat with sahana … Sahana smiled Somo messages sahana ki bacchi don’t smile otherwise I am going to break your front teeth…
Sahana was sacred 😰
Whenever sahana was trying to introduce herself a phone call of some cheapde comes at last in frustrated mode she messages the guy…
this is this cat
this is is cat
this is how cat
this is to cat
this is keep cat
this is an cat
this is idiot cat
this is busy cat
this is for cat
this is forty cat
this is seconds cat

Everyone reads it out and laughs… Sahana pulled her collar kutra and said showing some attitude sahana se paga …
Preksha entered the house and calls out anika ..
Pinky was like why you came here get lost
Preksha why should I pinky I just got information that my would be bahu is here so I had to come she holded anika hand and dragged her out meanwhile pinky shouted ha le jaao ( take her away) she is very dangerous yeh mere billu ko aapna banana chahti hai…
Preksha looked into anika eyes and understood her emotions and Preksha turned and again entered the home shakti tejanvi omru were angry .
Preksha said mind your language pinky shakti Singh oberoi you know about whom you’re talking she is my bahu more over my beti.. Anika was in tears
Pinky said what ever billu is my Hera beta and for him I will find Hera bahu..
Preksha laughs and says… Pinky relationships are based on compatibility (takkar ) and you know in this case I am much much more lucky then you ( she looks at anika) shivin entered and heard the convo he was angry on anika but as a punishment to oberois he announced his marriage tomorrow without much rituals like haldi sangeet etc…
Oberois and anika was shocked …
Shivaay closed his fist in angry he was like main iska kya karu kabab me haddi .. Anika Ishana goes back to rathore mansion
Scene changes…
Ranveer took girls gang in Indian army camp side while crossing the road a car was heading towards prinku and ranveer jumped in between and they both hit wall
Prinku : excuse me ranveer Singh Ranjhawa leave me !!
Ranveer: uff aap oberois ka temperature volcano ki tarah peak ke kyu hota hai for your kind information in last 2 hours I saved your life two times so thank you toh bana hai na..
Prinku : Mr acp hero type dialogue Marne se her koi hero Nahi banta na kuch log toh villain hi hote hai…
Episode ends
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