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Anshi Os Takarar Ya Pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 16) by shama voting poll:2

Dear Readers , thanks for all the support and love I am overwhelmed with it but I have to leave Telly Updates and all my articles really sorry I can understand your situation but I am depressed with the comment rate sometimes 10 ,13,15 I am sad and I have decided to windeup everything..
Present Episode { Part 16}
Scene :1
At Naina Place/ Prinku Room
Naina was talking to her Elder Sister “Shreya Arora ” on phone after disconnecting prinku call … Naina excitedly sang oh meri didi ka call aaya oh mummy ji meri didi ka call aaya oh mummy ji……
Listening naina song which was not so melodic her mom { Megha Arora Canada wali musi } ….
Naina lifted the call on speaker so that both mom and daughter could hear …
Naina: hello didu !!


Shreya: hello my nainu
Mom: shreya beta how are you ?? I heard that Australia’s climate is terribly cold..
Shreya: ha mom hello here the climate is cold but I am OK ..
Naina : but I am not OK !! I am angry with you didu this is not fair huh from last three years you’re in Australia in writing world as a famous author but aap mujhe bhul gayi
Mom: shut up nainu bad manners didi se yese Baat karte hai kya??
Shreya: no mom she is my sister she has the right to be angry with me but I too miss my family but you know………….

She was interrupted by her mom : shreyu.. Stop it we know why you went Australia no need to repeat it again as its the past ..
Shreya : yes mom past toh past hota hai (past is past ) and it should not be repeated OK noted in mind and I will not do it again..
Scene: 2
Scene changes at ishkara..
Ishana was feeding om by her hands first soup then his favorite kadhi chaawal 🍱🍛
Ishana said I know om that you love kadhi chawal and not khichdi ( porridge) so here (she presented it in front of his sight) and he was like😍 yummy and stretched his hand to hold the plate but in midway he stopped and asked wait a second who told you that I love kadhi chawal and not khichdi
Ishana ( smiled) : and said umm.. I know
Om: how ??
Ishana made a face and said what’s your name ??
Om; huh? What happened to you suddenly are you OK … She asked again.. He says my name is omkara ..
Ishana asks how do you know this..
Om : said Arrey I know it.. How means
Ishana: as you know your name automatically similarly I know your taste..
And both smiled…
{ FB : Ishana takes a leave from om for 10 minutes as he finished soup she goes to kitchen and takes khichdi in bowl and placed it in tray and walked towards omkara room and prinku stopped her and said Ishana di you’re taking khichdi for o bhaiyya.. Na.. Ishana says ha … Prinku says o bhaiyya will not eat it as he hates khichdi to the core better you take kadhi chawal he will surely finish it Ishana says oh really thanks}..
Ishana was in thoughts and omkara mouth was watering seeing khadhi chawal 🍛 he was unable to eat it himself as per doctor instructions due to injecting drug injection in his hand his hands was freeze and was working slow … He was constantly seeing Ishana then food … Ishana then food and he shouted ishu….
She comes back to reality and was like kya hua ( what happened)….

Om : kya hua !! I am damn hungry seeing this food 😋 and you’re in thoughts huh aur here my mouth is watering and soon flood will come..😁
Hurry up mujhe khilao ( feed me)
Ishana smiled at the way he was behaving like a child she started feeding him..
Prinku was looking all this with a smile from outside om room ..
She said om bhaiyya you have to forget your past and move on as past is past you have to forget ishika as she was your past and Ishana is your future … She goes from there without disturbing ishkara..
There om was eating one spoon and ask for the second without finishing one spoon it was still in his mouth and he was asking more… And Ishana was like om first finish one bite then I will …
Om: hey why are you sounding like my mom.


Ishana : because you’re sounding like a kid
Om : hey I am not kid Ishana
Ishana : oh really so I am also not your mom OK…
Om: aaaaa ( opened his mouth for another bite and pointed his finger towards his mouth to feed)
Ishana: feeds him …. And she asked that if ranveer snatched her from him so how will he react.. Whether he will again take drugs
Om: no… Mujhe Baat Nahi karni OK if you go so I am not bothered
She was shocked… She says😧 OK..

He says yaa you’re there or not I am not bothered yaa ( he was consoling himself) you know Ishana I will not miss you a bit also… He repeated said this two things….. And he looks at the plate and says who finished it…
Ishana said😩 why asked this question from last one hour your talking about me and from last two hours you’re saying mujhe Baat Nahi karni… Oh god…
Om says : oh is it
Ishana: yes it is.. and you know kal se log kahe ge ki ek Ishana thi jiske do kaan hoya karte the ( from tomorrow people would say that there was One Ishana who had two ears)…
Om said oh… Sorry and hugged her…
Oh saathiya plays…

Ishana thinks … Thank god I am succeeded in changing om mood
Scene :3
Anika made shivaay lie on bed and looks his face 😍 and thinks….. Billu ji I am with you in your tough time she was about to go but was unable to get up as shivaay was sleeping on her hand and she sat close to him and caresses his hair and said sote hua kitne cute lagte hai billu ji ( while sleeping billu ji looks cute )… She said how about if he sleeps for ages like kumkaran and I would be able to look at him all the while 😍 but I know that this is not possible 😩as from tomorrow he will again become taadibaaz oberoi and I have to again go to rathore mansion …. But I will be till the end for only shivaay at anytime because I…. She paused.. Her heart yelled I what anika and shivaay too opened his eyes in half as he was doing drama to know that what anika feels for him… And he in his mind was like huh !! Kumkaran and I what???
Anika says care for you instead of love…

And shivaay was like sirf care and not love
Shivaay sees her in thoughts and stretched his hand keeping his eye on anika he takes his medicines as he was low and anika reacted aap ( u) and took medicines and gave him medicines mixing it in water and made him drink… And while shivaay was drinking it anika coughs … And shivaay keeps his glass and pats anika and rubs her back… Tum thik hona anika … She coughs.. Shivaay offers water and by mistaken she drinks medicine mixed water and after sometime both were drowsy … Both together noticed that they drank medicine mixed water…..
Both said phel gaya raita holding their foreheads……
Scene 4
@ Pune Samuhikh Shaadi venue……

As per Rudra plan to take revenge from rehaan and to free somya free all 4 drinks bhaang …. [ by mistaken] all four were in an inebriated ….
Rehaan: hello Rudra romi he waves.. Somo too waves Rudra you’re here …
Rudra: ha hi🙋 …
Organizer came and misunderstood that Rumya and rehmi are couples ( I will not explain it as we all saw this section in real IB ) …
Rumya and rehmi both are dressed in marriage attires…
Rudra: saw Somo and complimented that she is looking cute as dul… What we say …
She says duffer dulhan na…
Yaa… OK somya … Somya also said you’re also looking handsome..
Rudra: oh thanks …. He caresses his hair
Rehaan : and somya how am I looking ??
Rudra: why she should compliment you huh?

Romi: Rudra dev shant hojaayi… ( calm down)..
Rudra thinks oh iss devi ko koi humesha ke liye shant karo …
Organizer comes and says chalye shaadi ke muharat ho gaya hai ….
In pooja when Rehaan somya ,romi Rudra pandit says put gunghat ( cover your face) Rudra takes haldi power and throws it on rehaan he gets up rubbing his eyes ouch….
Rudra signed romi ki romi tum devi ho aur aaj tumhara bhakt tajlif me hai go go bless him…
Romi goes and helps rehaan pandit says let’s start as he said Rudra came in between and said rehaan see your attire its dirty he takes him and makes him wear same sherwani which he was wearing …
They both entered and by mistaken rehaan sits with romi and Rudra knowingly sits with somya….

Pandit says get up for varmala …
Magalsutra …. Sindoor dhan….. And pandit says shaadi sampan hui… And Rumya says humari shaadi sampan hui and laughs…
Rehmi was shocked with their marriage..
They both were anger and shouted and headed towards Rumya and Rudra holded somya and said bhago and they became bhag milka oberois…
Scene changes…. ( scene :1 continued)
Shreya says mom I am in India..
Naina and megha reacted kyaaaaa?
Ha shreya said with my friend and co- author tulsi I am here to represent tulsi and my new book dil ke darmiyaa hai duriya….
Naina jumps oh my god my didu and tulsi di is also here … Yippie….
Shreya says ya but don’t scream…
Chup ho jaa naina mom says…
Tulsi comes and pats shreya shoulder she says yeh lo tumhari coffee shreya oh yeh naina hai na… Phone pe……

Hello main tulsi…
Naina: didu how are you where are you I will come to pick you…
Mom: Nahi naina you go for trip with all your friends I will pick tulsi and shreya…
Naina says but … OK…
And goes…. Oberoi mansion se prinku also goes …. And boards the bus…
SHIVIKA sleeps together due to medicine and pinky janvi dadi comes to check shivaay and was shocked ….
Pinky: oh my mata !!
Janvi and dadi cups their mouths yeh ho kya raha hai….
Anika get up billu …

But they were sleeping like kumkaran…
Dadi and janvi decided that after this incident SHIVIKA ki shaadi karni chahiye..
Ranveer follows college bus…

Episode ends…
Preksha pinky meet……. SHIVIKA ki shaadi omish on date… Somo cousin sister entry in oberoi mansion… Priveer pinwall fight…
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I am ending this OS in next 10 episodes
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