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Anshi Os Takarar Ya Pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 13) by shama

Hello Readers thanks for all comments suggestions ,complaints, and other views I am glad that you all are are liking my articles as well as mergers thanks for that really emotional that I too have readers and such golden hearted friends 💖💛 and plz feel free if my articles are worst because I am feeling it all views are welcomed.
Present Episode
Scene : 1
@ oberoi mansion – omkara room
They were back from rathore mansion and the three were facing issues in their personal love lives and as always they all started discussion …..
@ om POV to shivaay

Dekh shivaay { patting shivaay shoulder} we understand your situation Bhai because somewhere we all face pitfalls in life even in relationships .. I personal feel that you were wrong that time when you insulted anika failed her and you know na that your sorry can’t fix your relationship back {shivaay looks at om with an emotional face}.
@ Rudra POV
I think o is right bhaiyya we know that you love anika didi but your mind doesn’t allow you to accept that a stone hearted person can also fall for someone and according to me love is much more complicated than we think I guess love is a name of sacrifice and somewhere anika di is sacrificing her feelings towards you by accepting your twins brother shivin .{ shivin gives a deadly glance to Rudra and gets up from the bed } and angrily said he is not my brother you both are and no one in my life can take your parts and that to that shivin Rathore not possible to the infinity . I am thinking about anika as she is also my family .
Scene :2
@ Rathore Mansion – Anika Room
Anika was sitting on bed in a terribly shocked condition as if her world came to an end she was broken from in and she was weeping she looked up in air with eyes filled with tears and asked lord that why ? Shivin and shivaay are twins 😢😢 I don’t understand that bhagwaan ji aap chahte kya hai ? ( what do you want ) main kya karu after knowing this truth that preksha Rathore is actually the mom of shivaay and not pinky aunty … Bhagwaan ji mujhe kiss musibat me daldiya … U know that I love shivaay to the core but the fact is that I am committed to shivin just because I didn’t want him to break
( when shivin proposed anika coming on his knees with a ring in his hand and the mood & atmosphere was equally romantic he asked anika that I know we are friends and you will feel it awkward but the truth is I am in love with you sorry for crossing our friendship limits but I can’t help it as you are very good in everything you’re just perfect anika.. Anika was silent and was shocked shivin continued he said anika I can understand your situation and your love for shivaay but I must make you aware to a fact that unless and until I live my life I will live in hope that one day you come to me I will be waiting as love is beyond getting something it is something which words also can’t express love is all about giving I have given you my heart 💖 and the ball is in your court I will never pressurize you to accept me anika looks into his eyes which was actually filled with love and hopes on her ,she was broken but shivaay as shivaay didn’t accept her and now she didn’t want shivin to face the same situation as she was facing she keeps her hand on shivin hand and said I can understand your emotions towards me shivin but I want to make everything clear like mirror I can’t love anyone as my heart is broken badly 💔 but I ensure you that I will try to accept this relationship but dont expect anything from me shivin was happy and anika says a relationship depends on truth and she keeps a condition that you will truth me and he accepted)
At present….. Anika was in thoughts she sat and said shivin you broke your pinky promise and sees the engagement ring and as she turned her hand to palm she saw the burned area which she burnt from diya she closed her fist closed her eyes and thought of today incident her mind played flashback in rewind mode………
At Flashback

Anika was standing with the burnt hand shivaay was about to perform first aid and shivin holded his hand and shivin & shivaay continued their fight they played a blame game in which they were blaming each other by saying that why are you in anika life …. I care for her more than anyone can / shivaay also repeats the same he goes to anika and holded her in arms looked into her eyes and said ” the people who really care for you won’t hurt you but if they do then you will see it in their eyes that they are also hurt … I know that I am bad in expressing my emotions but that doesn’t mean that I had no emotions for you please let me allow to dress your wound…. Anika looks at shivin and shivaay takes a deep breathe and says please let me go shivaay she freed herself from his clutches and said to both in front of rathore and oberoi family ( when the fight began in tension preksha called janvi and said didi main preksha didi actually….. Janvi asked what happened ? And she says that oberoi brothers are here shivaay came here in the disguise of shivin and wanted to stop this marriage and when shivin came they started fighting for anika and I think they both are in love with anika please come soon as the atmosphere is heated and I don’t want them to fight…. Janvi said OK we all are rushing )
Present….. They all were present and were trying to stop shivin & shivaay conflict when anika punished herself for playing with two hearts shivin and shivin both rushed at once but in the midway omru became speed breaker for shivin and omru gave their best deadly glances to shivin and said don’t you dare to come in between of SHIVIKA otherwise the result will not be in your favor… Shivin said what !!! You!!!! Omru said at once shut up …. Om said shivin your coming in between of two love birds …. Shivin said love !!! Huh … For love oberois needs a heart and as far as I know oberois they are heartless like before they were ….. Like they thrown my mom out from oberoi mansion without any mistake …
Shivomru were like what ?? What are you buffering ?? Thrown your mom….

Shivin said oh !! So you don’t know that truth ….
Shivomru said truth ??? And looked at oberois … Dadi yeh kya keh raha hai shivaay asked… Dadi puts her head down and gives a sad look 😟 janvi came forward and looked at preksha and she said shivin sach bol raha hai …. Preksha was a part of our family when you three were not born and for some reason we thrown her from house…. Omru asked reason ?? What mom??
Tej comes in between for protecting janvi and said nothing omru actually this lady preksha Rathore is your maasi and long back she ditched oberois… Janvi looks at Tej and preksha …. Shivin was on height of anger now because his mom was involved in this mess …. He blasted tej by saying mind your tongue tej Singh oberoi ….. Omru answered back in anger om said pushing him how dare you talk to my dad like this…..
How dare you Rudra repeated… Om started his lecture by saying I only have the right to blame my father not anyone else more than me I know that his wrong in many ways but till I am there no one can even touch him …. He took a pause as everyone reacted kya kaha tumne om ! With happiness and om rephrased his sentence and said I meant yet shivomru is there no one can harm our family …. Shivin said oh please cut this silly stuff/…… My mom didn’t ditch anyone preksha holds shivin hand to stop this but he said your family ditched my mom … No actually… ( he points his index finger on shivaay chest and said our mom shivaay) …
Everyone cupped their mouths….. Like what?
Shivaay says what rubbish what the wack ?

Pinky said oh my mata and looked at shakti and whole family with a question mark look and replied to shivin nos…… I am shivaay mom what are you saying…. Shivaay agreed …. And Ranveer came in between and tried to calm shivin but shivin blasted all like a loaded gun ….. He said to pinky yesa aapko lagta hai because you don’t know the past ….. I know because my mom said….. He said I am not shivin rathore but as you all I am also an oberoi….. Hai na Mr tej Singh oberoi…. Shivomru was hell confused….. Dadi started to narrate the past ….
@ Flashback
She said when your Dada ji was alive its the thing of that time janvi ka rishta tej se hone wala tha I went to rathore mansion with shagun ki mehandi for janvi with shakti and there in the function I saw Preksha dancing for janvi in the first sight I liked her janvi introduced preksha to me and shakti when I saw her with shakti I felt that she can be my bahu for shakti as janvi and paused…
Shivomru anisya was shocked…
And one day on tejanvi marriage shakti came to me and confessed his feelings … He knelt down kept his head in my lap and said mummy ji aaj bhaiyya ki shaadi unki sabse aachi dost se hone wali hai aur jaldi hi janvi rathore ban jayegi janvi tej Singh oberoi sab kitna jaldi ho raha hai na… Dadi said ha puttar and said stroking his hair pyaar / ishq ka kya hai woh toh bus ho jata hai Ishqbaaz toh sab hote hai…. But I am happy ki mere tej ki life me janvi jesi ladki aa rahi hai I am satisfied….. But ab mujhe Teri chinta hai shakti aakhir tere liye bhi joh janvi jesi aachi ladki doongdani hogi … Shakti looked at her and said kya ho agar main aap se kaho ki dood ki Maine … Dadi said kya ?? Who??? Shakti said ma woh WO… Janvi ki Behan preksha….
Dadi was so happy she said sach me !! I always thought that she is perfect for you wait I will talk to janvi mom ….. And afterwards their marriage was also fixed
Just a day after tejanvi marriage …… and That time your Dada ji was out for a trip so he didn’t know this and he gave promise to his friend that your daughter pinky will become my bahu…
And when he came back from trip and came to know about the marriage he didn’t accept preksha at all but on my request he kept mum….. Time passed ….. And pressure started coming from pinky family Dada ji wanted shakti to leave preksha so that he can marry pinky… Preksha tried her best to make place in Dada ji heart but failed…. And Dada ji requested her to leave and she left with efforts…..
More time passed….. Shinky marriage happened that time due to emotional trauma preksha was on bed in a serious condition she needed shakti and shakti wanted to go but pandit said muharat ka time hoga hai and forcefully marriage happened….
Pinky was like oh my mata so what ??
Flashback ends….
This flashback is only 50% and in few episodes I will present 100%

Shivomru was shocked shaken silent….
Shivin said I guess now you know the past shivaay bhaiyya…. Main oberoi hu per duniya ki nazar me Nahi hu as my mom has no rights even though she is his first wife but she is mum …. For only your family seek go home dadi will talk you more….
And yaa shivaay Maine aapni life me family ko experience Nahi kiya but when anika entered in my life she became my world my family…. Everything ( he looks at anika and anika gets teared eyes ) shivaay asked anika that is she gonna accept him or shivin she cried…. She said please shivaay leave me along and go away please I need sometime…
Flashback ends….
She was in tears and the tear droplets fall on the wound and it started paining Ishana entered her room to check her that whether she is alright and she found her crying she ran in and said anika please don’t cry … And knelt down and wiped her tears and said di yeh pyaar ka naam hi dard hota hai ,
Do logo ka milna khuda ki raaza hoti hai,
Ishq me fanna ho jaana humare chahta hoti hai,
Ishq dard bhi hota hai toh wahi marz bhi hota hai….
I can understand your situation anika di as I too loved omkara to the core per zaruri toh Nahi ki bepanha mohabbat ko manzil mile…
Zaruri toh Nahi ki aapka dil na toothe ….
Ishana says when you come to know that whom you loved the most who meant your world to you was thinking that I am nothing for him its the most painful feeling….
Anika says what are you saying I can’t understand say clearly please….
She stammer and said after knowing the truth om was broke seeing shivaay condition….
Flashback :3
Omkara was very upset he sat in a corner and started weeping and said to himself wow main pehle se hi confused tha aur ab aur hu… What should I do for shivaay to make him happy…. Ishana knelt down and holded om cheeks with both hands and said kuch Nahi hoga om don’t worry I am their with you na always in any condition of your life because I…. And she paused and om said love you ishu…. Really I do …. Ishana says I love you too om sorry and I promise that I will never let you cry….
Om promises that I will love you forever and ranveer clapped and came to them and said wow omkara ji aur kitni ladkiyon ko jhoota promise kiya hai aapne….? Sach kyu Nahi Mann te ki aap ladkiyo ko use karte hai….
Ishana gave a deadly glance to ranveer and said jooth om ne Nahi tumne bola …
You used me against om to hurt him and yaa om is a pure soul woh kisi ka dil Nahi toodh ta …. Ranveer says oh really so meri Behan ishika ka dil kisne toodh tha…
Ishkara was shocked as om ex girlfriend name was ishika but they didn’t knew her full name which was actually ishika Singh Ranjhawa….
Ranveer says kya hua omkara shocked huh
Now you might get a idea that I wanted a revenge….. For my sister death from you and your family and for that I can do anything….
He turned to go and om said you think that Ishana mujhse door ho jaayegi Aur anika se shivaay so you are wrong… Ishana se kiya hua yeh wada main humesha nibhaoga…
And I am warning you that if you want to punish me go ahead but don’t involve Ishana in it…….
Ishana holded om hand interlocking her fingers in his and said ranveer tuhara koi waar na ishkara ko alag kar paya hai aur na Anshi ko ….
Aaj hum tumhe open challenge de te hai ki himat hai toh alag karo Hume….. And as far as ishika concerns I know my om can’t hurt anyone toh death toh door ki Baat hai … I trust him….. And I will prove him innocent…
Ranveer says best of luck and goes……
Scene 3
Naina place….
Naina called prinku and she said naina abhi mood Nahi hai …
Naina asked kyu kya hua ??
Priyanka explained everything and naina console her and said don’t worry …tujhe paata hai life me khushi dukh aane na aage tension zarur aati hai …
And she suggested prinku to join her in camp and prinku said no….. How can I ghar me jitna sab chal raha hai….
Om was crossing that area and heard their convo and entered and said ISSI liye toh naina tujhe ye suggest kar rahi hai bachha and I also agree to naina that tujhe jaana chahiye ….. He took the phone and said hi naina don’t worry prinku aagi OK….
Naina said thanks and don’t worry main prinku ka khayal rak hogi…..
She saw her second phone ringing by the name shreyu didu …… And she said to om happily that I will call you later actually didu ka phone hai…..
Om said OK but Canada wali mausi I mean tumhari mom ko hello bolna…..
OK OK…. Bye she disconnected the call and lifted other call…
Ranveer in his room says tumne aacha Nahi kiya Ishana om…. Mujhe challenge diya now see what I will do … He holded prinku photo and smiled ….
That’s it for today readers
Anika slept in shivaay arms… Rumya in problem… Ishkara ka ishq…. Ranveer ka plan… Prinku on tour with friends… New entry expected….

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