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All alone ragini season 2 episode 7

Ananya was sitting and watching her mom packing her stuff ..
Ragini sees ananya and asks..
Ragini:- why are you watching me like that anu..
Ananya:- mumma did dad hurt you..
Ragini:- why are you asking like that baby…
Ananya:- you were upset from morning and ignoring dad and you will this much hurt only when dad hurts you.what happen maa..
Ragini:- smiles and nothing beta its common in
wife and husband relation ship..
Ananya:- is it not serious na mumma..
Ragini sits next to her and says:- do you think
that your dad will hurt be badly..
Ananya keeps her head on her lap and says :- no mumma i knew that dad loves you most than us.
Ragini:- you and akash were symbol of our love
ananya and especially you brought many happiness to us.you were special and this type of feeling you will knew when u go threw it.
Ananya:- when you will forgive dad. He is feeling sad..
Ragini:- dont worry it will happen today only because we cant stay away with out talking and smiles..
Ananya:- uff mumma remembering dad and hugs her..
Both smiles..

Ragini in mind:- you dont knew anu what we share with eachother you dont undestand now…
I hope you to find another sanskar in your life…i love you sanskar..
Sanskar in office looks at ragini picture in mobile and says i love you ragini….
Prudhvi and akash were playing vedio games and talking while manvi lying on bed and chatting.
Akash:- see i will win this time..
Prudhvi:- dont fly high..
Both plays 3 set games and prudhvi wins contiously..
Akash sits by pouting and prudhvi dances infront of him to irritate..
Manvi suddenly pushes prudhvi on bed and shows finger to prudhvi.
Manvi:- o .. bhai dont you dare to tease my brother (in tapori lang) understand..
Prudhvi immediatedly gets up and holds manvi ears where she shouts in pain…
Akash pleads him to leave…
Swara comes and sees whole scenior and asks to stop prudhvi and he too leaves..
Swara:- what is this prudhvi you were elder to akash and manvi why are behaving like that.
Akash:- haa and even ask him to loose in game na chotai maa why he always wins and ask him to say atleast how he wins..
Prudhvi taps his fore head with fingers and says :- concentration which you dont have and laughs.
Akash:- chotai maa…
Swara:- prudhvi..
Prudhvi:- chotai maa ka chamcha.
Manvi:- badai maa ka chamcha..


Prudhvi chases manvi whole room and lands in ragini and ananya room.
Manvi runs and hides back of ragini..
Manvi:- badai maa save me from this shaitaan bhai.
Ragini smiles and asks prudhvi to leave her for which prudhvi says to her whatever happen.
Ragini and ananya laughs..
Prudhvi:- thats not fair badai maa.
Ragini cups his face and says..
Prudhvi actually your are my chamchaa and laughs while prudhvi hugs her..
Manvi pulls his hair and again starts running from their and meet sanskar at door but continues running by escaping from him.
Ananya see his father intense gaze on her mother smiles to her self and moves from their.
Sanskar kisses her forehead and asks did you pack everything..
Anaya:- haa paa mine work is done succesfully now your left and leaves by saying all the best and showing ragini.
Sanskar brushes his hair and closely closes their room door and turns to ragini whoes back is facing him but her smily face is hidden from him.
Sanskar back hugs her and keeps his chin on her shoulder and says
Sanskar:- are you still angry on me.
Ragini doesnt speak.
Sanskar:- talk to me ragini i cant bare your silence..
Ragini turns and says and i cant bare your those sense less talks promise me thst you will never leave me with out taking me..
Sanskar:- promise..
She rests her head on his chest..
Sanskar:- after dropping ananya lets go to dinner only you and me..
Ragini breaks hug and says..
Ok ..

They take ananya to railyway station.
Sanskar:- if you need any emergency help call anarv mamu ok and handles a small phone book and says .i wrote few numbers if you need anything call to them .they already knew about you and they will help if and if you got free for atleast oneday call mamu he will pick you ok.
Ananya just node her head while laksh has tears in his eyes..
Ananya goes and hugs him..
Laksh:- carefull princess.
Ananya:- mamu its just matter of one week i will come back to you so no worries..and makes him smile..
Ragini:- if you need any help just call to khusi mami ok…
And bids bye to ananya..
Sanskar and ragini goes to dinner with remaining kids..
All were sitting and talking happily..
Prydhvi sees surbhi talking with frds..
He sees her smiling automatically he too smiles but hides before any one can notice..
But surbhi see prudhvi and his family she gets up and goes towards him.
Surbhi:- hi prudhvi…
Prudhvi closes his eyes and thinks that he gobe now and smiles with very difficutly and sees their family members seeing them shockingly as first time prudhvi is taking to girl..
Prudhvi:- hi…
Surbhi:- is this your family..
Prudhvi:- yaa..
Surbhi:- hai aunty hai uncle and takes blessing from them and says frankly i dont want to call you as aunty and uncle as you both were so cute .i think thats why he us looking cute..
Ragini and sanskar smiless while akash and manvi raises their eyebrows and teases prudhvi..
Manvi:- by the way these are me and bhai(prudhvi) badai mom and dad and akash and ananya dii parents as you cant see our parents and ananya dii because dii went to tour and our parents had not come but i will show you tgem and show picture to her..
All nodes their heas in disbelief for continuos speech of manvi but to surprise surbhi laughs and says..
Surbhi:- untill niw i thought only i can speak fastly but you beated me and your were cute just lije your mom..
Manvi smiles and hugs..
Akash:- cute and she what happen to your eyes dii.i thought you were beautifull so your taste will be same but it seems bad by seeing manvi and prudhvi.
Surbhi smiles..
Ragini:- by the way your were most beautifull may be just like your mom..
Surbhi smile fade away but composes :- may be aunty i lost her in my early childhood but i saw her in photo as you say she is angel.
All becomes serious and prudhvi looks at her eyes which were little teary..
Ragini:- i am sorry beta i dont no.
Surbhi:- its ok aunty i dont mind my dad plays both roles awesomely ..
Sanskar:- what your father name surbhi..
Before surbhi says her frds call her and she rushes by saying that she us getting late and says.
Bye prudhvi..
And kisses ragini cheecks and goes..
Ragini:- she is beautifull naa prudhvi..and sees him while sanskar control his laugh..
Prudhvi:- i dont knew badai maa and starts eating.
All burst into laugh..
Little far surbhi turns and sees their family and think i wish i too had a family and mom like this she look up and says i miss you mom…she goes from their with tears….
Swara is taking with arnav..
Arnav:- dont worry i will take care of her and tell your husband who is biting his nails not to worry i will take care of everything and nakash is also their ok.
Swara laughs and cuts the call….

Precap:- introduction of naksh and vidya..

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