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“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..� Episode 6


Hlo frnds ..
Here is d Link for  Episode 4 & 5:


“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 5

⏪⏪so let’s start wt d new episode..☺⏩⏩
Recap: “Relation b/w TWINKLE & LEELA..”

Scene 1:

 YUVI(in surprise): “KUMAR UNCLE !!u mean SID KI …????””
TWINKLE nodded her head.
YUVI: “but..he !!..here??where did u saw him?”
TWINKLE went into flashback..

♦♦At d same [email protected] side of AMRITSAR..a house of a middle class family

Scene 2:
  A man is sitting in the sofa.His face looks tensed.A woman(his wife) come & sits near to him.
WOMAN: “wt hpnd Jii?why r u looking so upset?”
MAN(in nervous😐): “today I saw her..”
WOMAN: “Whom?”
MAN:” i…saw…JASMIN !!!!..”
WOMAN: “Wt!!😲JASMIN PUTTAR!!but where?”
D man went into flashback…

(Frnds…d MAN is d same whom TWINKLE met.so obviously d fb will be d same…hope u understand…🤓🤓)♦♦♦

   Scene 3:
      In shopping mall is shown. (remember TWINKLE went shopping wt CHINKI after d clg👭).
TWINKLE & CHINKI r in shopping mall.dey are walking through d mall wt d purchased items🛍🛍 .
CHINKI(stopping suddenly): “oh!!TWINKI…I forgot my phone in dat shop.u go to parking area.i will just come..””
TWINKLE: “okk..u go ..”
den CHINKI left.
TWINKLE  was walking to d parking area.she was just looking into d shops while walking.suddenly her eyes stuck on one shop.her face turned into a shock exprsn😮😮.she slowly walked into d shop.she went near to the person.
TWINKLE(in doubt): “..excuse me..”
d man looked into TWINKLE’S face.

MAN: “ss BETA(puttar)”
TWINKLE(in shock): “KUMAR UNCLE!!..u here!!”
MAN: “i m sry BETA.i Didn’t get u..”

D man got a shock 😲😮when he heard d name “JASMIN”.but he hide it from TWINKLE.

TWINKLE:”KUMAR UNCLE.why r u not talking to me.it’s me JASMIN… don’t u remember me..??”

KUMAR: “Im sry PUTTAR..but i don’t know u.i think u hv some misunderstanding.i don’t know any “””JASMIN”””.

Saying dis KUMAR left. TWINKLE was  just in shock by hearing his words.but suddenly she started to search for him.but she can’t.just den CHINKI arrived.
CHINKI: “u still here??come let’ go.”
Before TWINKLE could say smtng,CHINkI left wt TWINKLE..
KUMAR who was hiding in d nearest shop come out from d shop.
KUMAR:”JASMIN… here..tnk GOD..U saved me.. otherwise I don’t know wt would hv hpnd..I m sry .”.”JASMIN PUTTAR”‘”
 KUMAR left d mall wt teary eyes.

Fb ends🔵🔵

♦♦Scene  4:(KUMAR’S home):

   WOMAN: “r u sure ji.is dat JASMIN?”🤔
   KUMAR: “i don’t know MOHINI..after all..8 years has been passed.she was in 14,when i saw her last tym.but..now.. everything changed.but from dat some innocent face,i think she is “MY JASMIN PUTTAR”.😚
MOHINI: “don’t worry Jii.everything will be fyn.don’t lost hope..”
KUMAR looked into her & he went to another room.A girl of 14 is seen sleeping in bed.KUMAR sit near to her & he caressed her hair.
KUMAR(thinks): “GOD..I don’t know whether JASMIN PUTTAR forgive me or not for wt i hv done..😂”
Tears filled in his eyes.😢😢♦♦

🔶🔶Scene 5:
YUVI(after listening fb): “r u sure TWINKI?..is dat KUMAR UNCLE?”
TWINKLE: “ss YUVI.I m damn sure..he is.but i don’t know why he behaved in such way dat he never knows me.. Why!!”
YUVI(trying to change d topic): “don’t worry BABY DOLL.don’t think dis much.just calm down.just leave it..aaha.i want to say u something..”😊
TWINKLE: “wt is dat?”
YUVI explained her all d incidents hpnd after clg(fight wt MAHI)🙄
TWINKLE ( can’t control her laugh):”waah.dis much hpnd.😄😃oh..my GOD.I missed it..”

YUVI & TWINKLE looked into where d voice come from.dey saw both ANITHA & ASHOK standing at d door.😄😄
 YUVI(😮): “u too here &was  silently listening all dis..”
ASHOK(while laughing): ” how can I miss such incident DR SON.. right ANITHA?”
 ANITHA  & TWINKLE are still laughing.
YUVI(in puppy wala face😌): “so u r all teasing me..dis is not fair..”

TWINKLE ( while pinching his cheeks): “oh my IDIOT .u r so handsome when u shy. Right PAAPA & MAA?” & laughed again wt them.

ASHOK:” kk ..k..no.more teasing.shall we eat our dinner?..I m too hungry”
YUVI: “yaa..dat’s a good idea.come let’s go..” & he  escaped  from them.
ANITHA,ASHOK & TWINKLE followed them still laughing..🔶🔶



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