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“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry _ Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile� (SS) (#7)

Hey there! I am back…well I am writing this only on the request of Neha di.

Also a special thanks to Ria for helping me out in this FF 🙂 Love u sissy!!


Well this update might be short as I am having a severe flu, with throat infection and feeling feverish so please don’t kill me for the short update!!

(Siddharth’s POV)
I cut the cake and made her eat. She had a bite. I laughed over her while she gave me a confusing look.

Jasmine asked, “What happened? Why are you laughing?”

I said controlling my laughter, “Miss the cake has spread over your face!” And again I burst into laughter.

She tried wiping it off, but failed, instead applied more cream over her lips.

She asked, “Is it gone?”

I smiled, as I proceeded near to her, pulled her closer to me, there was a difference of inches between us, I leaned closer to her cheeks, she closed her eyes, and clutched tight to my waist, I cupped her cheeks, and removed the cake/cream, and said, “It is done!” She looked at me, but realizing the proximity between us she pushed me away from her and rushed out of there, as I smiled looking at her.

I looked back to clean up the table but found her anklet down below. I picked it, and smiled looking at it and said, “One more reason to meet you!”

(Jasmine’s POV)
I hurriedly entered my apartment and closed the door tightly and leaned over it, remembering all the time spend together, how we shook hands and felt a strange current, how I fell into his arms, how we tugged closer to each other, how he wiped off the cake. Remembering all these moments I felt my heart beats increasing, I held my hand closed to my heart, wondering what is happening with me.

My chain of thoughts was broken by a voice, “So you finally came?” I looked to find Chinki standing there, with her hands on her waist and her eyes told me that I am gone, she continued further, “So you got time to come! Where were you since morning? And have you seen the time it is 12:56!”

I replied to her, “So what’s wrong with you? It is my life whatever I do is none of you concern! I come home at 12 of night or 2 why you care?” She looked at me and put it off over me, “Excuse me? I was waiting for you like anything, I did not have my dinner and did not even sleep! Waiting that jasmine will come!”
I yelled back, “You could have sleep, who stopped you? Why waiting for me?”
She shouted back over me, “How could I even sleep, since morning I am trying to contact you, dialing your number like idiots but no response so I was worried!”
I replied back, “So I must have been busy that is why I would not have picked up the phone! And why on earth you cared for me today so much, you don’t even get time as you are busy with your so called boy friends!”

She looked at me and I realized that I spoke to much, I felt guilty and tried to say something, “Voh…Chinki….” she held her hand out signaling me to stop and I took it as a SHUT UP call from her.
She left from the apartment saying, “Thanks for clearing out everything for me!” She left from there. I banged the door cursing myself that wht on earth I did not control over my anger……….

@ morning…

I woke up, getting disturbed from the door bell, I looked at the clock, which showed 8 of morning and I thought Chinki has arrived but much to my surprise, I found Siddharth there.

I said, “Yes?”

On which he replied, “Won’t you welcome me inside?”

I opened the door, signalling him to enter and he did so.

I said, “You here? All fine?”

He nodded as he waved my anklet stating, “This is yours!”

I took it from him, paying a token of gratitude.

He further asked me, “Shall we go out for breakfast?”

Bur I refused, he insisted, “Please Jas!” … I agreed.

But I got a phone call which left me shock….
Precap:Who called Jasmine…Where has Chinki gone…Is there a problem coming ahead?

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