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“we will walk together part 5�

Hi guys today I m 🙁 very sad sameera di is quitting tu for some days I just love her ff this one is for sameera di just hope she come back soon
N ya thanks for all the lovely comments
U all R just awesom;-);-)
So lets start with the episode



Recap:misunderstanding sorted………shopping……….

Twinj went bye things n clothes for the sangeet n other functions

K-I should call UV ,mahi ,ma, n leela ma here

T-ya I will call ma n haha ma U call UV n mahi ok :-):-D

They called them n they all went for shopping
TW n others were in the women section n ku n UV had selected clothes for themselves so they went to women section to help them
Mahi i selected a red coloured gown with net n golden borders
n she went with uv (u know love birds )

TW was confused what to take ku came to her n saw her biting her nails
He laughed at her n tw glared at him angrily ku however controlled his laughter n showed her a pink n golden coloured lehnga tw liked the lehnga n hugged ku n said
K-I love u yr u R so good
Ku was shocked n tw was tenced ku looked at her shocked


TW pov
Thank god I controlled myself ku is solo cute he selected dress for me how cute
very good tw ur choice is not so bad afterall u selected ku to love
I was in my own world when I heard a loud noice in my ear I was very much scared nbsaw that ku was laughing I playfully hit on his chest n was again n again beating suddenly he pulled me towards him self
My one hand on his chest n other in his hand his other hand was on my waist
Oh god these butterflies R ………….but I feel so secured in his arms ……like no one can harm me my chain of thoughts were
Broken by ku

pov ends
K-te do u want to buy other accesories or stay here forever
T-come fast don’t waste time
because of U so much time is wasted huh

K-U siyappa queen U R were wasting time
Are listen
TW went forward also n said R U conning
K just smiled m said ya ya wait

They took all other acessories n went back home

Sangeet night

Ku was wearing a cream coloured sherwani nbuv was wearing a black coloured sherwani
suddenly both the girls came from the stairs n UV passed flying kiss to mahi making her blush she acted to catch it
N our ku was mermerized by seeing tw n was just staring at her she catches his gaze n they both had a cute eyelock which was broken by bubbly(tw n mahis cousin)
She made an annuncement for the dance performances
All were dancing now it was a couple dance so yuhi n twinj danced together
While dancing junk complemented twinkle by saying U look gorgeous nbin return
She said yum bhi much jam no lag re go they both smiled they both were lost in eo after the completion of song alsobubbly came to them n whispered song is finished n giggled they both were embarassed n stand on their respective places
TW went to take water from the kitchen someone pulled her it was karan(he is obsessed with tw)

Karan-baby I missed u so much n how can u enjoy here

Tw-karan leave me
Karan- not so easily n tried to kid her but someone slapped him so hard n was revealed to be ku

Note:ku knows karan as they all were in the same college

Ku – how dare u to touch tw huh n started beating him blue n black
Ku stop it said tw who was crying
Ku – get lost n call the guards
Karan- not so easily baby I will take u u R only mine n laughed evily

Ku hugged tw n said stop crying siyappa queen
Tw- ku stop calling me thatn ran behind him

Ku agge tw peeche
they both continued their Tom n jerey fight

They were tired n rested n then laughed

Soon the function finished n twinh went to their room n smiled at eo

Camera flashes karan angry face n then twinj happy faces…..

To be continued

Precap:TW tied with ropes ……..kunj tensed………n then mehendi

Will miss sameera di
Loads of love from kanchi;-);-);-)

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