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“we will walk together part 4�

Hi guys 😅Kanchi here u know i was bluushing while reading ur all comments😊Thanks all of u for ur support n love so

Lets start part 4##


Kunj was hugging a boy n the thy is revealrd none other thn uv (uv is kunj bro)
Here comes to twinkle she was also hugging a girl then her face is shown she is none other than mahi

Bebe -monu ,usha,tw,ku,uv,leela ji ,n mahi app sare yaha aa jaye aj mai e pandit ji ko bulaya tha
Unhone uv aur mahi ki shadi ki tareekh fix kar di hI
Shadi 5 din ke bad hai aur aj sangeet hi kal mehndi aur phir haldi

Leela -lekin bebe itni jalti

Bebe-leela ji ap to jante hi hai ki uv aur mahi ek dusre ko payar karte hai aur to aur agla muhrat 6 maheeno ke bad hai to jaldi jaldi hi en dono ki shadi kara dete hai na 😂

Uv was smiling seeing mahi n mahi was blushing

After this all went to their rooms for preparations

Twinj room

Ku-tw plzz understand we cant do the discussion of divorse now

Tw-why not now everything is settled

Ku became angry n pinned her to the wall n said why dont u understand if we will talk about divorse then it may cause conflict b/w families n about yuhis marriage they both love each other

Tw – whatever vaise bhi mai apni behan ki zindagi ni kharab ni karna chati to ham divorse ki bat unki shadi ke bad hi karenge (saying this she left)

Kunj pov

Just because of that alisha every thing is so much confusing
Bt now i will prove mysely innosent in front of twinkle by telling her the reality of that b*tch alisha

She said that i was with her in the pub means she spiked my drink i have to take twinkle to that pub n then she will believe me🙁🙁

I called twinkle n said that u dont believe me na then come with me i
Will show u the truth
He took her to that pup
N showed the manager the photo of alisha n warned him if he will not tell the truth then he had to face the concequences
Manager was afraid n told him everything

They came out of the pub

Ku- seen now that i was telling the truth but u were not listening only


Ku looked back n saw that tw was crying
He panickes n asks tw what happened tw hugged him n said sorry i was wrong i didnt believe u

Ku said u were not atfault it was just because of that alisha

Now nothing will happen n stop crying
Tw stopped crying n broked the hug

Ku- u siyappa queen u destroyed my new shirt huh

Tw laughed n hit him playfully on chest
Ku-so friends

They both smiled n went to buy clothes for sangeet

Precap: ku stared liking tw ………….sangeet n masti

Bye 💕💕💕

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