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“Was that love at first sight� DEVAKSHI FF- episode 2

Hey! Guys…. so sorry for a looooonggggggg…….. delay… as I was busy in Diwali preps. But now Diwali is over long time back.. though I always used to think of writing and then I always used to forget.., so just leave..

Dev: Can we be friends?
It’s been a long time since I made new friends, and I always find u attractive and hopeful..
Dev:for a friend!
Divya:Ya… yes.. we can.. although I got a handsome new friend..
Dev:nice try! But I asked her….


So u better not say in between..

Divya makes an annoying face!

Sona:No.. we cannot be friends..

Now dev was like..


Sona:after all u find me attractive and hopeful for a friend so we cannot be friends but we will be good friends…

And now Dev was like..
Aaj main upper asman neeche…
Aaj main aage zamaana hai pêeche..

Dev:what../jumps in happiness/ THANKYOU!
They both go home..

Dev goes to NRN,s room,
Dev tells the whole incident to them..

NRN. Neha Ria. Nikki.

NRN /together/: what!

Dev:what? What!
Nikki: what the hell!

Neha: pinch me

Riya pinches..

Neha:ahhh… not that badly!

Dev: but why a pinch??
Riya:pinch bcoz… u are only aware of flirting! Love is the other shade,,,…

Neha:yah…. you made her friend but not with that usual technique.. that u do to all the other girls..

Nikki: I Ve not seen her eyes.. so can’t tell if she likes you but the way she accepted you was remarkable…

(((((NRN)))) together

That means you have a sweet not jhok bond between..

Dev:you are right… I dont treat all the girls the same way I treat Sonakshi..
yah.. you people are awesome.. just because of staying with me…

I think I love her.. I think it. Was love at first sight.. I think I need to regulate my feelings and tell her abt it.

DNRN whisper and comes up with an idea 💡

DNRN together

They laugh and have a group hug..

Now it’s seen Sona telling the whole thing to Saurav and elena about the incident,,,…

Elena: been tu tulll hai kya*tulll means drunk*
Saurav:tell us beta..

Sona: what rubbish//,,”,!

Elena/Saurabh: kuch bhi naa matlab!
Saurabh:behenji bas yaar.. kab tak Apni black and white zindagi jiagi…?redness,rosiness kab laaegi? Pyaar kab
Elena: baby… we challenge.. in do teen din ke Andar tughe pyaar ho jaaega.. usse hi jo tughe aaj Mila..
4th day.. tu bhot roegi..

Sona:bolo… Jitna bolna hai bolo… in stupid bhavishyawaani Pai mughe Vishwas nhi Hota.. 😂

The episode ends on dev,s happy face and Sona,s confused face..

Sooo sorry guys for the short update.. but am busy in my cousins wedding 👰…
Take care.. silent reader wake up and. Do comment..

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