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“LOVE MAKES LIFE LIVE.� chapter 3 (she was a phantom of delight)

HI GUYS , yb is back with the third chapter of “ love makes life live”. The promo is out twice, so please ignore it.
This story is all about two different individuals who share a common desire and who see life in the same prospective. The story is all about how these individuals meet and what problems to they face in their love life. will these individuals fight against all odds for their love? Jane ke liye keep reading.
So here is the chapter guys,
Shravan walks out in the road for some fresh air. He closes his eyes and pleads god to give him a beautiful life, with no problems and also a person who will always care and love him like his mother.
Meanwhile, suman walks on the road, she pleads god to give her a happy life and also a companion, guide and caring prince charming.
Both Shravan and suman are lost in their own thoughts and here comes the first meet of these yearning individuals.
Both of them clash , there comes a sound…..THUD…shravan holds suman by her waist and suman’s hands rests in his chest, because of the force suman’s duppata flows and covers her beautiful face. Both of them feel something deep inside their heart. Their heart beat rises, they feel they are connected in some or the other way. shravan listens to his heart, he slowy moves the duppata from her face.
Silence prevails, he could not take his eyes of her, she was such a delightful angel
Pehli nazar (plays in the background)
Pehli nazar mein
Kaise jaado kar diya
Tera ban baita hai
Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga
Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke
Aa jee le zara

Mein hoon yahan
Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa
Shravan’s pov:
I felt I had seen an angel, she was too heavenly, I had butterflies in my stomach each time I saw her.. she looked simple yet beautiful as a goddesses. I was in awe when I saw such a beautiful creature with dusky hair, fair skin,eyes as stars and her rosy lips.

She Was A Phantom Of Delight
When First She Gleamed Upon My Sight;
A Lovely Apparition, Sent
To Be A Moment’s Ornament;
Her Eyes As Stars Of Twilight Fair;
Like Twilight’s, Too, Her Dusky Hair;
But All Things Else About Her Drawn
From May-Time And The Cheerful Dawn;
A Creature Not Too Bright Or Good
For Human Nature’s Daily Food;
For Transient Sorrows, Simple Wiles,
Praise, Blame, Love, Kisses, Tears, And Smiles.
And Now I See With Eye Serene
The Very Pulse Of The Machine;
A Being Breathing Thoughtful Breath,
A Traveller Between Life And Death;
The Reason Firm, The Temperate Will,
Endurance, Foresight, Strength, And Skill;
A Perfect Woman, Nobly Planned,
To Warn, To Comfort, And Command;
And Yet A Spirit Still, And Bright
With Something Of Angelic Light.

Suman pov: I got attracted to his hazel-brown eyes, he was so charming, I had a different feeling when he touched me , my heart started beating in a more faster way, I felt like he has casted some magic on me, I was too lost in him…

Both of them were lost in each other. Their silence was disturbed by the honking of some vehicles. Both of them came back to their orginal position.

Shravan gave his hand and said
Shravan: hi, Shravan malhotra
be careful from next time, ok

suman: hi, I am suman tiwari.
Suman notices the tears in his face and asks him
Suman : were you crying?
Shravan : yes, I was. I couldn’t help, but I kept on remembering my mom, that’s why.
Suman: will you mind if we sit in the park and talk for some time?
Shravan: no, its perfectly fine, I was just out on a walk, it will be better if you will accompany me.

Suman and Shravan sit in a park.
Suman keeps her hand on shravan’s hand and says.
Suman: you know what , Shravan , when life puts you in tough situations, u should not say “why me” instead say try me. If we learn to fight against all odds in ourlife, then one day we will be successful.
Shravan keeps his hand on hers
Shravan: thankyou that was indeed a great advice, your face looks gloomy too, why whats wrong? Share it with me.
Suman: that’s a long story Shravan, I lost my parents when I was 10 , I am having no one to take care of me , at times I feel very lonely. so I was remembering my parents and I could not do anything but pour my heart out. Even now I feel like breaking down Shravan.
Shravan: just don’t worry about anything , pour your heart out, you will feel good suman.
Suman starts telling all her worries and problems out to him, he holds her and all he does is comforts her with a warming hug, Shravan also pours his heart out, he shares the trouble that ramnath gave him by slaying nirmala. Both of them help each other solve their problems.
After some time……
Shravan: suman , its time we have to go home, I was very happy , meeting you . friends?
Suman: even I felt very good to share my problems with you, (shakes her hand with his) and says not friends mr malhotra, but companions for life.
Saying this she gives him a mesmerizing smile.
Shravan doesn’t think anything but just nods his head. She leaves. He just keeps smiling to himself.
Shravan’s pov:
I feel so good, all my pain is gone , SHE IS INDEED AN ANGEL.

The episode ends on Shravan smiling face.
Will shraman’s friendship turn into love? Will this bonding affect the dreams and careers of these individuals? Jane ke liye, keep reading “LOVE MAKES LIFE LIVE.”

Precap: yet another suspense guys, keep waiting

Hope this was long , how was the epi guys?
Do comment and encourage me .
Loads of love, hugs and best wishes ,
Balamirra (your’s yb)

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