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Hi guys, yb here, back with the next episode of “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, YOU CANT SEE IT BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT”, yes guys chapter 17….

So in the last epi, Shravan became one, this episode starts from the next morning…

Scene 1
Shraman are shown cuddling and sleeping, her lovely face is hid in his muscular chest, while his hand is perfectly placed on her waist, they are in deep slumber, lost in their own dreams, this prevailed silence is broken by shravan’s alarm, the alarm in his phone rings, it’s a beautiful tone, but yet anything that disturbs your sleep, early in the morning is frustrating. Shravan picks his mobile and sees that the alarm is named “ surprise for sumo”, he quickly gets up with a jerk, but is not able to move further, because sumo’s hold is very tight, she wakes up slightly and says, Shravan come sleep, where do you want to go early this morning? Shravan replies in a witty way.
Shravan: sumo, I am not able to control, I wanna go to the loo… leave me..
Suman (feeling embarrassed) : sorry, Shravan.

Shravan gets ready, freshens up, sets his hair and looks at him in the mirror, he was looking perfect and he talks to himself and he could notice that he has changed a lot since he met sumo, he wasn’t like this, she filled colors in his life, she gave him the love that he craved for, after all, she is his soul and he is a lifeless body without her. He slowly took a quick glance at the bed to find whether sumo’s awake or not, the cute face of hers with an small pout on her lips, she looked perfect , whether she was sleeping smiling, lost in her own world, she looked beautiful in all ways. He slowly went and sat beside her, adored her for sometime,he slowly bent towards her forehead and placed a quick peck there, she could feel his hot breath near her neck, she slowly got up and Shravan could she that she was shivering with cold, her body was trembling, he wrapped both of them with a blanket and made sure that she felt cozy.

Shravan: sumo, are you alright?, why are you shivering, should I make some arrangements or get a room heat…(before Shravan could complete his sentence, sumo, placed her lips on his and kissed him fiercly with all the passion and love that she had for him, Shravan was surprised for a while but later, he kissed her back fiercly and there shraman were madly kissing each other and enjoying each other’s company, Holding your loved one close to your heart is a very soothing experience, but true love is when you are connected by heart, no matter how far you are away from your loved one. shraman break the kiss and Shravan gently lifts sumo ..

Shravan: wanna watch the other surprise?
Suman: yep, I am eager too, let me freshen up and then lets goo..
She goes to freshen up and meanwhile Shravan stands smilling for some time, later he goes towards the mirror and takes a look at himself, his hair was all ruffled up, he tried to se his hair whispering this to himself..
Shravan: sumo likes my hair and look at this all ruffled, I should set my hair before she comes..(little was he aware that she ws behind him)she hugged him from behind..
Suman: Shravan, doesn’t matter whether your hairs are ruffled or are neatly set, she walks and stands in front of him, places her hand on his cheek…

Suman( teary eyed) Shravan, I will always loe you till my last breath and this is my promise…
Shravan gently wipes her tears of , hugs her tightly , places a kiss on her forehead. There are no words needed to express this, the action means everything, this gentle action of his assured her that everything will be alright. He quickly lifts her and she catches hold of him as tightly as she could, they walk a few miles and they reach a place, sumo stood mesmerized by the beauty of the nature, it was a place where nature was at its best.

Shravan: so mrs suman malhotra we are here to start this journey with an other wish of yours.
Shravan points his index finger towards a line on the ground, suman dint understand what Shravan was meaning to say, he caught her hand, told her to keep one of her legs on the right side of the line and one on the left side of the line and he showed her a board, which says, right-carolina, left- Virginia, so mrs suman malhotra , you are in two places at once as you wished!!!
Suman just locked her eyes with him for some moments, later she jumped and gave him a tight hug
Suman: thankyou Shravan!! I love you
Shravan: oh sumo, I love you too.

The episode ends here.

Thankyou for your support guys

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