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Hola! peeps I am back with the much awaited episode of “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, YOU CANT SEE IT BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT”. This will be interesting, I promise. But before that I would like to give a short summary of the events that happened till now, so that you guys get a clear picture of the story, so here goes the summary.

Shravan and pushkar are good friends, once when a play is assigned Shravan takes the help of suman, a girl whom he has seen many times, but has never interacted with. Meanwhile preeti, suman’s friend and pushkar become good friends. Shraman’s bond also starts increasing and a few years later , both of them fall in love. the same thing happens with preekar. But later sumo reveals a bitter truth to Shravan that she has a cancer named leukemia, where her survival is very difficult.


Shravan breaks down hearing this, but he doesn’t leave sumo’s side, he also gets consoled by sumo’s grandfather raghuvar tiwari. Later shravan’s father ramnath malhotra, whom Shravan hates returns, he provides some medical facilities to suman and gives a wishlist to her, later Shravan comes to know about this and unites with his father. Sumo asks Shravan for four wishes which Shravan aims to fulfill. Later in the story, it is also revealed that shravan’s mother and brother die in a car accident after which ramnath and Shravan get some disputes.

shravan feels that he has already lost his mother and brother and that he cant afford to lose sumo. He fulfill her first wish , that is wishing on a shooting star, where sumo wishes to stay happy with Shravan forever. a happy news changes the track of the story when preekar ‘s family arrange a destination wedding for preeti and pushkar, which takes place in a very grand way in jaiselmer. after the marriage is over preekar fly to paris while Shravan takes sumo to north Carolina and they spend some happy moments. Later, he arranges a date for her and is destined to fulfill the rest of her wishes.

So here is the 16 th episode that you guys are waiting for.
That bone crushing hug which they shared seemed like it would never end, suman slowly lifted her head and looked into his eyes. She did not have words to express how happy she felt, she hugged him tightly once again. She felt that Shravan was a blessing that god sent her and she wished that this blessing should stay with her for the rest of her life. later, shraman made them comfortable on the couch, Shravan’s head on sumo’s lap and sumo busy playing with his hairs, she loved him so much, and he loved her equally too. Shravan slowly whispered “sumo” and sumo replied him with a hmmm.
Shravan: sumo
Suman: hmm

Shravan: sumo, I have fulfilled most of your wishes, its your turn sumo.
Suman: what do you want me to do.?
Shravan gets up with a jerk , holds her hand ,places a kiss on it.
Shravan: I have never asked for anything else except your love, sumo. All I want is your love.
Suman hugs him and says

Suman: I have always loved you and I will always love you,Shravan.
the lights go off, crackers burst in the sky, rose petals fall on sumo, she never had an idea of what’s happening. She closes her eyes for a minute , just to feel the happiness and there she feels his touch, she knew that he hugged her from behind, she could feel him, his touch, his voice and everything about him.
This is true love. She slowly opens her eyes to witness the events that were happening around her, everything was perfect, may it be the dazzling lights or the pleasant music, she couldn’t express her joy. Shravan left her, so that she could take a look of everything around her, she turned around only to notice, preekar ,her grandfather and ramnath malhotra (shravan’s father). She moved towards her grandfather and hugged him as tightly as she could, she hugged preeti, her best friend, she greeted pushkar and ramnath.

Shravan was in his knees with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand ,he expressed his love and how much he wanted her.
Shravan: sumo, I love you so much , and today I am going to ask for something which you have to agree for, sumo, I want you to be mine, mine and only mine, will you grow old with me?, will you become mrs Shravan malhotra?, will you become one with me? will you cuddle with me each night? will you give me a kiss every morning? Will you be the first person whom I can see each day when I get up?will you come in my dreams each night? Will you be with me for the rest of my life? Will you bear me sumo? Will you be my queen?
Don’t say no, no, no, no-no;
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;
And we’ll go, go, go, go-go.
If you’re ready, like I’m ready.

Cause it’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.
Sumo’s beautiful eyes were filled with tears, she didn’t know whether to smile or cry.
Suman: yes Shravan! i am ready.

This is all that she said. And he slid the diamond ring onto her delicate, yet beautiful fingers, a huge round of applauses could be heard. her face was more brighter than the diamond on the ring. It wasn’t a very lavish or grand wedding, it was a simple one yet a one filled with love .shraman spent the rest of the night dancing, kissing and hugging each other. They became one that night. As per shravan’s wish, sumo and Shravan cuddled each other on the bed looking at the moon that made the moment more romantic.

The episode ends here.

Precap: Shravan takes sumo somewhere early in the morning, Is it another surprise???

Thankyou for your love and support
Take care guys, ill be back with the next episode asap

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