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“LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, YOU CANT SEE IT BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT� chapter 15 (shraman special)

Hi peeps, in am back with the next epi of “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, YOU CANT SEE IT BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT”. This epi will concentrate on shraman’s date and some romantic stuff available, so read it and do give me your feedback. I am really happy with the response that you guys give. Thankyou guys.and an other imp thing is that preekar chapter is closed, will include them when necessary. Sorry preekar fans.
So, I would like to give a short recap , before we go to the next part.
Recap: shraman travel to north Carolina, Shravan arranges a date for sumo.

Scene 1
She could see balloons all over the ground with “shraman” written on them , she could see a big balloon on the sky which had “I love you sumo” in bold letters. Suman felt very happy , all she did was she ran and threw herself on him and shraman share a bone crushing hug. Neither of them wanted to end that, they wanted to stay in each others embrace throught their life. shravan loosened himself from sumo’s tight hug, lifted her face up and pulled a chair for her to sit. The table for shraman was beautifully decorated with candellights and some rose petals, the scenario behind shraman was also perfect , the atmosphere was romantic too, the cool breeze made it even more good, it looked as if it was only made for shraman. Suman and Shravan utilized the moment as nicely as they can. The dark sky and the perfect full moon that was dazzling like a diamond were not the only ones who looked at shraman, but even the swaying trees and the chirping birds watched this lovely couple who were now swinging in a beautifully decorated swing, holding one another. shravan was so lost in sumo, her eyes, lips, hair everything seemed perfect in the moonlight. He was in love with her again, everytime he saw her the love that he had for her kept on increasing, Its not the person whom you love, it’s the love that you have for the person (my own words). Love is one such thing that connects two souls and yeah today it has connected shraman’s .
Shravan: can I have a dance with you,beautiful?
Suman just nodded and placed her hand in his, both danced in a slow way swaying to the pleasant music that was played for them, shraman barely noticed the song that was played, they were busy locking eyes with each other. Each and every eyelock that they shared, meant something beautiful, their hearts had a desire of keeping each other as close as possible.
Yeh lamha jo tehra hai
Mera hai yeh tera hai
Yeh lamha main jee loon zara
Tujhme khoya rahun main
Mujhme khoyi rahe tu
Khud ko dhoond lenge phir kabh


shravan’s left hand rested on sumo’s waist and the other hand was locked with sumo’s hand. They swirled, turned and did all the dance moves with a tinch of romance not bothered about anything else, everything seemed perfect and Shravan leaned in for a kiss and before sumo could reply, Shravan sealed his lips with hers, both of them explored each other, . Suman pulled back and started to leave but shravan wont let her go that easily , he pulled her towards him and slowly lifted her up in a bridal way. He gently took her in his arms as they proceed towards the room, sumo did not know that Shravan has something special in the room too. The day was filled with suprises and sumo hasn’t even decided how she’s going to surprise Shravan back, but Shravan doesn’t need any surprise/gift, all he needs is sumo, he craves for sumo’s love and sumo will show the love that she’s got for him. They enter the room and everything is perfectly arranged with an electrifying touch, sumo’s favourite songs playin the background, the way she wanted her dream bed to be, sumo always wanted to stare at the moon right from her bed and yeah today she could stare at the moon from her bed but with Shravan. Shravan dropped sumo down on her feet so that she could take a look at that exhilarating arrangements, it looked too good and sumo was filled with joy, she could hug Shravan back, kiss him and say a thankyou but that won’t work out because Shravan wanted something more which sumo could give him and which sumo has always wanted to.
Shravan gives a jerk on sumo’s shoulder from back, she turns to him and tiny tear droplets trickle from her pretty eyes. Shravan wipes them off.
Shravan: its not the time to cry sumo, enjoy yourself.
Suman: why did you do so many arrangements for me?
Shravan: because I LOVE YOU more than anything else, I can die for you sumo, I can do anything for you sumo, you are my life sumo.(he gets emotional too)sumo wipes his tears off and hugs him.
Suman: Shravan, I love you a lot , and I know that you love me too but that doesn’t mean.. (Shravan signs her to stop.)
He sings a song for her and suman breaks down hearing those lines, she hugs him tightly, yet another time.

To give me all your love is all I ever asked
‘Cause what you don’t understand is…
I’d catch a grenade for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Throw my hand on a blade for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’d jump in front of a train for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
You know I’d do anything for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you, baby…
Shravan wipes his tears and wipes sumo’s tears and places a small kiss on her cheek.
Shravan: ok baby, another surprise is left, don’t get emotional for this only, got me.
Suman nods her head , Shravan lends his hand and she catches hold of it and they walk to the balcony and there Shravan shows her something covered with a huge cloth. Suman becomes more thrilled.
Suman: what is that Shravan?
Shravan: hmm surprise!! Go open it.
And there she finds a telescope that is specially designed to watch the one time comet.
Suman: what is this Shravan?
Shravan: you wanted to use a telescope to watch the one time comet.
Here you go, watch the comet, hurry up sumo..
Sumo was in a state of shock, she never knew that the wishes she asked for, could come true and she was surprised when Shravan took all the efforts to fulfill her wish.
Shravan: so what about your second wish ?
Suman: I want to be in two places at once , Shravan
Shravan: ok done, hmm what about the rest of the wishes?
Suman: I want to use a telescope and watch the one time comet , Shravan
Shravan: ok done .next wish?
Fb ends.

Suman watches the one time comet through the telescope and calls Shravan to do the same. Shravan watches the one time comet too and stares at sumo. sumo and Shravan share a bone- crushing hug.

Precap: Shravan says to sumo “I have fulfilled most of your wishes, its your turn sumo. Will you………………, shraman moments, an other wish to be fulfilled

Wanna know what shraman asked sumo ? keep reading “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, YOU CANT SEE IT BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT”
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