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“I Love You� – A Twinj journey (Comeback ~ Chapter 2)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Comeback)
Chapter 2

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Twinkle was standing in front of the mirror wearing a black and golden combined Kanjivaram saree and was completing her final touch up when Mahi walked inside. “Twinkle!”, she called and smiled at her. “You look pretty”, she remarked. Twinkle smiled and replied, “Thank you di!” Mahi smiled back and said, “Acha sun, ye prasad hai. Maa tum dono ke liye mandir gayi thi aj so, kha lena and Kunj ko bhi bolna ki kha le.” (Okay listen, this is God’s offering. Maa went to the temple for the two of you so, eat it and tell Kunj also to eat it.) “Okay”, replied Twinkle and added, “Di, you also get ready now.” “Ya, I’m going. I’ll talk to you later”, Mahi said and walked out of the room while Kunj came out of the washroom.

“Kunj, eat this”, said Twinkle forwarding him a sweet. He ate a bit and made Twinkle eat it. Twinkle smiled at him and just as she was about to turn around Kunj said, “Twinkle, there’s something on your lips. Wipe it.” Twinkle touched her lips but, couldn’t feel anything stuck there. “Where Kunj?”, she asked. “Wait, let me wipe it”, he replied and pulled Twinkle closer to him while her hands rested on his chest. “Kunj, what are you even planning to do! Just use your hand and clean it”, said Twinkle but, Kunj moved closer to her face and licked her lower lip. “Kunj..”, Twinkle moaned as Kunj bit her lip and was about to pull back when Twinkle pulled him closer and kissed him. He knew Twinkle wouldn’t have been able to control herself if he did all this. He smiled within and responded to her kiss.

They pulled back after a while as Twinkle tightly hugged Kunj to hide her face which was red as never. Kunj smiled and said, “Thank you for giving me what I asked for!” Twinkle looked up shocked and asked, “Wasn’t there anything stuck on my lip?” Kunj remained silent as he knew anything would just bear the same outcome. Twinkle smacked at his chest and hugged him tightly again. Kunj was surprised by her action but, later he shooed away his thoughts and hugged her back. They pulled back after sometime and after composing themselves and making them presentable enough they went down.

“Chalo, let’s leave now. Everyone must be waiting for us there”, said Yuvraj handing the car keys to Kunj. “I’m coming with Twinkle mami”, said Kavya. “Okay”, replied Twinkle interrupting Kunj. He looked at Twinkle disgusted while she whispered sorry. She held her ear and he smiled at her childish behaviour. He smiled and all of them walked towards the cars. They got into their respective cars and left for the farmhouse.

“Mami, tell me your love story na”, said Kavya. Twinkle blushed a little and replied, “Kavya, love stories exist only in fairytales. There aren’t any love stories in real life.” “Mami, don’t lie. Mumma had told me before itself that yours is like a perfect fairytale”, said Kavya. Twinkle blushed and replied, “Kavya, how are your studies going on?” “Mami, don’t divert the topic. Till yesterday, we were talking about college. Don’t act as if you don’t know”, said Kavya. Kunj let out a soft laugh while Twinkle bit her lower lip. “Mamu, you tell then”, said Kavya. “Twinkle will tell”, said Kunj while Twinkle looked on shocked. “No, Kunj”, Twinkle said. “Twinkle, tell her”, said Kunj. “Can you both stop fighting? Can’t one of you just tell me your love story, Mami?”, asked Kavya. Kunj let out a laugh a soft laugh while Twinkle said, “Fine.”

“We both had an arranged like, we had met only once or twice before marriage and we never talked much. We agreed to the alliance only for our parents. Both of us met in Yuvraj mamu and Mahi mami’s wedding and may be there was a little attraction towards each other but, we never paid attention to it. After marriage, both of us were always busy fighting. But, I must admit that your mamu was really cute. We used to have friendly dates often and he always pampered me like a small kid. I consider myself lucky enough to have him in my life though sometimes I regret it”, Twinkle said while Kunj made an innocent face like a kid and both Kavya and Twinkle burst out laughing.

“Mamu, seriously you’re too cute”, said Kavya. Kunj smiled and said, “Not more than my Kavya.” “Mamu, I’m not cute anymore. I’m grown up now”, replied Kavya. “Kavya, you’ll always remain that cute little baby for me no matter what happens”, said Kunj and the three of them genuinely smiled.


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