Hola, peeps, this is the second shot of ”broken without you”. Hope you liked the suspense and stuff , so I am just giving you a recap of the last episodes, before that, I would like to say a big sooorrry and also a big ttthaaannnkkkyyyooouu, sorry for not replying many of you people and thankyou for the lovely comments and support, I want more support guys, silent readers,please do comment.

Shravan and mirra reach the icecream stall,
Mirra:Papa, I want chocolate icecream, you know its my favourite flavor.
Shravan: ok, even sumo used to like chocolate.
Mirra:Papa, tell me who’s sumo, please
Shravan: err nothing mirra, she was just a friend of mine.
Mirra oh…
So the next chapter continues from here.


Shravan and his cute 7 year old daughter, mirra returned home.
mirra was fast asleep, Shravan entered her room, sat beside her ,covered her with the blanket and placed a peck on her forehead. Each time he saw his daughter, the only memories that were running in his mind was all of his sumo. Shravan cried silently , he whispered to himself.
Shravan: mirra, I cannot tell you who is sumo, she was your mother, I don’t have the guts in me to tell this to you.
He throws himself on his bed and cries remembering sumo.he slowly walks out with a secret key in his hand, he moves towards a closed room, opens the room with the secret key and enters in.
It was suman and shravan’s anniversary day

Suman: tell me Shravan, why did you blind fold me?
Shravan: it’s a surprise baby
Suman: I am so eager to see it Shravan.
Shravan opens her blind fold and suman sees a big room in front of her.
Suman: what’s this Shravan?

Shravan: this room is a special room sumo, it will have all the memories that me and you shared, right from child hood till now.
Suman: oh that’s so nice, Shravan.even I have got a gift for you
Shravan : what?
Suman points towards her belly: we are gonna have a baby Shravan.
Shravan hugs sumo in happiness.
Flashback ends.
Shravan pics a photo and cries terribly remembering sumo, he eally couldn’t stop thinking about his sumo and he was pretty scared about mirra.
Shravan’s pov
If mirra will grow up and ask who is my mother, what will I answer? I have to tell her everything about sumo, before things become worser.
He keeps the photo of sumo close to his heart and remembers their happy times. Ek duje ke vaaste title track plays I the back ground.

Honton pe tere
Shikvon ka shor hai
Par ye nighaahe
Kehti kuch aur hai
O o ho o..
Jo hai mere lamhe kahin
Chhut na jaaye hath se
Mil jaane de dil jo bane
Ek duje ke vaste
O o ho o..
Ho.. Kyu yeh dabhi si khwahishe
Dil mein tera bewajah
Ho.. Jaake zara ussey bhol de
Chahta jisse tu raha
Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaaye pyar se
Mil jaane de dil jo banne
Ek duje ke vaaste

The episode ends on shravan’s face.
Sorry guys this episode was very small, will try to make the next one longer.
Is suman alive or dead? Will mirra help Shravan overcome his sadness and gloominess? jane ke liye keep reading “BROKEN WITHOUT YOU”.
PRECAP: suman’s truth will be out, a few years leap.
Lots of love

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