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Hi guys, I am balamirra people fondly call me yb, I write many ff’s on shraman, I like devakshi too, but these days I am not giving much importance to krpkab becoz I am fed-up with ishwari, she is really disgusting, but devakshi will remain in my heart forever, so here is a few shots on devakshi, tell me how it is .

It was a bright Sunday morning, it seemed as if the sun spread all its bright rays on a big, gigantic bungalow that read “devakshi”. Oh yeah, you were right, it was the beautiful mansion of our beloved couple dev and sonakshi. The house seemed pretty good from outside but deep inside there, the atmosphere was all filled with gloominess . it seemed like the past few hours inside the mansion was only spent crying without even a pinch of happiness. There laid a handsome young man, who was probably in his 30’s. he seemed so broken from inside, yeah, peeps, its none other than our dev dixit .People around him wanted him to smile, but he was always an arrogant- young man.
people even had a query whether he had smiled at least once in his life, oh yeah he has and even now he does smile. the young man’s thoughts were disturbed by the ring of his mobile. He quickly picked the call , only to hear an young lady on the other side of the line.
Lady: hello, sir is this dev dixit, father of mirra dixit?
dev: yes
Lady: sir,its been 15 minutes since ur ward’s school is over, please pick her up.
dev: thankyou, I will be there.
Dev took a quick glance at the time , oh yeah it was 2:15 , he had to pick his daughter.
He rushed to the school and found his princess right there. He rushed to her.
The cute little 7- year girl ran and hugged him, oh yeah, she was none other than the symbol of devakshi’s love, mirra dixit, the only person who has bought a smile in dev’s face after sonakshi.
Mirra: papa.. you were late today, by fifteen minutes.
dev: sorry baby . papa will promise you, this will not happen the next time, ok?
Mirra (with a little smile on her face): its ok papa, but you have to get me an icecream
Dev couldn’t help but adore his daughter and her cute antics, she has got all these traits from sonakshi., she was indeed a miniature version of HIS SONA. Shravan was in deep thoughts, his sona, his mirra, their common features, antics, how much he loves both of them.
Mirra(nudges his shoulder) papa… where are you lost ? come let’s go have an ice cream.
Mirra: you know what papa, I got 10/10 in my English test, its such a good news right?
dev: yeah baby, its indeed a great news, even sona used to top in English.
Mirra: sona? Who’sona papa?


dev: ummm nothing
dev and mirra reach the icecream stall,
Mirra:Papa, I want chocolate icecream, you know its my favourite flavor.
dev: ok, even sona used to like chocolate.
Mirra:Papa, tell me who’s sona, please
dev: err nothing mirra, she was just a friend of mine.
Mirra oh…

Why does dev hide things about sona to mirra? Is sonakshi alive or dead? Want to know dev’s past? JANE KE LIYE, KEEP READING “BROKEN WITHOUT YOU” FEW SHOTS ON DEVAKSHI.

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