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“BROKEN WITHOUT YOUâ€� – 4 (few shots)


Hi guys,yb here I am back with the next episode of broken without you. I know I am pretty late, but I had my sports day , my father was back from uk hence spent time with him. Hope you can understand 😅.Wanted to end this in five shots, but I think that won’t be possible. So enjoy reading this…


So guys here goes the episode
Shravan took his car keys and drove away to some places,his mind was not stable, he wanted sumo back. He drove to the beach, to Tiwari killa and to all the places where sumo has been to ….
He needed her badly.
Shravan: sumo, you promised me that you will never leave me, but why did you …….. (cries badly)😩

Scene 2
Meanwhile,Mirra who was in a urge to find out who sumo was , came back home in the evening and found that her father wasn’t present, she ran upstairs to search for Shravan but couldn’t find him, she saw the diary in his cot, she slowly opened it and read all the enteries one by one, tears trickled down her pretty face , she came to know that sumo was none other than her mom, she felt as if her whole world was breaking apart, she’s been all alone without her mom for 18 years till now, she was blank, she didn’t know how to handle the situation .
She came to know the real reason for her father’s gloominess.Mirra drove off to the places which sumo has mentioned in her diary. She had to face a big challenge, that is to find whether her mom was alive or not.
She reached a place named “Priya tiffin centre “. She never knew that it belonged to her mom, but now she is pretty sure about it. She moved inside the building where she could see ladies with similar outfits engrossed in their work. She found a lady who was quite fat approaching her. The lady asked Mirra who she was. Mirra proudly said…
Mirra: I am Mirra Malhotra ,daughter of Suman Malhotra .
Mirra noticed that the lady was lost in her own world , she gave her a slight jerk,only to bring her back to senses.
Mirra: your name?
Lady: preeta
(Yes guys, she is preeta who works in pct)
the episode ends here.

Precap: Mirra and Preeta have a lengthy conversation , Preeta breaks down and blabbers the truth about sumo to Mirra. A new character to be introduced. Guess who?

Wanna know how Mirra will solve the mystery? Will the new character be an obstacle in Mirra’s mission? Will Shravan come to know about this? Jane ke liye keep reading BROKEN WITHOUT YOU.
Hope this was filled with suspense
Please forgive me if any mistakes are found.
Keep waiting until I come back with the next shot……☺️
Love 💕

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