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“BROKEN WITHOUT YOUâ€� – 3 (few shots)

hi, peeps, I am back with the third shot of “BROKEN WITHOUT YOU” .sorry guys, I was busy in posting an other ff, so I took time for this.
I ll give you a short precap of the things that have happened till date.
Shravan malhotra is an angry young man who loves suman tiwari and has a daughter named mirra malhotra, but suman is not there now, whether she is dead or alive is a mystery which I will reveal soon. mirra malhotra is raised by Shravan and she doesn’t know about her mother suman. She is doubtful on who suman is, but Shravan clears her confusion by saying she is his friend. If you guys want to read the previous epi, links are below

So here is the next shot guys, hope you like it.
Its been a few years since all the events that happened in shot 2, mirra is now 18 .

Scene 1
A young girl in her 18’s (mirra) is getting ready for her college, she is wearing a bright white top, with jeans, her hair is perfectly combed. she is busy searching something, while Shravan enters her room.
Shravan: mirra, your already late for your college and you are busy searching something, whats wrong?
Mirra: dad, I am searching for my bracelet, the one which you gifted me on my 16 bday.
Suman: Shravan, this is a very special bracelet, this was gifted to me by my father and I want you to gift this to our daughter.
Shravan: but sumo, how do you know that our baby is a girl?
Suman: I just know Shravan, so keep this carefully.
Shravan: ok sumo
Fb ends
Shravan keeps the bracelet carefully and gifts it to mirra when she was 16.
Mirra gives a little jerk on shravan’s shoulder.
Mirra : whats wrong dad? Where are you lost.
Shravan: hmm nothing sumo..(he realizes what he uttered)
Mirra: sumo?
Shravan: nothing mirra, I was just remembering my friend . you can search for the bracelet later, so leave for the college.
Mirra: ok dad, bye, love you
Shravan: love you too mirra..

Mirra’s pov:
I have to find out who sumo is, she is definitely not my father’s friend , she must be closely related to my father.
She plans to find who suman is.
Mirra leaves for her college and Shravan just lays on the bed and starts thinking something. He searches for mirra’s bracelet, to be specific sumo’s bracelet. His gaze turns towards a old diary , he dusts the diary and takes it out, yeah it was sumo’s diary, she used to write each and every moment of her life in that diary, Shravan starts reading it.each and every entry is represented by number.
Dear diary,
1) Shravan left to London, because his father wanted him too , I miss him a lot , hope he comes back soon.
2) I am not able to cope my loneliness, it feels very odd without Shravan, hope I could tell him how much I miss him.
3) Today, I realized that I am in love with Shravan, hope he comes back to india, and I could express how much I need him.
4)Today me and Shravan met after 10 long years, I missed him a lot, he missed me too. We spent some happy times taking a look at delhi together. This day will be a memorable one, we had lots of fun…
5)We both went to the shopping mall to shop some stuff, me and Shravan did lots of shopping, hope this bond continues forever.
6) Shravan and me bought identical rings with each other’s name carved on it, I am madly in love with him…
7) I never expected that this moment will arrive, Shravan was in love with me too, yes, diary today Shravan proposed me and what else would I do, I said yes, after all I love him…
8) today Shravan helped me in pct and later we went on a date together..
9) our families came to know about our secret love,the happy news is that they don’t have any objection with our marriage.
10) its our engagement day today, I don’t have words to express my happiness, after all I am getting engaged to the person whom I love …..
11) we were not allowed to meet, so just texted him…
12) omg!! We are getting married next month..yipppee!!
13) I am feeling nervous, dear diary…. Help me out..
14) got my bridal lehenga, it looks so beautiful, don’t know how Shravan will react<3……
15) omg !! there is just a day left for our marriage..
16) and there we are officialy married…..
17) my name sounds too good when his named is attached “MRS SUMAN MALHOTRA”<3
18) we are gonna go to venice for our honeymoon.. I know its quite romantic..
19) venice looks so beautiful, spent some romantic time with Shravan..
20) took a look at venice today, its such a beautiful place, clicked many selfies too!
21) the picture which me and Shravan clicked has got 424 likes!! That’s nice..
22) back to india… feeling good!
23) shravan’s holding me ryt now, so not able to write.. good night!!
24) shravan’s bought a new bunglow with the name shraman on it…
25) Shravan and me went to meet nanu… old memeories!!
26) I have got a bulk of orders right now!! –pct
27) shravan’s consoling me right now, got a bit emotional…
28)i am very ill, cant write… sorry!!
29) went to the doctor,…. We are gonna have a baby!!
30) its our anniversary day, enjoyed well! Met old friends, Shravan has collected our childhood memories and has preserved it…
31) I gave my unique bracelet to Shravan, so that he can pass that to our daughter!!
32 its difficult to cope up with mood swings! Shravan’s helping me out…
33) felt like eating golgappa, Shravan bought me some……
34) reading a novel, want to eat icecream right now…..
After a long gap, its written 35) finnally a baby girl!!, bye Shravan!! Bye mirra !
All the pages after this are blank….
Shravan cries a lot…..he wipes his tears , takes his car keys and drives to some place..
The shot ends here

Precap: Shravan vists many places in the memory of sumo… is sumo alive /dead? Mirra takes a look at sumo’s diary!!!!

thankyou guys, had to think for this …..

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