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“�A DREAM��:::SWASAN SS by Kakali part 15

Hii ev1,, here m with d 15th part..
Thnk u all for ur amazing response on previous parts.. thnk u to all silent readers also..once again sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors.. :0 😀

Guyzz story has come to an end… just 3 more episodes to go….. sooo silent readers plz comment… !!!


Today also “NO PROOF READ”… i write it in hurry….

So Let’s go inside d DREAM,,,

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Recap-Sanskar’s dream to kiss Swara… !!!!

Here we gooo,,,,,,,

Next day at college in classroom ::::

SwaMin is waiting for Swayam n Laksh… but today both r late…

“Shona !! Today what happened to SwaLak? Why so late? “Asks Simin in a very curious tone…

“Waaa!! How will i know? Waise u r asking about both na? I mean Swwaayaamm tooooooooooo? ” says this Swara giggles…

“Of course about Swayam only”says in flow but realises what she said n try to divert d topic…

“Baas kar Simmu !!! I know everything… what’s going between u n Swayam
..huhhh !!!”

“Nothing no..thing like that Shona !!” Says Simin n blush….

“Omgggg Simmu why u blushing so hard..??. God !! tough competitor for Lucky… bapree both bro-dis r same…”

“Shut up Shona !! Don’t tease me ok !!.. BDW i have some work in library.. need to complete today itself… soo byee meet u at lunch..” saying this Simin bids bye n goes for her work…

“Haa !! Byee !!”

After sometime :::::

Swayam n Lucky comes to class where Swara is completing her assignment…

Swayam-Heyy Shona !!!

Swara-Hii Swayam !! Hii Lucky…

Lucky-Hi Shona !!(says in a low tone)

Swara-Arrey Lucky what happened?? U sounding so Low today… !! Anything wrong?

(Lucky’s face is soo pale today… he is disturbed for something… let’s see for what?)

Lucky(takes a deep breath)-Shona !! M leaving … !!

Swara-Huh !! Pagal rit now u have come n again going… but why?

Swayam-Shona he is leaving for Indonesia after 3 days… his parents r going to settle there permanently….

Swara looks shockingly at Swayam n then avert her gaze to Lucky who is looking down…”What do u mean by that Swayam?”(to Lucky)Hippo what’s Swayam is saying? Is it true?”

Lucky(still looking down)-Haa Shona we r moving… !!

Swara is so shocked with his sudden news but before she could react Lucky’s phone rings n it’s from his Papa…”Guyzz papa is calling … excuse me ” n goes …

Without saying anything Swara left d classroom…

Swayam can understand her situation so didn’t say anything…

Swara is walking through d corridor thinking something very deeply n bump with someone…. she looks at d person n he ia none other then her so call father Shekher Gadodia….

She is sooo happy thinking her Papa come college to meet her n asks in joyfull tone”Papa u here.. what a pleasant surprise!! U come to meet me na ?? M sooo happy… did u forgive me…papa? N is about to hug him but ….. stops n at a moment her smile fades away…

“Stay away u girl… !! Don’t call me Papa… m not ur father… !! N for ur kind information m not here to meet u… ur principlal called me as he need my signature on some of urs forms… n i had to come… !!! Don’t hope much !! I can never accept u… infect no one can accept a curse like u…don’t know why God is punishing me… !!! Now i have to address myself as ur Father… it’s better to die even… ” he taunts n move leaving a heart broken n teary eyed Swara….. who is struggling hard to stop her tears but this time tears also betrayed flowing continuously through her red cheeks…..n murmurs “Noo Papa… !! God is with u… he will always bless u…. Infect he is punishing me !!!”

She wipes her tears n again makes a way back to her classroom…

At classroom ::::

Swara enters n looks at Swayam who is busy in his mobile ….

Swara-Swayam where is Lucky ?(asks with an emotionless face)

Swayam-He is still talking with Uncle or u can arguing with him… waise where were u? R u okk Shona? (Asks in concern)


Swayam sence her mood n tries to change it “Shonaa can i say u one thing? Afrer not getting any reply he says ” Shona i must say yesterday Sanskar was soo jealous of me … ”

On d other hand Sanskar is also coming to class.. he seems to be very veryyy angry n frustrated…. all night he couldn’t sleep thinking about SwaSwa’s closeness n Swara’s behaviour towards him…. he is soo damn irritated….. (*destruction starts)… He is about to enter but overhears SwaSwa convo…

Swara(shock)-Why would be Sanskar jealous of u?

Swayam-Oo ooo ooooo my innocent Shona !!! U r tooo cute(pulls her cheeks)… U seriously didn’t notice Sanskar yesterday…. if not then let me tell u…. He was mad at u… !!!

Swara-Tell me clearly.!!!.. m not getting u…(asks with a blank face)

Swayam-I mean ur avoidance is effecting him… U R EFFECTING HIM….

n my trick is showing it’s effect….(says under breath which is only audible to Swara)

Swara-Trick !! What trick… !!!?

Swayam-Nothing Shona !!! It’s just i was acting to be close with u… n was making Sanskar jealous… now loook my trick works !!! He is bothered with our friendship…. HE LIKES U SHONA… !!! SANSKAR LIKES U…. (says n twirls her)

Swara is dumbstruck by his words ………. ,,,

Swayam- n i think … (Lucky interrupts him)

“Man !!! What’s wrong with papa ?? Why can’t he understand me?? Damn n bangs his fist on bench.”..

Swayam-Again what Happen Lucky?

Lucky-Yarr i don’t want to gooo… !!! How can i yarr !!! My college,,, my friends, my family members all r here…. how can i leave n go?? I can’t do this….. says with a crying face….

Swayam-But u can convince uncle…!!!

Lucky-I tried Swayam … i tried… but Papa is not ready to listen…. how could he take such an important decision without my consist….. !!! Everytime he does according to him.. i don’t know what to do…..sometimes i think it’s better if i didn’t have papa… . (Again his phone rings) damn !!! Again papa…

(To SwaSwa)-Guyz m learning for home… says n left d room….

Hearing his last lines Swara remembers her Papa’s words n says with a shaken n broken voice “U know Swayam !! I wish i could be an orphan….. Sometimes even i think it’s better to not to have father like …… but before completes she feels a burning sensation on cheeks …..

“””””THUDDDD!! “”””

SwaSwa looks on shocked…… !!!

Swara holds her cheeks n looks at Sanskar with teary eyed… !!!!

“SOO THIS IS U,, THE REAL SWARA GADODIA,,, !!!! SUCH A CHEAP N DISGUSTING GIRL”…. says Sanskar giving her a disgusting look…

“Look man !!! Nothing like u ” (Sanskar cuts off showing his hand to him)

“Stay out of this metter !!! M talking with her ,, it’s better not to interfere…. otherwise … … …. ……. “says with blood shoot eyed…

“Otherwise what !!? What ??? ” Swara nods her head telling him not to react n let him say….

“Clap clap clapppp !!!! Wowwww !!! Mr.Swayam Sekhawat has become a puppet now !!! (To Swara)- M impressed with u !! M totally impressed ….. ”

“U know what Swara !!! I was feeling guilty that i broke our friendship… i was guilty thinking did i do anything wrong with u… !!!! ”

But i did rit…. i was correct….

“N U THINK I LIKE U,,, HAAA !!! U THINK I WAS JEALOUS OF UR N URS SOO CALLED PUPPET’S CLOSENESS !!!! u r wrong Swara !!! U r wrong…. !!! Anyway forgot about me n u …..

” what u said ,,, it’s better not to have a father rit?? But what will u know how it feels being ur father not with u…. u can never understand…. coz u have everything n every realtion in ur life….!!

Ur Papa,ur Hero is with u,,,,soo ucan never understand his importance…. ”

“Ask me or ask any children who has lost their father !! They will say how it feels ,,, !! … but u can never understand our pain Swara… !! NEVER… coz ur Mom Dad is always with u in every situation…. ” says n cries

“Never mind (wipes his tears)after all this M DISGUST WITH U SWARA!!! I FEEL DISGUST WITH MYSELF THAT I THINK U AS MY FRIEND……

OKKKK !!! UUU N HEE(points to Swayam)THINK I LIKE U… BUT I HATE U SWARA !!! I HATE U TO D CORE… i wish ,,, i wishhh i could never see ur face”

Swara’s world froze at d moment n she rooted on d same spot !!! (*Her condition can’t described in words !!! )

She looks at him with blank expression n says

“Yes Sanskar i can’t understand ur pain… i can’t understand how it feels when u r with ur Mom Dad…
when ur Papa calls u beta…
when u sleep in ur parent’s embrace…. when ur Papa blesses u…
when ur mom kiss ur forehead u with love….
smiles with pain….

Anyway ,,, (holding her tears)
THNK U SOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING SANSKAR…. ” says painfully n moves …
Swayam tries to stop her

“Shona listen !! ”

“I need some time,, plzzzzzz”….

“But Shona ,,”

“Plzzzzz ” n walks aimlessly……..

Swayam(To Sanskar)-U will regret Sanskar,, u’ll regret….

Sanskar looks on shocked…..




Precap-Doctor how many days i have more..??

Phewwww done with d part ….. how was it ??? M ready with bullet proof jacket,Sword n Helmet…..

Thnk u sooo much for reading….
God bless u alll…. <3 <3…

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