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“�A DREAM��:::SWASAN SS by Kakali part 14

Hii ev1,, here m with d 14th part..
Thnk u all for ur amazing response on previous parts.. thnk u to all silent readers also..once again sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors.. :0 😀

So Let’s go inside d DREAM,,,


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Recap-Sanskar’s jealousy…

Here we gooo,,,,,,

Swara continuous to pouring her anger… “Soo what hahh !! Now what’s bothering u? What u want? Answer me damn it !!” (Jerk his hands)..

“U said me to stay away from u,, i did…!!!
U broke our precious friendship in a few seconds just bcz of some baseless talks !!! ,, rit? Then also i accepted without saying anything… !!!
U said not to talk with u in front of people,,, n as u said i just did like a puppet…. Now what !!! ? (With angry blood shoot eyes)
Anything left out ? Or u want me to do sometimes else ¿ (push him with full force)

Sanskar is just starting her with blank expression … he has seriously no words to reply her questions!!!!

“Sanskar it hurts(points to her heart),, it really hurts here … it’s feel like u did friendship with me for some reason n when ur work is done u just throw me out of ur life… !!! U used me Sanskar,, u just used me … says crying bitterly…

Sanskar cups her face “No Shona listen to ,,it’s nothing like that !!”

She again jerks his hand “No Sanskar let me complete,, u know what everything is just d way u want,, but u never think about me.. about my emotions…

“Did u ever thought how it feels ?
Did u ever thought how badly it hurts me?
Did u ever thought when u said those words to me?”


“Now when m trying to compose myself u r again showing right on me !!!
But in which base? As a friend ¿
Remember u urself said !!! ” says in painful voice….

“SWARA IS NONE TO ME” his words echoed in ears…

“Soo don’t try to act !! It’s enough now !!!m tried of all this !! …. u should never worry whether I M LIVE OR DIIII…..”

But Swara couldn’t complete her sentence when Sanskar tightly pins her to wall,, pressing his body to her n seal his lips with her for a hungry kiss !!!!

Swara stands froze at her place… but our Sanskar is busy in his own world kissing her lips with full passion pulling her more to him…

Swara is neither reciprocating nor reacting anything… she is unable to think what’s happening with her…

“I HAVE RIGHT SWARA, I HAVE” says between kiss n again capture her lips showing all d emotions Jealously,frustration anger,sad, which is flowing in his soul since many days…

[*it’s kinda tsunami of jealousy,,land sliding of frustration,,jwalamukhi(volcano)of Anger,, earthquake of sadness,, hurricane of his own confuse feelings that he has fir Swara…. actually his Swara….]

He bites her upper lip n sucks at d same time …..

“Ahhh!! Sansskkarr !!!! “Swara mourns in pain….

(*Guyssss don’t laugh after reading d kiss scene… haah i m 1st time writing this kind of scene…)

“Sanskar !!! Sanskar !!! Where r u man?
Kaha kho gaya” Nick shakes his shoulder finding Sanskar in deep thoughts…

“Haah haaa !!” Sanskar jerks his head n looks around …..

He is breathing heavily n comes to sense.. he is scared a bit.. (monologue-Ohh God !! What was that?
What i was doing? Kissing that too Swara!! Goshhh !!
Thnk God it was just “A DREAM”…
i almost died with her words !! It was stabbing my heart… i dun know why m feeling like something is wrong !! But what? Is Swara really feels all that ?
What if it’s true n she (again looks at Swara who is laughing with Swayam…) .shook his head in noooo.. don’t think all this Sanskar… it will never happen… she is ur Shona.. she can understand better than u…. ”

(*guyzz Sanskar was thinking all that or u can say day dreaming,,, u all know na our princess Shona can never use those words for her Dream boy for her love… it’s out of her coverage :p :0 )

His gaze again follows Swara where she is standing with SwaLakmin…. n her dress is also okk now..i mean her frock’s zip is close now…(*may b Simmu informed her..lemme ask her !!! )

Meantime Nia comes to him ” Sanky! Let’s go to them,,n drages him to SwaSwaLakMin….

Nia-Hii guyzz!! Can we join u all?

Simin-Hey Nia n Sanskar come join us na… !!

Swara slowly looks at Sanskar who is starting her from long…(*heehh his eyes !! Phewww dun know how Swara is managing him,,, )

Swara-Guyzz u carry on i’ll be back…

Swayam-Now where r going? Wait i’ll also come…

Swara-No Swayam m here only…it’s just i need to make a call…

Sanskar glares Swayam like eating him alive… (monologue-why whyy whyyy is he behaving like rubber band … i wish i could beat him with Stove…) frowns at his thought…

Swara is about to go but her phone rings …. n seeing d caller ID a big smile comes to her beautiful,cute face….

Seeing her smiling after so many days that too brightly Sanskar’s heart skips a bit n small smile also comes to his lips..

Swara-Guyzz guyzz guyzzzzz(in utter happiness) call !! Calll….!!

Lucky-Haaa!! So what pick up naa !! For whom u r waiting !!! ??

Swara glares him n shows him d ID….

After noticing d ID Lucky’s cheeks automatically turned cheery red n he taking few steps back n hide behind Simin….

Swara Swayam Sanskar Simin Nia all brust out into laugher seeing Lucky in Shy avtarrrrr !!!….

He takes Simin’s dupatta’s edge in mouth n starts to chewwwww !!!!

Swara somehow stops her laugh n pick d call…

Swara- Heelooo!! Haaa Beeeee !!(*d call was from Mica… Lucky’s 1st ever school crush…)

She put d phone in Speaker !!!!

Swara-Haaa Bee bolooooo !!!

Bee-Waaaa!! Shona how r u ?? What r u doing?u All r in freshers party na ?

Swara-Yooo Bee we all r here !! Together… n we all r good… tell me how r u?

Bee-M flying !!

Swara-Matlab?(u mean)

Bee-I mean watching FLYING JETT…

Swara-ohhhh !!! Mad girl….

Bee-BDW where is my Lucky?? Is he also with u?

Swara-ohhh haaa !! He is here.. infect with us… but ….

Lucky(still chewing Simin’s dupatta) peeps from behind n looks at Swara blushingly..

Swara-Beee ur Lucky is soo shy yaar…. !!he is hiding…

Bee-R we twin Lucky?(*Mica’s all time fav dialogue)

Swara-yoo yooo u both r Same….

Lucky comes near Sanskar n starts to poke his finger in Sanskar’s arm….Lucky’s this action shows how shy he is feeling…

Lucky-Beeeee !!!(says slowly)

Bee-Luckyyyyyyy !!! How r u? I miss u….

Lucky is about to faint hearing his name from his(Bee’s) Mica’s mouth….. his heart is doing “DHINNA DHIN DHAA!! DHINNA DHIN DHAA!!!!”

He couldn’t take it anymore n runs from there … this time chewing his nail…..

All laughs loud….

Swara-Bappreee !!! Beeee Lucky is gone… he is bushing yarrr !!! What magic u do on him that hearing ur name ,,,his flirty nature turnes into a girl one….. Godddd !!! U both r just yumpossiableee !!!

Bee-Shona !!! Don’t make me blush more…. Lucky is Lucky only…. n i like him as he is… soooo stop making fun of him…(says in flow).

Swara-wooohhooo!!! Someone is blushing…. saying this she giggles

Bee-okk okkkk!! Now tell me where is ur Sanskuuuu? How is he?
Waaa Shona u know ,, what i was almost screaming when u said Sanskar is ur friend now… i mean u both did friendship….
M still unable to accept Sanskar is actually ur friend ….

Swara’s bright smile fades away n it is definitely noticed by Sanskar….

Bee- Shona r u there? Shona!!

Swara-Haa .. haa .. bee m here ….(fumbles) Bee Sanskar is my friend now !! He actually mean it dear !!! (Says in a very painful voice)

Bee-Waaaa Shona !!! Gimme Choco …. it’s kinda epic…

Swara-Huhhh !!! U,ur Princess Ambeer n chocoooo !!! U trio r just yumpossiableee !!! (Smiles a little)

Bee-Huhhh !!! R we twins …. ?? Says n cuts d call…

Swara- This girl naaa !!! Totall mad ….Shook her head…. don’t know who will handle whom?

(*Lucky to handle Mica or Mica to handle Lucky !!!! It’s destruction…. phuuuu)

Lucky again comes taking baby steps…. Shonaaaa !!!

Swara-Luckyyyy !! Bass karr !! Ur cheeks r heating now… don’t know how Bee is gonna manage u…. (* imagine Little Shy Lucky with ghunghat/vail)

Lucky-huhhhh !!!

Swara laughs n Sanskar stares her lovingly….

(All enjoyed d party except our SWASAN …. where Swara feels continuous gaze of Sanskar … n Sanskar become jobeless… huhhh only Staring HIS SHONA….nothing left… (*buddhu prasad….)

At d end of party :::::

Lucky-Shona i need to gooo !!! Mom Dad is coming… says in a hurry…

(To Simin) Chall Simin i’ll drop u… (*Actually Simin’s house is on d same way to Lucky’s house)

(*note-Nia already left d venue…)

Simin-owkkk !!! Chalooo…

Swayam-ooo hello hello guyzz !! We will go… but what about Shona… ? I mean how will she go?

Swara-Array!! Swayam dun worry i’ll manage.. u go with them… aunty uncle must b waiting…

Swayam-Arrey aise kaise…. 1st i’ll drop u then …… (Sanskar cuts him)

Sanskar- U don’t need to worry about her…. M WITH HER…. i’ll drop … u go …. says with a frown n frustrated voice….

Swara looks with amazed……

Swayam-Haah!! Are u sure? I mean…. !!!!

Sanskar-I said naa !!

Swayam-Okkk !! Shonaa go with Sanskar … n yeah call me as soon as u reach home…. !!!

Sanskar tightens his fist closing his eyes n take a deep breath … “SOO BYEE SwaLakmin”….

SwaLakmin-Byeee ….

Swayam-Byeee Shona… don’t forget to call me… otherwise u better know….!!!!

Swara-huhh okk okkkkk as u say… !! N makes faces…

Swayam-That’s like my girl….

“MY GIRL” stabes his ear with d words….(*goddd !! Look at his red angry nose… wanna twist it hard)

“R u both done… n Swayam why r u behaving like likeee (Stammers )….. ”

“Likee whatttt “says Swayam with a smirk…..

Simin-ommmggg u all r done or i should go alone…. dhuiiii !!!

(Trio left n now let’s go to our SWASAN)

Swara turns around to go… but stops hearing Sanskar’s words….
“Sit in car,, we need to move ..it’s quite late”….

Swara-Sanskar now they r not here… !! U can go.. i will go by myself… !!! It’s about only half n hour…

His anger reach his prak n says in a veryy veryy dangerous tone “I SAID SIT IN CAR,, I DON’T NEED ANY ARGUMENTS HERE… !!! soo it’s better to shut ur mouth n …….. before he completes Swara moves to car n sit silently…

Sanskar is again shocked with her act ….. but says nothing n drove to her home… all d journey Swara is quite … doesn’t even say a single word…

Sanskar-Swaraaaa !!! Calls her slowly…

Swara comes to sense “Haa !!Sanskar !!!”

Sanskar word is really effecting him too much as she always call him Sanskuuu… but now a days everything is changed naa…though he composes n asks,,,,,

“Swara r u angry with me??”

At first Swara was astonished but smiles(fake smile)”No Sanskar !! Why would i be angry? ”

“Wooo “(Swara cuts him)

” That was a past Sanskar..i have forgot all that.. i m really not angry with u… so stop thinking about….”

“But Swara”!!!!!…

“Sanskar stop ” ….

Sanskar stops d car n says “What happen ?”

Swara-WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME… !!! NOTHING…. it’s just i reached home…

She bids a bye n moved towards her home… (*she is staying at her home today as college authority gave permission to all who r staying in hostel)…

Sanskar-Byee !!!…

Episode ends on Swara’s teary eyes which is she hiding from him through d journey n blank face of Sanskar….


Precap-“THUD” – a burning sensation on Swara’s cheeks …..



Done with part… hope u all like it a little….i was blank while writing as my tests is going on n exam fever is burning me… *108’…
sooo couldn’t concentrate it completely…. don’t know what i have written….


Thnk u sooo much for reading…
God bless u all.. <3 <3..

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