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“�A DREAM��:::SWASAN SS by Kakali part 13

Hii ev1,, here m with d 13th part..
Thnk u all for ur amazing response on previous parts.. thnk u to all silent readers also..sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors.. :0 😀

So Let’s go inside d DREAM,,,


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Here we gooo,,,,,,

Swara is aimlessly walking through d corridor.. she is remembering Sanskar’s words “Swara is none to me,, I don’t love her ,, I only like Nia “….
All those words r haunting her like hell…having no emotions neither she is able to cry nor scream…

But comes to sense for her continuous ringing of phone….she pics the call but doesn’t say anything….

Other side-Shona where r u yaaar? U went to bring Sanskar but u urself get disappeared !!! Come fast , we have class…

Swara-(blankly)Simin(not addressing as Simmu) i have some work ..soo going to room…says this she hangs up n makes d way to her room…

Simin-Shona,Shonaa r u okk !!! Ufff yeh ladki bhi naa,, didn’t even let me complete my talk…(shooking her head,but also feels something wrong with her tune)….

Lucky-Simin where is Shona?

Simin-She went to room(*remember she is staying in hostel)… i guess she has some important work…

Lucky-owwwwhh !!!Anyway let’s go to class..


In hostel ,, Swara’s room :::

Swara’s POV ::::

No Swara u can’t fall weak… u have to accept it… coz it’s ur life’s brutal reality… ur Dream Boy doesn’t love u… u r none to him… Noneeee !!!
Waise bhi it was my mistake,, i expect that he will love me back… (painful laugh)
How can u even think like that !!!


This was a one sided love,, this is a one sided love n this will be a one sided love….
Remember this words….

N now u have to do d most impossible task which is too be away from ur Love…

God how can i forgot,, be ready to see him with another girl whom he like….but m happy for u Sanskar… u r getting what u want.. what u deserve… n i’ll be d most happiest person to see u happy….. (smiles in pain)

U know what Sanskar u was becoming my habit… i was thinking that i achieve a place in ur heart… but thnk u for showing my place…. !!! (Caressing Sanskar’s photo)

N our those beautiful memory are enough to live my rest few days hopefully…(Determine herself)

Sooo from tomorrow try not to face Sanskar as much as u can…. n be away from him…(a lone tear is about to escapes from her eyes but she wipes it…)

POV ends::::

In all this process Swara is not showing any single drop of tears… it’s like her eyes n tears r tried n can’t flow anymore….

She goes to washroom n open the shower…. now her tears n water is flowing with eaual passion giving competition to each other….

She let go flow his all those painful words in shade of tears …

{¤BG TUNE PIYA OREY PIYA(SAD VERSION) plays¤}…(This one for u my Lady Gabbar[Maryam])

O Re Piya O….
In Faaslo Ka
Ye Faisla Kyun
Dil Ne Mere Kar Liya ,,,,,


Khud Hi Na Jaane
Kaise Jeeyega ,,,
Hoke Ye Tumse Juda … aaaaa


Main Waari Jaawan
Main Waari Jaawan
Saath Ho Ke Ho Ya Ve Kasoor Re


Naadaan Se Dil Ki Har Khwahish Roothi Sapne Huye Hai Saare Choor ………………
Piya O Re Piya …
Piya Re Piya Re Piya
Piya O Re Piya
Piya Re Piya Re Piya…….


All d DREAMS she had is now totally shattered… there is nothing left …. n she has to live like this…
(*readers i really don’t know how to write painful scenes,,, sorry if it was not upto ur marks,, specially Cutieee !!! Sorry ha…)

After 5 days at college::::

Sanskar comes with Nia,, he is talking with her but his mind is not present.. something is really bothering him….he is only having thoughts of Swara…

Sanskar’s POV:::

Everything is happening in d way i want… everything is perfect… no gossips no rumours about us… everyone is as calm as before… n all this bcz of Swara !!!

She has stopped talking with me.. no phone calls,, no messages… even now a days i rarely see her face…Not even a single glance of her… she has made everything soo perfect…

She is maintaining distance as promised…
But in all this mess she herself change also…

She is not that same Swara who was bubbly,, chirpy,, cutee… who can bring smile in every face with her jokes n antics..

She is changed… changed a lott… She smiles but her curves don’t touches her ears…
It’s just a fake smile n i can sence it…
Her face has lost charm… it’s become pale with dark circles under eyes….

N i m observing her all this changes after 4 days… in all these days whenever we come face to face she just avoid me….

Yesss,, she is avoiding me… infect avoiding as i don’t exist…. don’t even say a HI,, HELLO… n it’s sooo irritating…

But d most irritating blunder is that Swayam who never leave my Shona alone even for a single second… anytime bas Shona Shona Shona…. i just hate him…
Chipku Rubber Band… (*pull his cheeks)

Urghhhh !!! Why all this effecting me… ? She is doing as i want? Then now what i want…
Mannnn !!! M going crazy with her… !!! (Frustrated at his own thoughts)

POV ends::::.

At Canteen:::(*guyz canteen is my fav 2nd fav place in clz soo using it more)…

LakminSwa(Laksh Simin Swayam) is taking meal … Meantime SanNia also come to them….

Lucky-Arrey Sanskar! !!After a long time yaar,,,.

Simin-Haa!! Nia come… take meal with us…

Nia to Sanskar- Let’s Join them.. it’s been many days sitting n talking with them…

(*yooo guyz after that incident all stopped spending time like before as they have to complete lot’s of assignments n projects …. they even didn’t get time to talk properly..
Sooo Swara’s weird behavior was not at all noticed by anyone… though Lakmin had doubt but thinking as it lack of time they ignored this topic,,,but there is someone who knows everything about SWASAN… )

Sanskar-yeah sure…

But our Sanskar’s motive is something else.. he came here to get a slight view of his Shona… but d main question in his mind is “Where is my Shona?”
(*buddhu prasad Address her as his Shona,,, but a confuse soul address her as none to him…)

He takes sigh of relief seeing Swayam with them… it means he is not with Shona… huffff !!!

Both takes seat….. Simin starts d conversation…

Simin-Waise u all must heard about freshers party…rit?

Swayam-Ohh haa !! Day after tomorrow!! Isn’t it?

Lucky-Yeah buddy !!! But thank God… theme is not like last year.. warna every year seniors convert it as couple party… where we have to take a partner with us…says mockingly….

Lakmin NiaSwa all r continuously blabbering… but our Sanskar is desperately waiting for Swara… n murmurs”Where is this Shona now?”

Finally his waiting is over now…he sees her coming towards them n his eyes sparkles with unknown happiness n a small smile appears on his lips…

Swara comes to them talking in phone”Haa Maasi Maa i’ll take my meal pucca!!! Now m in Canteen itself.. soo … haa haa !!! Okkk bye!!”

Saying this she hangs up d call…n about to sit but sees SanNia n again stands up…
There is small painfull eyelock between our SWASAN which is broken by Swayam…

Swayam-Shona where r u yaar? We were waiting for u… anyway tell me what will u eat?

Swara-Swayam m not hungry now!! Actually I have some work… will catch u all later… (avoiding eye contact)..

She turnes to go but Swayam holds her wrist … “Shona u didn’t even take break fast n now u r not hungry !!! R u kidding.. ?? Come sit n have something… m not going to listen anything…” says in a dominating voice…

Swara-Arrey no Swayam… nothing like that…

Swayam-What i said?? Just sit ….

Swara having no options sits with them…

(*Hahhh now let’s move to Sanskar what he is doing)

Sanskar is glaringly looking at Swayam’s hand with which is holding HIS SHONA’s delicate hand…. he fumes in anger hearing Swayam that he is ordering HIS SHONA… n HIS SHONA is listening him chup chap without giving any reply… huhhhhh !!! He just want grap Swayam n give a tight punch…
(*ohh Godd!!!)

Sanskar’s (monologue)-What is happening with both? He is ordering Shona n she is not reacting.. haah !!haaa!!! Today she is not doing patar patar…. huhhh What’s going on between them.. ? It’s like he is her boyfriend n she is doing as her boyfriend says… urghhh !!!
Sanskar what r u thinking… u r mad or what?? This can’t never happy!!! Never….
But why? Why can’t this happen !!! ??

Noooo nooooo noooooooo it will never happen… he consoles himself… (*bechara confuse soul)….

(*He is listening everything chup chap… haaa !!! Becahra jealousy ka maara)

Swayam-Shona r u coming in freshers party?

Swara-Hmmm!! Why?(she has no mood to speak….)

Swayam-okk!! Then U r coming with me…

Swara-hmmm !!! (Realise what he said) whattt ?? With u but y? Asks in amazement…

Swayam-Bcz m saying…n u have to come…okiii !!! ?signals something through his eyes…

Swara-okkkkkkk !!! (Makes faces)

(*Sanskar !!! Expression is worth watching,,, Godddd !!! He is now tempted with heat of jealousy…. who can burn anything)..

Day of Freshers Party :::

Ev1 is ready for d special evening…

SanNia,, LakMin is waiting for SwaSwa…
N Sanskar frowns looking SwaSwa coming together laughing n giggling…

Lucky-Toh chalee.. !!!

All- Let’s goooo,,,

All steps in d hall,, which is decorated very beautifully… (*dun know how to describe)

Simin-woooowww !!! All looking beautiful yaar… decorations are superbly done… (looking all around d hall)

Lucky-Haaa Simin all girls r looking breath taking(glaringly ev1(only gurlz) lovingly)…

SwaSwa-Kuch na ho sakta iska… n both laughs…(*imagine Sanskar’s expression looking awwww with red jealousy cheeks)…

Time passes,,, but all d time Sanskar’s gaze was at Swara only… what is she doing,, with whom she is talking…. he is looking all her movements keenly…

He notices some boys r staring At Swara’s back but don’t know why as he is facing her cute face…!!!…. He tightens his fist looking at them …. he just want to kick them…(*dun know why¿¿)

One of them a boy comes to Swara
asking for a dance… but Swara denies….

” waaaw !!! Swara u r looking beautiful n hotttt ,,, I have never seen u like before… ,,, seriously u r looking killing babe ,,, if u don’t mind will u dance with me”… With a smirk n flirty tone asks a boy…

Swara feels uncomfortable with his gaze n denies “Sorry m not interested” saying this she turnes around”

Sanskar widens his eyes looking at her back… coz her frock’s Zip is open giving a slight view of her back….

Sanskar boils in anger… now he can understand why those boys r staring her… he looks for Simin to say but she is not present….

Sanskar( monologue)-ohhh God,, This girl naaa !!! Can’t even wear her clothes properly…. what should i do now…
Those bl**dy morons !!!! Tighten fist n close his eyes to control his anger….

He goes to her “Swara i need to talk to u,,, n drages her too a empty corner”…

Swara is shocked with his sudden behavior.”Sanskar what r u doing?? What will people say,,?? Tries to frees her hand from grip but Sanskar holds it more tightly….this makes Swara more angry…

He takes her to a corner n pines her to wall,,, “CAN’T U SEE HE IS TRYING TO FLIRT WITH U,, N WHY CAN’T U WEAR A PROPER DRESS ? ” says holding her shoulder tightly….

Swara is damn angry now coz he said try to maintain distance with her in front of people n now he himself doing that…. showing his right on her… soooo “SOO WHAT,, ¿¿ WHAT’S BOTHERING U,¿¿, HAA SANSKAR,, M NONE TO U NAA,, THEN WHY??..

U said me to stay away from u,, n m doing that only… now what u want ? Says pouring all her anger…


Precap-SWASAN 1st kiss…

Done with d 13th part…
Guyzz i seriously don’t know what i have written… actually m not well… back pain n headache is killing me…
If u find it not worth reading thrn plzz Sorry… i m not being able to doo anything… M trying to finish it as soon as possible coz i have only 13 days in my hand… soo if u all find it going fast … then plz forgive me.. hope u all understand my problem….

Thank u all for reading…
God bless u all… <3<3….

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