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AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL (Episode~5) – By Saanvi

Hello everyone..Saanvi here..Thanks for the tremendous support guys..

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Coming to the story:
Sanskar’s POV-
People say that the greatest happiness in life is to marry the one whom we love. But today even though I got married to love of my life I’m unhappy. Yes, you heard it right Ragini is my only love. The first day when I saw Ragini I felt there was some kind of bond that existed between me and Ragini..But later got to know she has someone in her life. I was happy for her and assumed that bonding between us was friendship.

But 2years ago when we got graduated everyone of our classmates thought of a free checkup at certain medical camps and I and Ragini were assigned different medical camps. That was the day when I could feel the pain of love which Janki aunty mentioned.. A part of me was leaving me and that is the moment I realized my love for Ragini..Felt like shouting and letting the world know about it but was afraid Ragini would leave me forever. I never loved Swara but was a loyal boyfriend.. I thought of introducing her to my parents too but she never had a intention to marry me. The fact she left me uninformed hurt me a little but I could let her free and also forget her and move on in my life. But that was not the same case for Ragini..She loved Laksh whole-heartedly like I’m loving her now. I can now understand her pain so can’t dare to lose her by proposing her and killing that friendship kind of relation also..
I may seem as a coward to the world but when Laksh left Ragini, as a friend she found a solace in me but what if she leaves me? I would be left all alone and I can’t stay a single second without her..

Slowly the whole world could observe the fact I started loving Ragini as more than a friend.. The funny part is Ragini always smashed people who called us lovers. Now how can I say her that is true..She would smash me too..No ways I can’t take risk ?
Few days back Shekar uncle collapsed on the floor. He was rushed to the hospital and I being a cardiosurgeon available at the time was shocked to see his reports. Shekar Gadodia is suffering from a heart disease which needs immediate operative procedure was the summary of the reports. As following ethics of a doctor I informed his family..
Ragini who is a strong girl now wasn’t startled by the news. She said that she believes my work and I would save the patient by any means.
I was like he isn’t just our patient but your dad too.. She said professional and personal lives are different and left the place.
I also wanted Ragini to be a strong woman but never expected the pain which she buried inside her would make her an insensitive person. She is a successful doctor now but has also become a person who is just living her life in a mechanical way.

I told uncle about the procedure and assured it would be done successfully but the biggest shock of my life gave at that moment.
Shekar uncle asked me to marry Ragini only then he would agree for the operation otherwise he will prefer dying.
I always wanted Ragini as my life partner but felt this was not the right moment so I rejected his proposal.
He pleaded me a lot so I had to say if Ragini agrees I don’t have a problem.

Ragini’s POV:
It’s been 3years Laksh left me but I couldn’t forget him. I do not love him anymore but have a lots of hatred towards the feeling love. I feel no one would stay in life for someone else’s happiness..In this selfish world I too became selfish.
All that matters to me is to pay a tribute to my profession and at least save a few lives with my study.
I’m now a gynecologist and witnessing many lives coming into this world because of my treatment. I’m not proud but happy that I could justice to the life which god and my parents gave me.
Above everyone there was Sanskar who was always there for me when I needed support. He is the only reason why my faith in humanity still exists. It was because of him I learnt how giving happiness is more important than mourning over our sadness.

Everything was good in life until a day when dad collapsed. He was diagnosed with coronary atherosclerosis and a operative procedure was important to save him.
I took courage and spoke to Sanskar and assured him everything would go right.
Yes I behaved like a cold-hearted person on that day but how much ever I change will I be able to bear the pain of losing my dad who gave me a life.
I can’t right? But I had to be strong otherwise the one who is performing the operation was Sanskar who would become sad if I cry.. I couldn’t risk dad’s life in the saga of our feelings.
But then dad posed his condition to marry Sanskar. Since 2years he kept asking me to marry Sanskar and I denied.
I lost my life long ago when my love left me but that was not in case of Sanskar..He wants a wife who is always there for him and I can’t never fulfill any duty of a typical wife..I know marrying him would be injustice and he has to face this punishment for lifetime..I denied but dad never cared..He kept asking me the same question a million times because he believed no one would take care of me like Sanskar does, not even him.
Yes Sanskar cared for me more than my parents but that doesn’t mean I should marry him. Friendship and love are completely different which no one tries to understand.
I hate the constitution of marriage since I have realized I can live alone and stay happy but today if I won’t say a ‘Yes’ I would lose my father’s life and if I say a ‘Yes’ I would kill Sanskar’s happy future..Not understanding what to do?
Mom almost blackmailed me that she would hold me responsible for dad’s death. I agreed for the marriage as I was left with no option.
I’m thinking to divorce Sanskar and free him from this relation after few months as dad will recover by that time.

Precap: RagLak face off..SwaSan becoming close…

Credits- To all those liking this ff ?

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