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AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL (Episode~4) – By Saanvi

Hello everyone..Saanvi here..See I know you people are angry with me..But you will excuse me like always by reading this episode 😀

Link of the previous episode:
Episode 3

Scene 1:
At Ragini’s home:
Sanskar- What happened aunty? You called me so urgently?
Janki- Ragini came home crying..She locked herself in room..I’m banging the door since one hour but she isn’t opening..
Sanskar- Aunty I’m not understanding how to tell..But
{Sanskar takes a deep breath and then speaks}
Laksh married someone else..
Janki- What? But whom did he marry?
Sanskar- My girlfriend!! (With a blank expression)
Janki- Oh my god!! (Shocked expression)
Sanskar picks a water bottle from the fridge and sits on sofa..He is drinking it and Janki speaks up..
Janki- Sanskar even your girlfriend ditched you..Then why are you not crying?
Sanskar spits out the water from his mouth and looks at Janki with surprised expression..
Janki- What happened?
Sanskar- Ragini bilkul aap pe gayi hai (Ragini is just like you)
Janki (giggles)- Why so?
Sanskar- She also asked me the same question but in different andaaz(manner)
Janki laughs..
Sanskar- Your daughter is crying and you are laughing..
Janki- I’m laughing seeing your childishness..
Sanskar gets confused..Janki sits beside him and places her hand on his shoulder.
Janki- You are not getting bothered as you never loved her truly..
Sanskar- But aunty..
Janki interrupts and says- Let me complete…
Neither you nor Ragini were in love.. Confuse ho gaye?

Let me explain.. Yours was attraction and Ragini’s is stubbornness.. She got habituated to Laksh..Now when she got to know she is crying as she is afraid how to lead a life without him..To say in short she is addicted to be with him..
Sanskar- But aunty love is also a kind of addiction only na?
Janki- Yes..But in love care towards the person is addiction not the person or lifestyle with him..
Sanskar gives a blank expression..
Janki- When you will fall in love you will understand..
Sanskar- Okay!!
Janki- Now go and console Ragini..She now needs a friend more than a parent..
Sanskar starts moving towards Ragini’s room but stops hearing Janki’s voice..
Janki- She is frustrated so will take out her anger on you and she may also insult you to the core..Don’t mind her words..
Sanskar-Already insult ho gayi aunty..
Janki and Sanskar both laugh…

Scene 2:
Sanskar- Ragini..
Ragini- Why did you come? To console me then you can go.. (angry tone)
Sanskar- No..I came here for another purpose..
Ragini (confused expression)- What?
Sanskar- To take my bestfriend out for dinner..
Ragini- Shut up Sanky..I’m not any other girl to fall for your flirty tricks..Get out right now (angrily)
Sanskar- Why should I? This is my house too..Janki aunty feels me like her son (teases Ragini by showing his tongue out)
Ragini gets miffed by his childish actions and says- Ok..I’m leaving..
She open the door but right then Sanskar holds her hand..
Ragini (shouts)-SANSKAR
Tries to free her hand but he holds her even more tightly..
Ragini- Ah..It’s paining..
He leaves her hand while she blows air to the part of her hand which is hurt..
Sanskar comes closer to her and says- Did you notice how much it hurts when we hold on to pain and at the end there is no benefit too..
Ragini looks at him with blank expression..
He goes to the cupboard and brings a first aid box from it..
Sanskar- Come sit..
Ragini (pouts)- What’s the need to hurt and then applying ointment?
Sanskar applies ointment on her hand and says- Life is also the same way darling..Why are you hurting yourself for Laksh? After few days even if you will soothe yourself also there would be no use..
Ragini stays silent..
Sanskar- Ok answer me one thing..Someone or the other dies in our hospital daily and the person’s whole family mourns his/her loss..Do you suggest them to be depressed or move on in life after some days?
Ragini- Try to move on but..
Sanskar interrupts and says- As a doctor when you can advice people good things then why not implement them in your life..
Ragini- That is different and this is different.
Sanskar- Everything is same but it’s just your perception which is not allowing you to see the truth..Ragini I’m not saying losing love wouldn’t pain but there is definitely a life beyond it..How many days will you cry like this?
Ragini- What should I do..I can see flashes of Laksh before my eyes!!
Sanskar- Time heals everything Ragini..First accept the fact Laksh is now Swara’s husband and if you wish also he won’t come back..You need to live without him and whatever life you imagined will never happen!!
Ragini collapses on the floor..Sanskar sits beside her and says- I’m with you..
She hugs Sanskar and cries for half an hour..Then she breaks the hug after completing pouring away her sorrow..
Sanskar- I said I’m with you but that doesn’t mean you spoil my favorite shirt with your tears..
Ragini hts Sanskar playfully and they end up smiling a little.

3years leap:
The scene opens with view of a house which is decorated grandly..Inside the house everyone are happy and then Sanskar is shown sitting in the mandap..
AP- Beta..Wear this sehra..
Sanskar- Mom I’m allergic to jasmine..You know that right!! (irritatedly)
AP- These are paper flowers..Don’t overreact..
Sanskar unwillingly takes and wears it..
Pandit calls the bride down…
Ragini comes in a red coloured lehenga beautifully dressed as a bride..
She sits beside Sanskar with a sad expression.
Pandit chants mantras and Sanskar unwillingly puts garland in Ragini’s neck..
Ragini catches the garland but doesn’t put in Sanskar’s neck and looks at him nervously..
Ragini’s father Shekar gives her a angry glare and she too unwillingly puts garland in Sanskar’s neck.
Then Ragini and Sanskar takes 7vows..In first 3rounds Sanskar is ahead of Ragini around the sacred fire and in later 4rounds Ragini is ahead of Sanskar and they successfully complete it..
RagSan sit down..Sanskar puts mangalsutra in Ragini’s neck and slowly whispers in her ear- I’m sorry Ragini..
Tears roll down her eyes which Sanskar notices but gives a helpless expression.
Then Sanskar fills her forehead with sindoor..
The Pandit declares them as wife and husband from now..

Precap: Why marriage happened? Answers will be given 😛

Credits: To all those liking this ff 😀

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