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AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL (Episode~3) – By Saanvi

Hello everyone..Saanvi here..Thanks for the tremendous support guys.. Comments crossed half century on 2nd episode too..Very happy to see your encouragement..I’ll try to live up to the expectations.

Link of the previous episode:
Episode 2

Scene 1:
RagSan go to the park and are waiting for SwaLak..
Ragini- Where are they?
Sanskar- What do I know..Swara said to come here only..
Ragini- Call her again..
Sanskar- Stop it Ragini..How many times should I call her in just 10 minutes..
Ragini- It happened all because of you..So shut up and call her..
Sanskar makes a sad face.. Ragini notices this and calms down…

Scene 2:
SwaLak enter and Ragini gets teary eyed looking at them..
Ragini runs to them but stops a feet before Laksh as she notices Swara’s forehead filled with vermillion.
Ragini- Why did you do this to me Laksh?
Swara- I’ll explain Ragini.. (stern voice)
Sanskar comes forward and says- Pyar aur shaadi ke waadhe Laksh ney dhi (Love and marriage promises were made by Laksh to her)…So let him answer..
Ragini- Can you both please leave me and Laksh alone for some time..
SwaSan leave the place and go to another side of the park.

Ragini- Answer me Laksh.. (strict tone)
Laksh- I know you have got a shock because of my marriage..
Ragini (sad face)- Shock? I collapsed seeing your marriage picture on social networking site..You betrayed me Laksh…
Laksh- Ragini I have a reason..
Ragini- What reason? It’s because Swara is more stylish and a better option than me?
Laksh- You are mistaking me Ragini..{Tries to put his hand on her shoulder}
Ragini (shouts)- Don’t touch me…I mistook you by thinking that you’ll never cheat me…
Laksh- I didn’t cheat you..I really thought of marrying you but..
Ragini- But then Swara entered your life…It’s my mistake that I took you to that party.. (She starts hitting her forehead with her hands and cries vigorously)
Laksh- Enough Ragini..Listen to me first!!

Ragini looks at him with despair eyes…
Laksh- I had to marry Swara because dad wanted me to do so..I was left with no other option Ragini..
Ragini- Then why didn’t you lift my calls?
Laksh- All relatives were around me..
Ragini- This means this is a forced marriage and you don’t like Swara…
Laksh nods his head in a ‘Yes’.
Ragini- Okay then I’ll wait for you..Divorce her and tell your father about us..
Laksh- Have you gone mad.. A marriage is a sacred relation and we should respect it..
Ragini- You love me right? Marriage is not more than love…
Laksh- You have become insane.. I can’t hurt my dad for you..

Ragini (irritatedly)- But you can throw me in thrash for your dad?
Laksh (shouts)- He is a heart patient Ragini…I can’t risk his life for your stupid love..
Ragini- Stupid love? (agony and tears on her face clearly explains she is hurted deep inside)
Yes I was stupid enough to think you as my life..
Laksh- I’m sorry Ragini..
Ragini- Your sorry won’t return my life!! (Tears flowing down her cheek)
Laksh- Move on in your life Ragini..You’ll get someone better than me..
Ragini- Enough..Get out of here…
Laksh- Ragini I mean..
Ragini- I said go…
Laksh leaves the place and Ragini bursts out into tears.

Scene 3:
SwaSan are talking on other side of park..
Sanskar- Why did you do this Swara? You destroyed 4lives by marrying Laksh…You knew Laksh loves Ragini..Even then you married him..
Swara- My dad got to know about you and me..He told me to marry his friend’s son Laksh.. I couldn’t go against dad’s decision…
Sanskar- You could have at least told me..We would have sorted out things..
Swara- What if I told you? You would have eloped with me..If I chose you I’ll be on road since you don’t even have a job..If I chose Laksh I would have a secure future..So I had to..
Sanskar- I never thought you were so selfish Swara..

Swara- Yes I’m selfish.. Everyone in this world is selfish Sanskar..
Sanskar (angrily)- You always asked me why I prioritized Ragini over you…It is because she would never let her love go even if he doesn’t have a job..
Swara- She is a fool Sanskar..I’m not..
Sanskar- I hate you..
Swara- No hard feelings Sanskar..There was never love between us..It was just attraction..You got attracted to my beauty and me towards your popularity…
But popularity doesn’t feed us right!!
Sanskar doesn’t say a single word and leaves the place angrily…

Scene 4:
Sanskar notices Ragini sitting on the bench and crying…
Sanskar- Ragini don’t be sad..Calm down please!
Ragini hugs Sanskar and cries even more..
Ragini- He left me..
Sanskar- He isn’t worth you..Just forget him and move on..
Ragini- I can’t.. {releases herself from the hug}
Sanskar- Why?
Ragini (crying)- When your everything is lost na..Then you will know..
Sanskar- Laksh wasn’t your everything..Uncle aunty bhaiya everyone are still there for you.

Ragini- No…Laksh ke saat maine aapni zindagi sochi..Ab wo zindagi kaha rahi (I thought of a life with Laksh..But now that life doesn’t exist)
Sanskar- You just thought about it Ragini..You didn’t live that life..So why are you worrying?
Ragini pushes away Sanskar and he falls on the floor- Why Am I worrying? I’m not like you to imagine any person in my arms…

Sanskar (shouts)- RAGINI..
Ragini- Don’t shout..
[Wipes her tears] Ok tell me..I lost my love and I’m crying like a mad girl..Even you lost Swara then why there isn’t a drop of tear in your eye?
Sanskar- Because not every person is same. I can’t cry like you.
Ragini- No..It is because you never loved anyone..For you love is just time pass but for me it is life.
Sanskar- Love is part of life not our whole life..Understand!!
Ragini- You can never understand what is love and the pain I’m going through…
Saying so she leaves the place with mixed emotions in her heart but Sanskar is lost in thoughts…

Precap: Leap and get to know new things 😉

Credits- To all those liking this ff 😀

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