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AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL (Episode~1) – By Saanvi

Hello my dear readers..This is Saanvi..Thanks for the tremendous support..
Yeah I took a little long time to come back but will update every episode on alternate day for sure!! “Ufff..alternate day? What is this Saanvi?” Don’t give me such expression because I need to write 3fan fictions so please bear with me for the gap 😀

Link of the Introduction episode:


Story begins:
A beautiful girl is coming very silently like how a cat walks without making sound.
She stops a point seeing a person back facing her…She slowly moves towards the person and shouts in his ears “Happy Birthday Sanskar”
Sanskar turns around and says- I know you will wish me this way..That’s why I was careful this time and placed cotton in my ears.
Saying so he removes cotton from his ears and smiles at the girl.
Girl turns away acting to be angry. Sanskar makes her face him.
Sanskar- Everytime you should not play the same prank baby!!
Girl still acts to be angry and starts to leave the place.
Sanskar- Waise Ragini party will start 8pm sharp at my home.
Ragini- I’m not coming (makes a cute pout)
Sanskar-Okay then let the guests wait because I won’t cut the cake till you come.

Scene 2:
A girl comes directly into Sanskar’s room and closes his eyes with her palms..
Sanskar- Ragini..I know you will definitely come.
Saying so he removes those palms which were covering his eyes but to his shock there is some other person standing in front of him.
Girl- Humesha Ragini ragini..Kya hai us ladki mey? Kabhi kabhi tho lagtha hai ki wo tumhari girlfriend hai aur mai sirf ek friend.
(Always you chant Ragini’s name. What’s so special in that girl? Sometimes I feel she is your girlfriend and I’m just a friend of yours)
Sanskar- It’s not like that Swara..
Swara- Then how is it Sanskar..Why didn’t you pick my call when I called you at 12?
Sanskar- Wo Ragini was on the call..(Gives a sheepish smile)
Swara- I knew..Who else would be so important to you than her..If this is the scenario then why don’t you marry her?
Sanskar- Because she has a boyfriend already!!
Swara gets shocked by his statement and Sanskar realizes what he just blurted out and gives a tensed expression.
Swara- So you are interested in her? (Angrily)
Sanskar- Yes..But I’m more interested in my Swara.. Waise darling you are looking hot..Aag laga dogi kya party mey..
Swara forgets the argument and blushes at his statement. She checks herself in mirror and smiles.
Sanskar’s POV:
Thank god! Just in fraction of seconds I got saved.. Why can’t I control myself when I’m speaking about Ragini..Sudhar ja Sanskar.. Ab bhi time hai (Correct yourself Sanskar..You still have time)

Scene 3:
SwaSan come down and a crowd already present there clap for their couple.
Sanskar eyes are constantly searching for Ragini but she doesn’t appear.
Sanskar excuses himself and goes to a corner and asks one of his friends whether Ragini will come or not.
Just then Ragini enters the place and calls out “Come in Laksh!”
Sanskar gets happy looking at RagLak but Swara makes faces as she dislikes Sanskar’s attention towards Ragini.
Ragini comes forwards and introduces Sanskar and Laksh to each other.
SanLak share a friendly hug.
Laksh- Heard a lot about you from Ragini..Good to see you bro!!
Sanskar smiles- Same here!!
Just then Ragini’s gaze falls on Swara and says- So you are Swara?
Swara nods in a ‘Yes’ with very slight smile on her face.
Ragini- Sanskar speaks a lot about you?
Swara- Really? But I never heard anything other than Ragini from his mouth!!
Ragini gets embarrassed by Swara’s statement and the wide smile on her face disappears.
Laksh whispers to Swara- That’s why I said don’t be so friendly with other guys..See not every lover can be so open like me!
Sanskar senses the tension in the moment and says- Actually Swara if I speak about you before you and about other girls back of you then it is bad..But ask Ragini how loyal I’m (Saying so he winks at Ragini)
SwaRagini smile and the situation becomes calm.
Laksh- Waise Sanskar does Ragini speak about me infront of you?
Sanskar- Her world revolves around Laksh Shergil..Lucky you are!!
Laksh notices some pain in Sanskar’s words and his expression wasn’t normal but ignores it seeing the blush on Ragini’s face.

Precap : Marriage {But who is getting married..For that check out next episode 😉 }

Credits: To all those who are liking my ff 😀

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