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Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga(episode 1)

Hi ishqbaazian! I am ARK and I wish to see Om and Anika’s jodi(though its not possible). Sorry Shivika fans. This one is for Omika’s fans…

Oberoi’s mansion;


Anika is observing the decoration;

Dadi: Thanks beta for decorating the house so beautifully on my billu’s wedding.

Anika smiles while her heart cries. How can anyone do this? Why shivaye? She remembers Shivaye telling her that his family is more important to him. His marriage is just a business deal. Tia’s parents will break their partnership if he will not marry Tia. Her eyes become wet by tears. “What kind of love is this. Love never counts profit and loss.I will never forgive u Shivaye. A girl informs her that Tia is calling her. She wipes her tears and goes.

Tia: Hey Anika! Will u pls help me in wearing this lehenga.
Anima helps her.
Tia: U look sad. Are u not happy with my marriage?
Anika: Why should I be unhappy?
Tia: U don’t know how badly I was waiting for this day. I m very lucky that I got Shivaye as my life partner.
Anika runs away and cries.

Om goes to Ridhima’s house to pick her up.

Om: Aunty -uncle u r not ready? Where is Ridhima?
Ridhima’s mother: She is not going.
Om: Why? What do u mean? Where is she? Ridhima… Ridhi…(Ridhima comes) What are they saying? U r not coming?
Ridhima: They r saying right and pls Om its better that u forget me now.
Om is shocked. He moves a step back.
Om: Ridhima…
Ridhima: U heard it right Om. I want u to go away from my life. Who will marry her daughter to a boy who has no future. Your father took right decision for u and u opposed him. We will have a family right? U want me and my child to beg before that Shivaye. No. U r an emotional fool. U don’t have brain. And I don’t want to spend my life with u. Just go away.

Om drives the car rashly thinking of Ridhima’s words. He stops the car and comes out. He cries aloud ” why? Why god? Why do u choose me always for all the pains? What is my fault?” He kicks at the car with his legs and sits down and cries.

Oberoi’s mansion;

Wedding ritual is going on. Dadi comes to Anika.

Dadi: Om hasn’t reached yet. His phone is also off. I m worried.
Anika: Don’t worry. I will try his phone.
Om comes just then. He is in his normal self.
Dadi: Where is Ridhima?
Om: She will not come?
Dadi: Why?
Om: I will tell u later.

Panditji asks to do gathbandhan. Tia asks Anika to do it. Tia moves forward and does it. Shivaye looks at her.

Tia and Shivaye take pheras. Shivaye applies sindoor to Tia. Om and Anika look on sadly.

Precap: Shivaye and Tia leave for honeymoon. Om says that now I am all alone. Anika too is pained.

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