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Advice me..!! Please?

Hello guys i am gonna write my story… This is actually not ff or something… It is my lifestory which i am under going.. I seriously need advices! Please do comment. I am gonna write it like a ff.



Maya- thats me who is gonna be the backvoice of this story
Avantika- my sweet mom
Shravan- my lovely dad

Thats my sweet family..
Comming to the story

Shravan was a business man living in mumbai…Shravan and avantika were married and gave birth to me! Shravan had undergone a huge business loss and had no money.. He dint go to work when i was at the age of 4. Maya had a best friend named Amritha…. They both loved each other but shravan’s dad became very angry ( shravan’s family lived alone in mumbai whereas his parents lived somewhere in a small town) and asked shravan’s family to move back to thier small town. By the time shravan’s bro, dheeraj got married finally, to a very rich girl from delhi. Dheeraj and his wife, sujata gave birth to a small baby boy when i was 9 and named him surya. Shravan had to move to small town where his parents lived. They forced shravan to move in. They finally did. Maya joined a large school in a small town. She was a fourth grader now. When she was fourth, avantika became pregnant with a baby. Maya was really happy to have a baby bro. Maya had managed to get new friends. They where sanjana (queen bee), madhu( minion friend of the queen bee but sweet girl), shreya(the nerd and a silent killer), saranya(the blackie one), arthi( the poor and understandable one), himakshi ( the bit ch who insulted maya for her hairstyle but finally managed to be maya’s bff), tanya( the most ugly and athletic) they were an awsome group. But one day avantika misscarried her baby.

We paired our group to twos and stated them besties…

Shreya-arthi- saranya
Poor tanya… She wanted to swoop maya away for himakshi

In 4th grade, arthi and maya sat together and became close which himakshi dint like so she somehow created a missunderstanding b/w us and took me over

In 5th grade, we all were in the same class exept sanjana and madhu…. Saranya said this was her last year in this school and she will leave the school next year! 🙁

In 6th grade, we got a new friend, usha. Arthi was kicked out of the group. And we got a new bit ch as a friend in which we were not interested, she would force and blackmail us to be her friend, she is varsha. She was mad for shreya. There was a new idiot joining her name is lathika(black witch). We all hated her. We planned to exchange our friends

So the next pair was

Maya- sanjana
Himakshi was really jealous and tried to seperate maya-sanju friendship. Shreya, madhu left the school.

In 7th grade, himakshi howerver suceeded in that too and now took away sanju and sat with her. The pairs went like this

Tanya- usha
Maya left all alone…. After shreya left, varsh tried for maya. Maya decided its better to have a company of varsha rather than being alone. So they went to their first day of school…. Their teacher miss. Geetha, made the, change places and maya wAs sent to the back bench where a new student had come… Her name was dhara. At first day maya was scared of dhara because she was a really angry type of person but days flew by it was dhara’s birthday… The day maya spoke to her… She seemed very sweet and they were very close… After several months maya and dhara were the closest friends ever…. Varsha was jelous seeing them and tried to seperate them. Sanjana too tried to steal maya’s bff… At the end of the year himakshi, tanya and varsha planned to leave the school. At the end of the year maya knew about the mindset of sanjana so she promised dhara to sit with her next year also….

In 8th grade, the biggest twist happened when she saw dhara lathika and sanjana in one class and maya arthi and usha in a class… This thing made maya very upset seeing her bff with her enemy! Nowadays sanju doesnt allow dhara to speak to maya….

This is what happened in my life! Thanks for reading….. Please comment…. I want u readers to answer my questions and give advice to me! Before that let me remind u that i am maya!

1. Do u like sanjana even though she tries to steal my bff?
2. Should i be nice to her or ignore her?
3. How should i react with dhara?
4. Should i ignore dhara?
5. Should i make dhara jealous?
6. What can i do to make dhara come back to me?
7. Arthi is now my company bff in class should i continue with her or dhara?
8. Who should i trust?
9. Should i make a drama to make her back to me?
10. Is sanjana a good girl?

Please doo advice! This is my real life so please!… I want everyone to answer my 6th question…

Thanks again for reading patiently!,, love u

Maya xoxo

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