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Abhigya: Love or hatred (few shots) Part 1

Hi everyone, I am nt new here as I was a old writer but from past few months I quitted writting. Hope many ppl who r still continuing remember me.
I am Roshini rose.

Writer of abhigya: Life n destiny
(Due to improper response I suddenly stopped it with a bladdy shit ending, even today I excuse fr it)

To compensate I wrote abhigya souls in true love ( one shot)
Thanks fr thr response fr that.

So now aftr a longtime I am back with a some shots (may be 9-10)hope u all like it n gonna support me.

Happy reading

Abhigya: Love or Hatred??

One fine morning,

I woke up as my phone was beeping continously as it is my wake up call every single day.
I will be getting loads of letters n numerous texts in a single day, from my fans who love me like anything. Though sme time I feel tired, I will be happy for the immense following for me as I am a trending rockstar now.
The great Abhishek Mehra!!!!

And by the way it’s not a fine morning for me, more over a worse day as I woke up I saw that chashmish infront of my eyes.
I never warned her, not to be infront of me wn I woke up. She knows that I won’t like her to see in my mrngs, so she won’t be present thr but today she was in the room only wn i woke up.
I agree she is my wife but I didn’t married her with my wish, it was a forced one for my dadi.
With a disgusted face I went to washroom.

*End of abhi s pov*

Pragya s pov:
I dnt knw why he behaves like this with me, he still feels that I married him due to his position n money. But that’s nt true.
I never ever loved neither him nor his position. It was all my fate.
I couldn’t help rather than following the flow of life.
I have no one, I am an orphan,
Dadi used to meet my place frequently n i don’t knw hw she liked me, she brought me to this place to take care of her, but I was wrong she brought me as a bahu for their family.

Initially I denied but when I came to know that abhi is not in right surroundings I decided to stay back.
I knw he don’t want to see me in mrngs, if he see me he will make wired face which hurts me a lot.
God plz help me. Either make me better here or plz take me with u.
What does he carry for me in heart….???

*end of pov*

She wiped her tears n left the room befr abhi came.


So hw was it?? I knw its pretty boring. It’s about a confusion of two ppl abt what is thr btwn them.
Love?? Hatred??

If u like it share ur views, this story will continue nly if u support, as I am already lacking support on TEI page.

Sry fr wasting ur precious time.
Share ur views will be waiting.

Urs lovingly

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