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Abhigya: Effects of love! (KKB)

Abhi : As life gets tougher, as life gets rougher, then comes another life to make it easier and smoother…..That’s how she came into my life….Her life made me feel I am fine as long she is fine with me…..
Pragya: As life gets easier, as life gets smoother, then tough, and rough paths enter in life…. His paths are like that which made me more stronger….. He didn’t know until now that I am stronger because of him……
Abhi: How can I tell her that she is my weakness although she made my life easier?
Pragya: He does not need to tell me anything as his eyes always tell me what he wants to tell…..
Abhi crossed Pragya as for Pragya she was keep on standing at where she was. Abhi, I know it affects u when I just walk pass u without acknowledging u…….
Pragya, It didn’t affected me but it made an effect on me…..
Abhi turned back to look at her. She was not there. Abhi, She disappeared so fast! That’s also good in a way…..
He turned now and saw her standing in front of him. Pragya “Looking for someone?” Abhi “Not really…” Pragya “Alright….Nice to meet u!” Abhi “Same here!” Now she passed him and he felt she is affecting and having effects on me……
Abhi shouted “We are still lovers! Do u remember that?” Pragya still walking in front, turned back hearing that. Now Pragya shouted “We are still husband and wife! Do u remember that?” The people around them “We are still here! Both of u please remember that!”

Abhigya did heard their voices….once again they turned back and continued to walk in their own ways…..
Abhi went around the place and once again saw Pragya. Pragya “Are u like following me?” Abhi breathing heavily said “I am not……but…..u know something?” Pragya “What?” Abhi still in lost for breath….Abhi signalled her to wait and she went to grab a glass of water for him. Abhi after drinking the water, said “Thanks! Actually it’s getting difficult for both of us right?” Pragya “In what?” Abhi “To avoid each other!” Pragya now took something from her bag and gave him. She said “Wear this to avoid me!” Abhi “Coolers? U think if I wear this I will be able to avoid u?” Pragya never told anything and she just smiled inwardly. Abhi “Tell me something!” Pragya just waved her hands to her friends and walked in front ignoring him……
Abhi: This party is what makes me lose my peace! Nobody is respecting me here and all are talking about us….About us being fighting at every moment! How can I tell that all this a plan made by me?
Pragya: He wanted this impression like as if we should be fighting with each other like enemies? Then I will continue that until he stops!
Abhi now went behind Pragya and she knew he was behind her. Abhi “Hey you! Just move away so that I can move!” Pragya “Hey girls! Look at your Rockstar not being able to move away from me!” Abhi “Hey Pragya! I am telling u to move away and u are saying I am not able to move away from u! How dare u?” Pragya continued to talk to her friends “You know sometimes Rockstars don’t really know how to talk to others….” The other girls were keep on laughing at Abhigya’s argument….Abhi “It’s ok if u never move then I will move u!” He hugged her from back and moved together with her in between the crowd. Pragya enjoyed his hug until he stopped himself and made her look at him at the back of the pillar. Abhi “It was so embarrassing….All because of u!” Pragya “You did that purposely! I know that and don’t hide that!” Abhi with a smirk “Yes dear but it is my plan again….” Pragya understood it and patted his cheek by saying “Good luck Rockstar for your plans! Let’s see how far u can go….”
Abhi: What she just did? Her touch has an effect on me again!

How was this guys? Actually I think I am too stressed and end up scribbling something again….I don’t know what is this also so please wait until I think what is this but for now this is what was manufactured in my brain as a result of stress effects experienced!

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