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Abhigya and Ishveer Vs Nature episode 3

Hi guys thank you so much for your lovely comment. I have replied to everyone in my previous episode. Ok now coming to the story,

Episode starts with All the one came to the hole. They entered and came to the end of the hole. suddenly they heard some sound.
Voice, search every where here only sound came.
Pragya, ishani, rv, and abhi was hell shocked.
Pragya, now what to do
Ishani, now time is 6.45 i am gone bhai will come.
Abhi, omg my bhai also will get up now.
Pragya and rv looks each other and says di.
Rv, omg our di will come to my room. I am gone.


Pragya, let’s go fast.
Ishani, idiot how can we goall the one surrounded us.
Abhi, what is that? Is this another side.
All the one looks that side.
Rv, i think we can go in that. Come
All turned left side and went to that side and then they came out.
Ishani, guys go inside fast.
All the one runs and went inside the room by window and pipe.
Finally they all slept in respective place.
In Rv’s room.
Rv, Omg stone is with me. Where I should hide this. Yes under the bed is right place.
He kept and he lay on the bed by covering him with blanket.
Rv, now i can sleep.
Suddenly tanushree entered the room
Tanushree, choti get up today is college. Did you forgot.
Rv was shocked and got up. He thinks Omg… Di is correct today is college but how to say that I didn’t sleep yesterday night fully.
Rv, di will you give me 5 minutes.
Tanushree, no… No… No.. come fast. You have to go.
Saying this she dragged him and made him to get inside the restroom and went to Pragya’s room.
Rv, omg…. Now what I can do. I want to sleep. I can’t manage. God plz save me.
Screen shifts to Pragya’s room.
Tanushree, choti get up. It’s time to college.
Pragya was hell shocked.
Pragya(thinks), omg… I totally forgot about that now what to do. Yes now i have to do this.
Pragya, di i am feeling like my body is paining.

Tanushree, what happened choti? Wait a minute.
Rv came outside.
Tanushree, you didn’t take bath?
Rv, di i want shampoo.
Tanushree, oh wait a second. First i will make pragya to drink something.
Rv, why? What happened?
Tanushree, she told that her body is paining so only.
Rv(thinks), omg… She is clever but I am clever than her. Wait choti. I am coming.
Rv, di come with me i will make her to get up.
Both came to her room.
Pragya saw rv and tanushree coming to her room.
Pragya(thinks), omg… Bhai. I am that’s all now confirm he will make me to get up. Before that i should go otherwise he will make di to punish me.
Pragya rushed to rest room to take bath.
Tanushree and rv was surprised to see pragya got up.
Rv, she escaped from me.
Tanushree, who escaped from you
Rv, nothing di
Tanushree, ok take the shampoo and go to take bath.
Rv nodded and went.
Screen shifts to ishani room.
Rk came to ishani room.
Rk, choti get up today college is there right come on.
She got up in shock and shouts
Ishani, college?
Rk, you forget that?
Ishani, no.. no… I remember. Wait a second i will come.
Suddenly she heard one sound
Madhu, wait wait take this and go.
Ishani, thank you so much bhabhi.
She went to take bath.
Screen shifts to Abhi,
Abhi was sleeping very peacefully
Rishi, abhi get up. Go and get ready. Today is college right.
Abhi, 2 minutes bhai.
Rishi, so sorry you have to get up.
He pushed abhi. Abhi fall down and got up
Abhi, bhaiiiiiiiii…..
Rishi again lay on the bed and says

Rishi, fast you have to get ready.
Abhi, just go to hell. Rishi smiles.
Abhi throws pillows on him. Before he could react. He went to take bath.
All the one got ready.
Tanushree and rishi and rk went to their office.
Pragya and ishani took the note and kept inside their bag. Abhi and rv too came.
All the one went to college.
Ishgya and rabhi went to their respective class.
While the class were going they were sleeping.
Time passed. It was afternoon. College was over.
Ishgya and rabhi came to house and started to sleep peacefully.
It was 4.00 pm. Pragya woke up.
She went to rv’s room.

Pragya, bhai. Come on get up. I have to explain everything.
Rv, two minutes choti.
Pragya drags him and made him to sit. She took the water in her hand and rubbed in his face.

Rv, omg… Plz stop this my sleep went.
Pragya, that’s great. Now go and make abhi to get up. I will get up ishani.
Rv, no way… I will make ishani to wake up. You go and make abhi to wake up. How is my idea.
Pragya gave a stern look to him.
Pragya, have you gone mad bhai. Go and wake h I’m fast. Now only we can talk about this otherwise di, ma, pa, madhu di, rk jiju,aunty, uncle, all the one will come from their work.

Rv, ok bit i will not wake abhi.
Pragya, i also can’t i wake up isha… Wait a minute
Pragya(thinks), pragya you got a big chance to make bhai to realise his love. I should not take that chance.
Pragya, ok go. I will wake abhi.
Pragya went to Abhi’s house. She know where is key present. She took that and opened it.
Here rv too opened and went inside.
In ishani’s room,
He came inside the room to wake up her.
He saw her sleeping as child by holding pillow towards her chest.
He was mesmerized by her look in sleep. He forget for what he came. He sat beside her. Her hair was disturbing him. He couldn’t see her beautiful face. So he tucked her hair back. He couldn’t stop himself by admiring in her beauty. He cares her hair with love.
His touch make ishani to wake up. Ishani couldn’t see him properly bcoz of her heavy eyes. She was about to shout in fear as she sensed one boy was sitting near her.
Rv came top of her and closed her mouth realizing that she is going to shout. ishani realised it was rv. They both shares an eyelock.
Screen shifts to Abhi’s room,

Pragya came inside and saw abhi sleeping peacefully.
Pragya, sleeping very peacefully how i can wake up him.
With pragya’s sound abhi woke up
Abhi(thinks), what she is doing here? I think she is trying to wake me up. Let see how she will wake me.
Pragya turned to see abhi. He started to act as sleeping.
Pragya, wow that is good idea. You are great pragya.
He took the small pot with flower. He took the flower and kept in side.
Abhi, omg… What this crazy is going to do.
She came to abhi and raised the pot to beat him.
Abhi was shocked and got up which makes pragya to shock.
He pushed her on the bed within a fraction of second and hols her hand along with bed.
Pragya was hell shocked.
Abhi, how dare you? Trying to kill me.
Pragya couldn’t answer as his presence make her to feel something.
Abhi, come on answer me. Why you are looking like this.
He realised that what he was doing. He looks her and mesmerized by her beauty. His eye travels and reached her eyes. They shares an eyelock.
Screen shifts to Ishveer,
Both came to sense. He got up from her.
Rv, i came to wake you. Ok come we can go.
Ishani nodded.

Both came out.
Screen shifts to Abhigya,
Pragya came back to sense and turned her face.
Which makes abhi to come from her.
Abhi stood up then pragya too got up.
Abhi, how dare you trying to kill me…
Suddenly they heard bell sound.
Abhi and pragya went. Before then rv opened.
Rv, ok come we can discuss about that.
All the one nodded and went to their garden.
It was full of green plant and colour full flowers.
In centre there is one table and chairs. Four of them sat.
Abhi, ok now take that book outside.
Ishani and pragya took one big book and small book.
Rv, omg.. what is this it is very big.
Ishani, yes but we didn’t open this book as it is different and couldn’t.
Pragya, But in this small book Scarlett Johansson wrote this note. Actually we buyed this book and note to time pass as the seller gave this book and note in very cheap rate.

Ishani, because he told that no one is interested in this book and not even he is interested and he told it is only one book. But when we opened it we was amazed but we couldn’t open this big book.
Abhi, it is really different. Peoples don’t know about some super book value which is only one piece but we got that. But we have to try to open this.
Abhi and rv pulled the book towards them. It has many round. And they both realised that it want charge.
Rv and Abhi, charge…
Ishgya looks confuse and ask charge????

Rv, yes we should charge this as the round contains some chip like substance.
Pragya, see i am weak in physics, chemistry and biology so I don’t know about this.
Ishani, me too…
Rabhi smiles and says we will come back soon with coins sayings they went.
Pragya and ishani, coins???🤔🤔 For what??
Abhi and rv went and collected different coins and took glass, vinegar, thin paper cardboard and Aluminium foil. They came back to garden.
Pragya and ishani was confused.
Rv, cut this cardboard like coin structure.
Ishani and pragya started to cut.
Abhi and rv cutted the aluminium foil in coin shape.
Pragya and ishani completed their work.

Abhi poured the vinegar in glass. Rv puts the cutted cardboard in that vinegar.
Abhi and rv started to use their scientist brain.
They took cardboard which is in the vinegar and placed it on the coin. And they took the aluminium foil and placed it over the coin and cardboard. They placed it on the round. That round alone gave a blue light.
Pragya and ishani was surprised.
Abhi and rv done for all the round. All started to give blue light and opened it.
When it open it gave a big green light.
Rabhi and ishgya, woooooooooooooow….. 😯
Their face was full of green light by the book.
Screen freezes on them.

Sorry guys if i bored any one. Love you all

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