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#AbhiGya #Aashiqui #Part five

Hello everyone, How are you all??? Hope you all remember me… Waise few of you are right his loss in comment may be due to irregular update and from now on I’ll try to update it regularly and right now I am dedicating this part to Mukundraj and Cute vanshu (For your reminder to update) And B_Ani (For your cute warning and blackmailing) and other readers for commenting and supporting me… Okay enough of my blah-blah… Enjoy update…

Part 5


Abhi is sleeping peacefully in deep slumber but soon sunrays are come and started disturbing him and few minutes later he started moving in his bed but suddenly rays stop touching his skin and he felt relaxed and but once again after few minutes rays comeback and started kissing his skin and he continue adjusting in bed to avoid kissing from sun rays and they disappear and this happened for more two three time and he speak in his sleep

Abhi: Fuggi, Stop it na…. I know it’s you. I’ll be up in few minutes…

And once again sunrays touch his skin and he opened his eyes and see curtain is blowing due to cold morning breeze and that curtain is playing with sun rays and this bring him to flashback


From last one hour Pragya is requesting and blackmailing Abhi to wake up but each time Abhi is giving her same excuse that he will be up in more five minutes and Pragya is now in no mood to plead him more so she open window of their room and let the sunrays enter in and fall on him and when he will adjust his hand on his face to avoid sun rays she stand in front of window and stop sunrays from coming in and this happened for more three four time and this anger Abhi lil and he speak

Abhi: Fuggi, just stop it and close the window yaar, I’ll be up in few minutes by myself.

Pragya is lil hurt and taken aback by his words so she slammed window and close it and hearing this Abhi sensed that his fuggi is angry and he woke up with a jerk and sprang off from bed and hold Pragya from behind who is leaving room in anger and murmuring something… And Pragya tried to escape from his grip but he tighten his grip more and sepak

Abhi: I won’t let you go… And sorry na.. And you know….

Pragya looked at him from side yet in same position but now holding his hand instead of trying to remove and he speak rather to say sing seeing in her eyes

Tum ho toh lagta hai main hoon
Na ho toh lagta hai kyun hoon
Tum ho toh udta hai mann yeh
Naa ho toh thehra sa hai kyun

He kissed on her neck and and continue..

Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath main
Ho bure ya asche haalat main
Saath mere..ohhh..saath mere
Saath mere..

Pragya now turn and look into his eyes and she keep her hand on his neck and Abhi hold her by her waist and sing further

Taare saare bechaare neend se haare
Magar humko aur tumko sona hai kyun
Kahin bhi tum na jaao
Yahin pe hi ruk jaao
Tumhe jaane ki jaldi itni hai kyun
Ho sake toh jagna tum saath mere
Bin tere na kat’te din raat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Saath mere.. o..
Saath mere haa.. saath mere..

But sudden wave of breeze broke vase kept on table and bring him out from flashback and look into that direction and he see his and Pragya’s couple photo frame is about to fall and he run and catch it and he caresses Pragya’s picture and sing
Apne dil mein bana ke dhadkan mujhko
Tumhe rakhna hi hoga, darte ho kyun
Paagalpan ki hadein todo na aake
Na jaane tumne khudko roka hai kyun
Main zameen hoon, tum ho akaash mere
Aur thoda aao na paas mere
Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere…
And a lone tear escape from his eye and he wiped it listening opening of door and he saw Purab standing there all ready and he give apologetic look to him and kept photo on bed and went to bathroom to be ready… And Purab felt helpless seeing his best friend in such situation where he neither can help him nor can take his pain away and once again he cursed Aliya and Tanu and pray to god to unite this lovebird and waiting for Abhi… And soon Abhi come out all ready in his white shirt and blue denim and they leave for venue…

Same day other place…

Bulbul wake up listening alarm and she hurriedly wake up Karan and instruct him to give bath to both Aviana and Aarish and she rush to kitchen for preparing breakfast for all of them. Karan and both Children have they bath with lots of fun and masti and meanwhile Bulbul prepare breakfast and she check on Pragya and she became ready after dressing both naughty kids and soon they left for their destination.

As soon as Abhi enter in play school he felt relaxed and calm and he started looking at kids who are palying on playground and talking with each other in their Childish language and once again he regret his decision but before he can lost in any memories of his fuggi a girl and A boy caught his attention they are standing in corner and look alike and seems like they are not happy with atmosphere so Abhi went to them and he bent to their height and offering them chocolate he have in his pocket he speak
Abhi: Why are you both are sad??? Take this chocolate it’ll make you happy…
But both declined that chocolate offer and innocently speak
Childrenren: Kalan chahu ne kaha hai ke anajane logo se kuch bhi nai lete and bat bhi nai kalte…
Abhi smiled hearing their answer and sit in front of him and speak
Abhi: Arey to fir hum dost ban jate hai. Fir to aap mujse chocolate bhi le paoge and bat bhi kar sakoge.
Childrenren nodded in approval after thinking and forward their hand and Abhi take both in hug and make them sit on his lap and ask them
Abhi: So mere nanhe dosto why are you sad??? Waise whats your name???
Girl: Mela name Aviana and mele bhai ka name Aalish hai. And aaj hamali school function me hamale sath silf Kalan chachu hi aaye hai mumma to uth hi nai rahi hai, and Bubu masi bhi nai aai.. (making sad face)
Abhi kissed her face and speak
Abhi: Ale koi bat nai ab aapka dost hai na???
And same time he heard Purab’s voice who is calling him and another voice who is calling both the Childrenren and next second he saw surprise face of Purab because his current position with Children and that person Abhi do not know reason but he confused seeing that reaction because usually people smiled at him and before he can speak anything both Children run to that person’s direction and hugged him on his leg and speak
Children: Kalan chachu…

So done with today’s update sorry but I am not able to add Bulbul and Aliya’s part and I’ll add it in next part… Please do comment whether its positive or negative or any suggestion feel free to share it.

Precap: Bulbul and Aliya meet, Purab find out something, Happily shocked Bulbul seeing caller’s name on her Phone…

So any idea whose call is that rather to say who is caller????

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