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Abhi convinces Pragya for comeback in Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi and Pragya have come face to face in the temple. The temple bell rings. Abhi comes there and feels Pragya’s presence. Pragya has prayed to Devi Maa. The storm comes and bells rung continuously.

Pragya does not have courage to see Abhi’s marriage and asks Devi Maa to give her strength for being away from Abhi. Pragya was hiding from Abhi. Abhi was finding his Nikita. Pragya tries to avoid him and leaves from temple. Abhi stops her and asks her to come home. Pragya refuses. Abhi reminds the contract that she can’t leave job by her wish, else he can sue her. Their nok jhok starts. Abhi will break his marriage with Tanu, and propose Pragya. Devi Maa will return Pragya’s kumkum to her.


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