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A Twinj love story of betrayal , love and obsession (episode 1 )

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♡ Episode 1 ♡

After 7 years from the prologue

Its night ….

The scene opens in amritsar showing a small house . Some noises of screaming and shouting are coming from that house . Lets go inside the house. we opened the door of the house and we can’t see anything . Its all dark . Nothing is visible . We switched on the lights and we can see things scattered on the floor , curtains put out of order , water scattered on the wodden table kept infront of a sofa set , some clothes scattered on the floor . In all we can say that the room is looking all messy . Those voices are coming from a room in a corner of that hall .

In the room
A woman was lying on the floor the floor trying to fold her hand infront of a man and pleading him not to beat her. But the man doesn’t show any mercy on her and keep on beating her . This all scene is noticed by a 7 to 8 year boy standing at the door . The tears are clearly visible in his eyes . Ofcourse after all that lady is his mum . One who kept him 9 months in her tummy (according to him ) . One who took care of him . One who cried when he cried and smiled when he laughed . His eyes was clearly showing the anger and hartness he is having for his father . Yes the man who is beating the lady is his father and that lady’s husband .
After an hour
after he got tired beating his wife with that black hunter he left from there leaving his wife on floor . The boy immediately goes to her mum who is lying on floor and hugs her tightly trying to make her calm . He can clearly see the marks of hunter on her elbows hands and neck . He can clearly figure out how her mum is suffering bcoz of his dad .
Boy (while hugging his mum )- mumma …. why are u suffering bcoz of papa ???? Lets run away from this house leaving him alone .
Mom (breaks the hug and cups his face ) – no kunj beta ….. how can I leave him ???? I LOVE HIM and morever if I will leave him who will take care of him .
Boy I mean kunj(with anger filled in his eyes ) – mumma how can u love that bastard after seeing his devil wala side . He is none to u mumma . He is not ur husband . And mumma there is no word like love in this world .
Mom means usha (interrupted by his mom ) – no beta …. there is nothing like this … love exist in this world …. I am unlucky that’s why my LOVE DOESN’T LOVE ME but those who are lucky they get their love .
Kunjn(immediately stands ) – no mumma …. there is no word like love especially in my life … I will never love anyone …. never means never .
He leaves from there crying .


On the other side of city …
A hotel is shown . A man was sleeping hugging a lady . Suddenly his phone rang . He smiles seeing the no. And leaves the girl and goes to the window of hotel and was about to pick up the phone when he was interrupted by that lady .
Lady (seductive manner ) – hey jaanu !!!!!! Kiska phone hai ???
Man gots angry .
Man (angrily ) – that’s none of ur business …. AND LEAVE !!!!!!!
Lady goes to him .
Lady (hugs him from behind ) – but jaanu …..
Lady angrily leaves from there .


Precap – Raman and twinky phone conversation . sadu sarna and siyappa queen cute wali fight .

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