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A trip that changed my life (IKRS)- Episode 5

Hello lovely people🙋 I m back with my ff.. In case u missed the last part, here’s the link👉

A trip that changed my life (IKRS)- Episode 4


Today’s episode👉

Viplav is sitting in his room and thinking about Raj’s words about proposing Dhaani and the candle-light dinner.. He calls someone and talks to him something which is muted, later he sends a message to Dhaani- “Hello Dhaani, today evening I have a surprise for u so please stay ready.. I will come at your home to pick u up..” He again reads the message and then taps on the send button..
Viplav(sighs in relief)- Message sent….
On the other hand,
In Dhaani’s house,
Dhaani is sitting in her room when her mobile beeps, she checks it and finds its Viplav’s message..
Dhaani(reads the message and gets surprised)- Surprise and for me?? (She messages him back saying, “What’s the surprise?” And taps on the send button)

At Viplav’s house, Viplav is eagerly waiting for her reply and so he’s checking his mobile again and again to check whether he’s got a message. Suddenly his mobile beeps, he excitedly reads it..
Viplav(laughs)-Lo I m telling her its a surprise and she’s asking what surprise it is!(He types the message saying, “Its a surprise, so hold on.. U will come to know in the evening” and he taps the send button)

Here Dhaani is waiting for his reply, her mobile beeps and she quickly, without wasting any time clicks on the message and reads it..
Dhaani(pats her forehead and smiles)- I also na, he had clearly told its a surprise and I was asking silly questions…(she typed the message saying, “Okay I will be ready, Bye.. Meet u in the evening..” And she taps the send button)

Viplav gets the message, he reads it and smiles…(he types, “Okay then, bye…)

In the evening,
Viplav is getting ready…
Viplav(looks in the mirror and takes a deep breath)- Dhaani, I…love..u..will u marry me?(pats on his forehead) Ohoo.. She is already getting married to me, now again why will I ask her.. (Again practices) Dhaani.. I love u.. (Smiles) this much is enough.. If I practice more then I will pakka forget what I have to tell..(looks at the watch in his wrist) Oh no!! Got late.. I have to go..(he leaves in a hurry)

On the other hand,
Dhaani is getting ready, she is wearing a navy blue and salmon pink colour anarkali…

Suwarna enters the room..
Suwarna(sees Dhaani through the mirror and smiles)- Arey wah Dhaani! U r looking gorgeous.. (teases her) Jeeju will see u na, he will faint here itself..(laughs)
Dhaani(pats her)- Shut up…
Suwarna was like this only teasing her when Viplav entered the room..
Suwarna(sees Viplav first and smiles)- Lo jeeju aa gaye..
Dhaani looks at him while Viplav too looks at her lovingly and they have a cute eyelock… Ishq ishq song plays in the background…
Suwarna who is still there coughs and they come back to senses.. Viplav is mesmerised seeing Dhaani, his eyes clearly show his love for her but Dhaani who is shy tries not to look at him..
Suwarna(teases)- I m going, u both complete your romance and then come, okay??
She smiles and then leaves while Dhaani tries to stop her but fails..
Viplav(looks at her lovingly)- U are really looking very beautiful…
Dhaani(looks down but then looks at him and smiles a little)- Thanks…
Viplav- Then let’s go..
And then they both leave in the car…
Viplav is sitting in the drivers seat while Dhaani is sitting beside his seat.. There is a piece of silence, neither Dhaani nor Viplav speak..
At last Viplav turns on the radio…
The song Dheere dheere se plays on the radio…
(Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se dil ko churana
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse milkar tumko hai bataana)

Viplav realises the song perfectly fits the situation…

He turns off the radio.. Dhaani still was very quiet.. She didn’t speak but was thinking something, a flashback is shown where a man is beating a woman while a small girl is crying..
The fb ends..

Dhaani is in tears as she thinks of past incident but then wipes her tears..
Viplav(notices her tears so stops the car)- Dhaani u are crying?
Dhaani(turns the other side and wipes her tears and then faces him)- No..why will I cry??
Viplav(keeps his hand on hers)- Dhaani tell me, what’s the problem?
Dhaani(gives a fake smile)- No Viplav, nothing.. I swear nothing happened…
Viplav smiles and starts driving but still he thinks something wrong is going on…
Viplav(thinks)- Why was she crying? Has something happened with her? I have to find out..
Dhaani(thinks)- I m sure he’s still doubtful about it, he’s going to be my husband and he has the full rights to know about it, but then how to tell him??
Soon they reach the place.. Viplav takes a red ribbon..
Dhaani(confused)- What’s this?
Viplav(smiles)- I had told na, its a surprise so I will have to tie it on ur eyes..
Dhaani- But…
Viplav(interrupts by keeping his finger on her lips)- No but.. I will tie it and that’s final.. Now turn..
Dhaani turns and Viplav ties it to her eyes very slowly and lovingly…
Now Viplav gets out of the car and also holds Dhaani’s hand and makes her come out of the car..
Dhaani goes into a flashback where a man is taking a small girl somewhere with her eyes tied with ribbon, the girl looks much scared while the man is taking her in a room which is very dark, and then unties the ribbon and leaves the small girl in the dark room.
The small girl remains there crying and shouting for her mother…
The fb ends.. Dhaani is very scared, but she stays quiet for Viplav so that he doesn’t comes to know anything.. Viplav, who is unaware of all this, lovingly takes Dhaani to a beautiful place..
He then unties the ribbon and smiles showing her the place, the place is very beautifully decorated with flowers, lights etc.. Dhaani looks all around, and smiles.. She forgets completely about the flashback and just looks at Viplav lovingly who is smiling at her..
Viplav(smiles)- So how’s the arrangements..
Dhaani gets tears on her eyes..
Viplav(caresses her face)- Arey, what happened?
Dhaani(nods in no and smiles)- Its very beautiful, no one had done this for me ever..
Viplav(tries to make her smile)- How could anyone do also? They knew Viplav Tripathi would do this for u..
Dhaani smiles at his joke…
Viplav(smiles even more cutely)- ha, stay like this only, u look good while smiling, not in tears..
They both look at each other lovingly sharing a deep eyelock thus showing their selfless love for each other.. But then Dhaani comes to her senses and looks at the other side.. Seeing this Viplav also comes to his senses..
Viplav then takes her towards the table where they will have their candle light dinner…
Viplav(kneels down and forwards her hand)- Dhaani, the day I met u, I started feeling something for u, I don’t know how it happened, when it happened, but then I want to tell u that Viplav Tripathi has deeply fallen in love with u.. Do u love me??
Dhaani is shocked.. She has tears on her eyes.. She doesn’t tell anything but turns back to walk but is held tightly by Viplav who has already stood by her reaction..
Dhaani(doesn’t turn to him)- Leave me Viplav..
Viplav- First tell me the answer…
Dhaani(tries to control her tears)- Viplav leave me its paining..
Viplav(pulls her closer to him which makes her turn him)- Dhaani, please tell me…
Dhaani(in an angry tone)- U want to know na, then my answer is no.. (Shouts) No, I don’t love u…
And she gets separated from him and runs away with tears in her eyes while Viplav looks at her sadly..
The episode ends…

Precap- Viplav decides to make Dhaani realize that she loves him…

Today I will not ask how was the episode or I will be showered with rotten eggs😜 The last part is not my mistake, its Dhaani’s mistake😜 She only didn’t accept Viplav then what’s the mistake of this innocent girl😜😜 Now enough of jokes, I m going.. Bye bye💁 Meet u in the comments section…

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