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A trip that changed my life (IKRS)- Episode 1

Hey lovely people🙋 I m back with my ff.
Note: Raj is Dhaani’s younger brother and not elder. I m sorry for the mistake😓

If u missed the intro, here’s the link👉


A trip that changed my life (IKRS)- Introduction

Today’s episode👉

A big mansion is shown which is beautifully decorated with flowers, lights etc. A young girl is seen sitting in front of the mirror and another girl making her ready.. (The girl getting ready is Dhaani and the other girl is Suwarna)
Suwarna(looks at the other girl through the mirror)- Arey wah! U are looking too beautiful.. Jeejaji will see u, then he will get flat on u..
Dhaani blushes.
Suwarna(teases her)- Oh hoo.. See. how u are blushing hearing jeeju’s name…
Just then a young boy enters..(he is Raj)
Raj- Arey, u both are here laughing and having fun and down maa is calling u both.. Its time for the engagement..
Suwarna- Ha ha coming…
Raj goes.
Suwarna- Now shall we go or u want to call jeeju here?
Dhaani(pats her)- Chalo..
On the other hand,
Dulaari is attending all the guests. Just then the groom’s family enters.. (Wanna know who they are? Then don’t waste time and keep reading😜)
The boy is handsome, good-looking who is wearing orange sherwani(He is obviously our dashing hero, Viplav Tripathi😍)
With him are standing Kanak, Shambhu and Shalini..
The family greets Dulaari. Just then, they see Suwarna bringing Dhaani downstairs… She is wearing a beautiful pink lehenga with attractive gold embroidery on it, due to which she is looking extremely beautiful😍😍
Viplav sees her and gets lost in her beautiful eyes. His eyes are only on his to-be-wife and nowhere else. Dhaani also sees Viplav and gets lost in his eyes. Ishq ishq song plays on the background making the scene wonderful and romantic😍

Dulaari(comes to Dhaani)- U are looking too beautiful, tumhe kisi ki nazar na lage..
Dhaani smiles..
Dulaari takes Dhaani to the stage while Kanak takes Viplav to the stage.
Left side, Dhaani is standing along with Raj and Suwarna while on the right side, Viplav along with Kanak, Shambhu and Shalini..
Kanak gives Viplav the ring, Viplav takes it, Dhaani forwards her hand and he lovingly makes her wear the ring😍
All clap..
Now Dulaari gives the ring to Dhaani, Viplav forwards his hand and Dhaani too makes him wear the ring..😍
All clap while Viplav and Dhaani smile looking at each other..😍😍😍
The episode ends..

Precap- A romantic dance😍

So how was the episode?? Liked it or no?? Tell me through your comments. Bye🙋

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