Good mrng guyz… got lil late todat.. hpe it got uploaded till aftnoon…. A very thnx car for all of u for ur support …. I have gathered a big frndz gropu here…. I m feeling happy to be a part if ths grp… and guyz… I wont take off… means.. I will post the next ff once I end this one.. so there s no alvida/// haha…. Lets ppeeep into our last epi first part ….

Everyone came inside and got surprised to see the entire arrangements….
Swara: ruhi you did these all??
Ruhi: mumma…. I know I m the only one who is matured ion our home… but I m still 5 years old only
All laugh
Aarav: actually there was one uncle… robbe uncle he said he is raman uncle’s bro… he only arranged this
Raman: Robbie?? He came ???
Robbie from laptop: abbey oh bhaiyya ji… I m in Australia… just helped these kids to arrange this
All look at robbue kastturi and greets them
Kasturi: happy anniversary to u all
Ishu: how r u kasturi
Kasturi blushingly: when Robbie sir is here how I cant be fine
Raman: oh hoooo….
All laugh
Robbie wishes them and hangs up the call….


Ruhi switches on the song. And she starts dancing all cheers her….
Dil pe patthar rak ke muh pe make up karliya
Dil pe patthar rak ke muh pe make up karliya… mere saiiiyan ji aaj meine break up kar liya…. Sube savare uttke mein ne yeh sab karliya
Swara joins ruhi amd they both rocked the song….
Sanky dances around them and throws cash over them….
Ruhi then takes a big parcel and takes gifts one by one…
Ruhi: I have gifts for u all… but who want first??
Swara: u will give that to ur mumma right?
Ruhi: no cheating mumma…. I will give to ishi maa first…. The gift s award

All smile swara makes pout face while ruhi giggle…
Ruhi: the award fro fighting yet lovable Jodi goes to ishima rocky
All laugh
Ishra with wide mouth take their gift
Ruhi: now… the award for child marriage goes to …… any guesses??
All nods no
Ruhi with gilging sound: my mumma papa
Swara jumps first then she realized what she meant… she widen her eyes… sanky smiling takes the gift… he kissed his cute daughter…
Ruhi: then….. the award for the naughtiest couple goes to

Ruhi winks…
Mihir and payal screams: its us…..
They came forward and got their gift
Ruhi: ok.. now.. the most romantic couple goes to ???
Swara with wide mouh: ruhi..? who is teaching these all things to u
Sanky: swara.. don’t scold her now… pls… let her give the gift.. afterwards we shall make her understand..
Swara nods…
Ishu: romaatic couple…???? I tink
All: no thinking.. its arnav Kushi
Ruhi claps and gave
Aarav holding ears: swara aunty… ruhi didn’t know .. its me who wrote that romantic couple
Paro: aarav… ???
Aarav: actually.. my school frnd said that… his parents cant leave one another.. always roam together.. so they r soo romantic…. So only… this Arnav uncle always find a chance to grab my mumma….. tats y
Kushi turned red.. and tries to hide her face
While al laugh at them…
Ruhi: now the matured couple is…????? Nno guesses??? I know u all must be confused…. That who can be matured among us..

All starts laughing at her statement..
Rruhi: its shagun muma and suraj uncle..
Suraj takes ruhi in his armas and kisses her…
Ruhi: there s 2 awards remaining…. Both are same title…
Aanjleen and pk gets excited…
Ruhi: its award for normal couple… and that’s u two….
Anjleen and pk laughs out loudly while arshi ishra miryal surgun with wide mouth makes pout face…
Aarav: now its frm my side… award for best mummy papa… is mine….
He gave one gift to paro and rudr.. which made parud smile with tears…
All open their gifts and gets happy seeing their pic collage frame…. They hugged ruhi….
Ruhi: party is not yet over….
Aarav: yeah…. There s always truth and dare in all special epis of reena di… so why not now

All gets excited
Ruhi: but.. there s one small simple rule…
All gets confusd
Aarav: its just truth game.. no daring
Ruhi: and the question is same for u all… I will say the question and whoever gets out.. should answer for this question..

All nods..

Aarav: question is…. You have to tell about some girl/boy present here… who is special to your heart…. And you cant see tears in whom eyes
All gets excited and starts playing… paro and rudr becomes judge….
Bottle spins and stops near…..
Ruhi screams: MICKKKYYYYYYYY come on
Mihir: special…. ?? hmmm???
Arav: one condition.. u should not name ur wife…
All laugh
Mihir: ok… then… ??? all here r very special to me… but… the most special person in my life is shagu dhi….
Shagun smiles
Mihir: ishu dhi shagun is same for me… but.. when I lost my parents…. Shagun dhi is the one who became more protective for me… and I feel secured in my shagun dhi’s presence
Shagun with tears hugs mihir… mihir wipes hie tears…
Ruhi claps: super,….
Bottle agaun spins… it stops near sanskar….
Sanky: special is ….
Ruhi: papa… u should not take swara…
Swara laugh
Sanky: ok my princess,….. its always my ishu dhi…. I cant see tears In her eyes…. She s my mom…. My dhi everything…
Ishu hugs sanky…
All: hiw sweet
Shagu: always u take ishu name….. I m alos ur dhi
Shagu makes poit face..
Ishu : sweetie…. Bcz sanky is my pet…
Sanky: dhi… if I take ur name.. tat time also u will get angry as why didn’t I take ishu dhi name right??
All laugh..
Bottle agai spins… it stops near shaleen…
Shaleen: here I don’t know anyone…. But if I should take anyone’s name… I will take pihu’s name…
Pihu gets shocked
Shaleen: yeah whenever I see u … I remember my sister who is no more …. Ypur cute talks ur naughtiness.. everything reminds me of my sisyy… I just want you to be happy forver… cant see tears in ur eyes…
Pihu smiles and pats his shoulder: I guess I got a new brother here.. and nk be careful.. my brother has six packs..
Nk retends to be afraid.. all laugh
Bottle again stops near raman
Raman: hmm…. My list is big… ow can I choose any one
Ruhi: rocky no cheating…
Raman: ok .. all knew that I have special bonding with shagun and pihu …. So I wont take their name… today I want to confess something else…
All look at them confusingly
Ramaan: its my behnaa… I m not calling her behna for timepass… I mean it… I just don’t know when she became this much important to me… but I cant see tears in her eyes… so Arnav… I will kill u if I eever see tears in her eyes…
Arnav nods and m=smiles.,
Kushi cries…
Raman: no Kushi….
Kushi smiles: no… its behna for u
All laugh…
Botlle stops near arnav
Arnav without any gap: its swara..
Swara gets shocked… she didn’t know that Arnav will take her name
Asr smiles: these 4 yrs… if I lived somewat happily.. tats bcz f swara… her cute kiddish antics… made me smile…. I love u swara… and I wont let any worries to come to u.. I promise
Raman: LOVE?
Arnav punches raman: abbey.. she is my cute bubbly sissy..
Alla lusgh.. swara smies at Arnav….

(I guess no one is getting bored of ths.. as its exceeding much and may be repeating…. But some one asks me to show their family bonding in this epi… I don’t know who was that….. I forgot the name.. but I read the comment asking me to give family bonding.. tats y I have tried lil bit)

Botlle stops near Kushi
Kushi: its nk…. He s charm of my life…. I will do anything for nk…. I haven’t showed this concern for him but I do know his imp in my life…
Nk becomes happy and hugs Kushi
Kushi: afterall bcz f u arnavji realized his love…
Arnav smiles…

Bottle stops near payal….

Payal: someone special… is raman bhai….
She gets insitan tears
Payal: in thee 4 yrs… he never left my hand.. he stood with me for my kushi.. and he holds a very special place in my heart…. I can do anything for him…. Thank u raman bhai…
Kushi hugs payal… raman wipes payal’s tears…
Pihu: vase.. I was about to take raman name.. but .. now …. I think I should take my new bro name shallleeen… all smile
Again btle stops near

Shagun: its my sanky… he s my everything… I know it may be lil selfish…but sanky he took care of me like dad… and I just want to pay back…
Ishu smile and husg shag

Botlle stops near ishu
Ishu: its mihir… he is like my responsibility… whenever I see him I remember his mom asking me to take care of him… and I always z want him to be happy
Mihir hugs ishu

Bottle stops near anji
Anji: its Arnav chote… he is very special to me…
Arnav smiles
Arnav: atlast there s one dhi who can take my name
Ishu shagun make pout face Arnav hugs ishu shau and anjiii
Swara: I cant waiti for bottle to stop… I will say now,…
All laugh
Swara: its suraj bhai…
Suraj: what?… why?? How??
All laugh
Swara: arrey.. u always fight with anji dhi nah… I really find it soo cute… and I want to fight with u like that.. tjats y

This statement makes everyone to laugh
Ruhi: tats y I gave kids marriage award to u mumma
Swara makes pout face suraj hugs swara


Botlle stops near suraj: its my dhi… I always fight with dhi.. but I cant make her s=cry
Anji gets emotional and hugs suraj
Botlle stops near nk
Nk: its payal….. she is sooo special for me… our fmily faces some hard situation.. but bcz f payal.. her naugitness we overcame those… she though gets affected.. she makes sure to hide those and tries hard to make everyone smile
Payal smiles and hugs nk Kushi also jois them


Hows this ,ong truth game???? I know u have enjoyed a lot…. Thought of giving something different other than couple romace… so hows it guyz…
Now wait for my last epi last part on 20th nov…
20th nov.. remember??? My first epi posted on 20th nov 2015…. Big thnx to amani who reminds me….so I m ending this ff on the same day

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