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A tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE..(Chapter 7)

A tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE…
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And yes not to 4get..Yuhi r a married couple and Vijay is Yuvraj’s father ]


Twinkle listened to everything Kunj told..they were sitting hand in hand..”I won’t let anything happen to u twinkle..I am going to that house again and will find out what’s causing you so much pain..I’ll finish all d roots….I’ll not let any harm touch u..”Kunj said cupping twinkle’s face…she looked at him lovingly with glassy eyes..
“I am going Twinkle.. I told this to you coz I can’t lie to my love… Take care of urself…U know naa how much important u r 4 me..don’t get disheartened if I don’t return.. I am saying this coz I know v r connected.. I’ll b alive in u..”..Kunj said getting up…
And then…
‘CHATAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKK!’…yup Twinkle slapped him!.. But y?
“And what about me Kunj?… What about me?…you really think I can live… witho…ut u… Kunj (hr voice choked as she was sobbing)… How can you even think that?…u..u r saying that I shouldn’t b disheartened if…if u…ne..never..return.. (Tears fell from my eyes)…u know I won’t.. Bcoz My heart us with u..its ..its ur heart with me….neither I will b able to live..nor I’ll die..coz death is very easy..being alive but lifeless without you…is more painful..I breathe when it entangles with ur breath..Are all responsibilities only urs?…u’ll die saving ur love and leave me here in pain…how can you be soo selfish haan…”..saying Twinkle sobbed hard and hugged him tight… He hugged her back ..both were in tears….”u r not gonna bcom d hero alone…v’ll save our Love..noone’s going to die..our Love will manipulate our fate..we r going to fight together and will survive..”..she alleged hugging him.

Next scene-
In evening…

Wind’s blowing with storms and thunder…and lightenings around… it was all so eerie and shadowy that the atmosphere bizzare!

“My child.. Try..try 2 remember ..what happened actually at that time?..anything you remember Twinkle “..encouraged Mr Vijay…a clairvoyant psychiatrist..
“Ahh…no..no sir..I..can’t..ahh! My head..” Twinkle exclaimed in pain..”don’t stress…don’t stress..calm down…we’ll try later..you take rest…” saying this Mr. Vijay went out of the room and Kunj sat beside Twinkle…She kept her head on his shoulder.. He held her hand while she rested her aching head on his chest…

Next scene-

“I am worried for them Papa..what if something happens to them?..I hope nothing bad happens..if one gets hurt the other feels the pain…such pure their LOVE is!”…mahi sighed standing beside Yuvraj and Vijay..
“That’s it!.. There LOVE is Pure..my child so pure that they’ve no fear to fight from that spirit.. And believe me Mahi…their Love will give them the power to fight..”..Mr.Vijay assured.

Next scene –
Twinj room (Luthra’s guguest room)
Twinkle was resting her head on Kunj’s chest with closed eyes.. Kunj was caressing her palm when he felt someone’s presence around..

“Hummphhh…hummmmphhh”.. he heard..
He looked around sitting there…a shadow passed the curtains with the speed of a blink.. He held Twinkle’s hand..

“Disha….Disha..”..Twinkle aired clutching Kunj’s shirt.. “Disha!!??”.. Kunj wondered..

“ Twinkle.. Twinkle.. “ he patted her cheeks to wake her up…
She opened her eyes.. “Kunj.. I want to go to that house…again..”.. Her words made him shocked..
” What!??..”
“She is right… We need to go there if we want to defeat that spirit..”.. Mr. Vijay entered..”what did u saw?..what did u just saw as a dream..?”
“Umm..it was not so clear..the girl..Kunj u remember Disha?..”..” Disha…oh ya..I do”..
“Yup..I saw her looking at us hiding behind a big plant..but..our situation was something like it never happened actually.. Kunj was saying something to me and it was raining..and rest was unclear.. Known but unknown! “..she told looking at Mr. Vijay..
He called Yuvraj and wisphered something in his ears..he nodded and soon disappeared.. “We’ll depart in sometime.. we can’t wait ..okay”..saying mr.Vijay too left…


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