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Recap – Swasan frndship . Sanskaar gives a locket with SS written on it to swara as a gift . Everyone laughs on his gift making swara to shout on them .


♡Episode 5 ♡

Bose mansion
At night
Birthday party

Everyone present there includimg shemish became shocked listening swara’s angry voice . Shemish immediately goes to swara and investigates about the matter .
Shekhar (diverts the topic so that swara should not feel awkward ) – ladies and gentlemen … its for dinner …. so u all can move to food court ….
Everyone leaves from there . Now only swasan shemish and and some close frnd of swara are left .

Shekhar bends so that he can match the height of swara and cups her face .
Shekhar (cuping swara’s face ) – why u shouted princess ????
Swara (still angrily yet calmly ) – bcoz he laughed on MY SANSKAAR’S gift ….
Shekhar (confused ) – who is sanskaar ?????
Swara (points towards sanky ) – he is sanskaar … sanskaar gadodiya … my frnd …. (said innocently )

Shekhar (smiles ) – its ok princess … no one will say anything to u …
Shomi – but she should not shout like this on them … afterall they are also her frnd. .. and morever our guests also …
Shekhar (gets angry but composes) – she is my PRINCESS … my QUEEN and she can do anything … she should not think what others are thinking about her ….
Shomi – but ….
Shekhar shows his hand to shomi In order to stop her from saying anything and leaves from there . Shomi also leaves from there . Now only swasan are left alone . They are standing in the middle of the hall . Swara is standing near the cake cutting table means just under the CHANDELIER . Sanskaar is standing at a little distance from swara .
Sanskaar thinks to go and give pendant to swara . He was going when he notices that ………… that CHANDELIER above swara is about to fall bcoz of some disturbance in the rope by which it is tied to the wall . Without thinking anything he goes to swara and ……….

And sanky pushes swara and both falls on floor with swara down and sanskaar on top of swara . And CHANDELIER falls on floor .

Everyone including shemish comes running listening the sound of falling CHANDELIER and goes and picks swasan . Swara dust off her dress . Sanskaar goes to swara .

San (with concern ) – are u ok swara ???
Swara nods yes .

Shekhar hugs swara .
Shekhar – how this happened ??? Are u ok ??????
Swara – yes papa … I am ok…. and that CHANDELIER was about to fall when sanskaar saved me …
Shekhar goes to sanskaar .
Shekhar (smiles) – thnx beta …
Sanskaar – no need to thnx uncle …. after all swara is my frnd ….
Shekhar smiles and goes to swara and ask shomi to take her to room . He goes to guests and ask them to leave as much drama happened in the party and he don’t want one more . Everyone left from there . Now only shekhar and sanskaar is left in the hall .

Sanskaar sees his locket which he was about to give to swara . He thought to give it to shekhar who eill in return give it to swara .
Sanskaar – uncle can u give this locket (forwarding the locket ) to swara ….
Shekhar (smilies) – ok….

Sanskaar also leaves from there .
Shekhar – chiiii so cheap locket …. my princess will not wear it …
He throws the locket there only and crushes it with his feet then also nothing happened to it . He leaves from there .


Precap – Swara got the locket of sanskaar . Swara does first – aid of sanskaar .

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