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Recap: Swara-Sanskar first meet.

The episode starts with sanskar sitting in his room. He was reading all the files and was writing something.. In this way, he was doing his work. During lunch, Shantanu comes to take lunch at home with Sanskar. He sends Swara’s lunch to her company. Sanskar sees this and says,”why don’t she comes to have lunch. Is it because of me??”
Shantanu: No. There is nothing like that. She never comes to have lunch.


Sanskar: Ohh!! Btw why is she this much arrogant????
Shantanu: I cant tell you the particular reason. But yaa, everyone have their own reasons.
Sanskar: Ohk.. Is she having a past??
Shantanu:(in a sad tone) Yes..
Before Sanskar could speak further, a girl shouted,”Cutie!!!”
Hearing the girl’s voice Shantanu’s face lit up. He stood and went towards the girl and hugged her tightly. The girl is none other than Vrushika. Sanskar said,”If yours hug section is completed, then will you plz introduce her to me and me to her??”
Hearing this Vrushika blushed a little.. Shantanu took her to Sanskar and said,”Sanky, she is my life, my jaan….” (before he could say Sanskar as usual starts his drama)
Sanskar: Shantanu, don’t you dare… You are engaged.. How can you betray your fiancé… Not expected from you.. How can you Shantanu… How can you…

Vrushika sees Shantanu with wide eyes…
Shantanu: Sanky, tu ne kasam kha rakhi hai kya ki mujhe kabhi bol ne nahi dega?? (Have you taken a swear that you will nit let me say my sentence??)
Sanskar: No.. How can I do this… And when I didn’t let you complete your sentence? Haa tell na.. I never stopped you from saying.. How can you say like this about me??(fake tears) **my sanky is so cute naa😉😉😉**
Shantanu: See who is speaking.. Ok now listen silently, she is Vrushika, my life, my jaan, and my FIANCÉ( he says fiancé a lil louder)
Sanskar bites his tongue and says to Vrushika,”Sorry Bhabhi, I didn’t knew that you are.. Sorry!!”
Vrushika: Its okay, Sanskar.. I m happy that there is someone else than swara who can shut Shantanu’s mouth. *winks at Shantanu*
Shantanu: Okay now come on have lunch
Vrushika and sanskar too sit with Shantanu for lunch.
Sanskar: Shan, after coming to home, plz yaar show me this mansion.. I wanna see this.
Shantanu: Ok done..
After having lunch Shantanu and Vrushika leave for their office and Shantanu also works on his project with Purab.

It was 7:00 p.m. Sanskar was still working with Purab on his file. He was too engrossed in his work. Shantanu enters and sees that Sanskar was not in drawing room. So he goes to Sanskar’s room and sees that he was reading the project file. He smiled and thought,”Both are just same when it comes to work. Both are just workaholic” he sighs and goes to his room. After half an hour he enters Sanskar’s room and sees that he is still working. He goes to him and says,”Bro, come on.. Let us go. You wanted to see this house no..”
Sanskar: Yup.. But when you came??
Shantanu: Half an hour ago..
Sanskar: Sorry.. I didn’t knew.
Shantanu: Oh come on..

Then, they both started moving to the kitchen and shows him the kitchen. In this way, he shows him the whole ground floor. They then moves to the first floor. He shows her swara’s room. It was a clean big room with a king size bed and many pictures of swara on the walls. It was having a study table at one side and a small book shelf and the other things. The room was just beautiful. Sanskar smiles a little and moves to the different room. It was Shantanu’s room. Shantanu’s whole room was messy. Then they moves to the different room. Now three rooms were left. Shantanu dint opens that room and then they moves to terrace.

At terrace,
Sanskar: Shantanu, plz show me that rooms na, plz, plz plz plz
Shantanu: No sanskar, not at all..
Sanskar: Plz.. You are my friend na.. Plz I will just see that rooms.. I will not ask anything about the contents nor I will say anything about them to anyone..
Shantanu: Sighs, okay..
Then they see the first room.. It was a clean room with a boy’s pics.. And even there were swara’s pic… Sanskar says,”LAKSH???”
Shantanu: Yaa.. He is Swara’s younger brother..
Sanskar: What?? But he didn’t told me..
Shantanu: (confused) And why will he tell you??
Sanskar: Arre, he is Ragini’s boyfriend??
Shantanu: What?? That Ragini??
Sanskar: Yup..
Shantanu: Ohk..

Than they move to the next room, there were also pics of a boy all around… Sanskar says,”who is he???”
Shantanu: No questions..

Sanskar nods and both went to the another room.. It was the same room where swara played guitar. It was a beautiful and bigger compared to the other rooms. The pics of three children were there and all the musical instruments were there.. There was a huge shelf in which many trophies were placed and there was a study table too.. There was a diary kept there and many other pics and much more was there.. Sanskar sees the pics of the lil boy and girls and thinks,”I have seen these children somewhere.. Oh leave it Sanky.. All children are almost same.” And they both leave from that room. Shantanu locks the room. And they both moves to the drawing area.
The time was 8:30, the maid says that the food is ready. Shantanu says, okay serve it.. Shona is about to come. Swara comes and passes a smile to both of them and leaves to her room. She comes after ten mins wearing a trouser and t shirt.
She greets them and starts having the dinner.
Shantanu: Shona, Vrushika came during lunch.
Swara: Hmm.. How is she??
Shantanu: Fine..
Swara: Good.. I will talk with her..
Shantanu: Okay..
Sanskar: How was your day, Swara???
Swara: It was good, Mr. Maheshwari… How was your day???
Hearing Mr. Maheshwari, Sanskar’s smile fades away.
He answers,” It was nice, Swara”
Shantanu suppresses his laugh because he knew that no girl talks in this way with Sanskar (after all he is so cute na…😉😉😉)

Precap: Same as last episode….

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