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Recap: Swara agrees for letting Sanskar stay at her house…
The episode starts at Mumbai airport where Sanskar leaves to Delhi with Purab. (Guys I don’t wanna drag it so I’m directly coming to Mumbai). In Mumbai, Shantanu calls Swara;
Swara: Yaa, speak it up..
Shantanu: Swara, actually he is coming, so you… (interrupted by Swara)
Swara: Listen Shantanu, it will be sounding rude but I’m really not interested in meeting him. (in a cold tone). So I’m not going to meet him. And yaa I will come late as I’m having a dinner meeting with a client so.. I guess you understood.
Shantanu: Its okay…
Swara: K bye…

At Mumbai airport;
Sanskar comes at Mumbai airport with Purab. He calls Shantanu;
Shantanu: Hello..
Sanskar: Hello vello chhod naa, kaha hai tu? Bachpan se late hone ke alaava aur kuchh aata bhi hai kya??? Late lerif kahin kaa.. Ab jaldi se mujhe pick karne aa raha hai yaa phir main vaapas Mumbai jaaoon?? (leave your hello.. Do you know anything from childhood rather than being late? You are a late letif.. Now are you coming to pick me or I just go back to Mumbai?”)
Shantanu: Sans… ( interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar: Now tell me na.. Are you coming or not??
Shantanu: Listen San…(again interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar: Dekh (See), now you are not even answering me.. (fakely cries)
Shantanu: (yells on him) you are saying me to answer as if you are letting me speak.. Now listen carefully Sanskar.. I had sent the driver to pick you.. He might be stuck in traffic.. He will come soon..
Sanskar: But why aren’t you coming?? You don’t even have time for your best friend( again fakely cries)
Shantanu: Sans.. (interrupted by sanskar)
Sanskar: See again you are not answering..
Shantanu: (Angrily) Just shut up okay.. You never let me speak and then say to me that I’m not answering.. You and shona both are same… Now juz keep mum and listen to me silently.. Actually I have a very important presentation so.. I’m not able to pick you, but don’t take tension I will reach there as soon as possible..
Sanskar: Okay, bro..


After two hours..
Sanskar and Shantanu were taking their dinner:
Sanky: Waah yaar, the food is too tasty..
Shantanu: I know that yaar..
Sanskar: What happened??
Shantanu: Nothing..
Sanskar: Btw you live alone here??
Shantanu: No I live with Shona.. I mean Swara
Sanskar: You mean Swara Shekhawat?
Shantanu: Yaa
Sanskar: But why.. I mean.. You are a business man in different field than hers..
Shantanu: Yaa, but she is my childhood best friend, so.. We both stay together only.. We all live just like a family..
Sanskar: We all???
Shantanu: Yaa.. Me, shona..( interrupted by a call)
Seeing the caller id shantanu gets happy and answers it..
Shantanu: Shona, where are you??
Shona/Swara: I just had my dinner right now.. Thought to tell you about my new deal..
Shantanu: So? What is the result..
Shona: We got it.. I’m too happy…
Shantanu: That is great.. So treat??
Shona: Yaa why not.. Tomorrow dinner party…

Precap: Swasan first meet pakka..

Hii everyone. I wanna tell you one thing that swara and sanskar both are famous business tycoons but both of them being busy had not seen eo’s face…

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