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A Secret Love (intro )

hy guys i am garima🙋
i want to make a ff on Thaahan so I make it 😊 .

my story is of a group of Thaahan injoy his school life 10th.
Every one knows 10th claas is full of fun but hard also and it is last year of Thaahan group (3rd tearm)because after this this tearm 10th class over and they got separate and goes to higher study so to enjoy it they goes to a some place on his holiday to fun but ……………… suspense. (suspense clear in after read it it is love but some horror also )my main character is tahaan and if I add then I tell .
I think you like it I hope you will give your review and support me 😊 .
and if anyone want to become a part of my ff welcome I need for two name .
and anyone want to become a ghost 😜
Thanks for reading 🌺
and please give your review.


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