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A Secret Love (episode 1)

Hello I am garima come with new story.
a girl of 13 year wear school dress and look sweet like a princess is walking.
who is she our thapki.
she goes to 10th class room.
Thapki – hello.
Anu- hy thapki.
Thapki – hello my dear friend how are you .
Anu- i am fine.
Thapki – oh! where are this bihaan goes.
Anu- how you forgot our hero bihaan panday doesn’t come in time.
Thapki – ya I forgot.
A boy come with a cool look and a stylish bag look like a hero and Prince.
bihaan- hy friend
thapki and Anu move back.
Thapki – oh latu bihaan panday come.
Bihaan – what is this latu?
Anu- latu called to him who never come in time.
Bihaan make a angry look.
Thapki and Anu starts laughing.
bihaan- stop( make a irritate look and said) and where Rahul gone.
Thapki – he never late.
Anu – you forgot he have some important work.
bihaan- oh so sad.
Bell rings.
They all sits.
teacher come.
teacher start talking attendance.
and then.

teacher- so you learn which test I give you.
Thapki and anu shocked.
Anu – thapki when?
Bihaan – Saturday when you two gone for Delhi for some medical camp.
Thapki – oo”ho.
Anu – i tell the teacher that we don’t come on Saturday.
teacher- and students if anybody don’t come then so don’t give excuse it is not my fault .
Thapki and Anu get shocked.
Anu – Ok (with sad mode) so which whom lesson mam taking test.
bihaan- on 2nd lesson.
Anu – yes!


Bihaan and thapki get shocked.
bihaan- why are you happy.
Anu – because.
Thapki – because?.
Anu – because In tussion I learnt it .
bihaan – oh wow.
Thapki – so it mean only I.
teacher start put question.
line wise line.
bihaan turn came and then Anu.
Thapki turn came.
teacher- who is chief minister of Delhi.
Thapki- (start deep thinking) .
teacher – thapki” you are intelligent girl.
Thapki -(in slow voice) maybe bjp narander modi.
teacher – what?
thapki make sad face
bihaan in low voice.
Thapki thapki kenjiriwal.
Thapki – what.
bihaan – ( in low voice. ) kenjiriwal.
Thapki – (in mind oh aam admi party kenjiriwal. )kenjiriwal.
teacher – very good sit down.
Thapki – thanks mam.
( in low voice. ) thanks bihaan.
Bihaan -(making a cute face) welcome but please don’t thanks me I don’t like it
thapki- ooo hero dialogue.
bihaan – i am a also a hero .
They all smile.

preacap- they all thinking to go somewhere for holiday.

Thanks for reading and please give your review 😊😘 .

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