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a new love story (kaira, naksha, kriyu) (ss) (part-6)

Those who have not read the previous parts , here is the linkHere

Gayu sees naira and karthik pending time together and gets teary eyed . akshara and everybody else come back home . gayu says mama ji , karthik came and gave this file . naitik says thank u beta . gayu goes after that . akshara says this gayu looks very sad . do u know anything abt this ? naitik says no akshara , I have not seen her like this before , naira says even . mishti (played by reem sheikh ) says han tai ji , she looks sad everytime , I tried to talk to her but she went away . akshara says I will talk to gayu soon . naira says bhai u came back , seeing naksh standing on the doorway . akshara says naksh u came back ? u said u will come only by day after tmrw . naksh says par kam tho katham ho gaya . ak says ok come in . naksh says I should go to Krishna now . do u remember my friend sid , he has come to india , he said he is staying in krishna , so I wanted to surprise him . so I will change and I will leave . akshara says ok , ok come back soon .

Naksh is going in his car , he sees naina standing in the hot sun , he comes out and calls her , excuse me , naina sees him and says yes , naksh gets mesmerised seeing naina , naina says hello , excuse me . naksh gets back to his senses . he says u were standing in the hot sun , so I thought ….naina says so u thought . naksh says don’t take me wrong , I wanted to say I can take u wherever u want , naina says its ok , my bro is coming . he will drop me in my home . naksh says fine and goes . he sees naina standing there and says she looks so beautiful . naksh then remembers his past wid tara . he says even tara looked beautiful and goes to Krishna . meanwhile a boy enters singhania mansion . gayu sees him and says uu ??? why did u come here . the boy was krish . he says , why should I tell u? btw is this shara aunty’s house ? gayu says no I don’t know any shara aunty . u have come to the wrong place . krish says no , u r in the wrong place. Gayu says this is my house , then how will I be in the wrong place ? krish says really . akshara comes there .

she says krish , come in , kyun vahi kade ho . krish says this girl is not allowing me in shara aunty . gayu gives a angry glare . akshara says gayu beta , this is krish , my bau ji’s friend’s grand son . he has come here to work in singhania diamonds , actually his grandfather wants to change the company on krish’s name soon , so krish is here to work under naitik for some days so that he learns to work independently . gayu says why ws u calling u shara . akshara says that when he was a baby , he used to call me shara ,he got used to it and till now he calls me that . krish smiles . akshara says , he is gonna stay here . gayu gets shocked .

akshara says btw krish this is gayu , my daughter. gayu thinks , omg how can this stupid boy stay here , oh god , why r u making my life hell . akshara says what r u thinking gayu beta. Gayu says nothing mami , I thought it is nice to have him here . krish says ya , wherever I go I impress people , gayu gives a angry glare at krish . krish smirks. akshara says gayu beta , show him guest room , saying this akshara goes . krish says I never expected u here . gayu says neither I , I never thought god would make my life hell so soon . krish says don’t talk much , if I would have not saved u , u could have really been in hell . gayu says ok , u saved my life , then when r u leaving . krish says I will stay here atleast for 3 months . gayu says three months , thin minute bhi mein tumhe jhel nahi sakti , thin mahine ? krish says devi apko hame jhalna hi padega , sayu says ab chalo

To be continued……

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